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  • Agate (Seafoam) Ring-ADJ-2R ASF-2-93 Agate (Seafoam) Ring-ADJ-2R ASF-2-93
  • Agate (Seafoam) Ring-ADJ-2R ASF-2-93 Agate (Seafoam) Ring-ADJ-2R ASF-2-93
  • Agate (Seafoam) Ring-ADJ-2R ASF-2-93 Agate (Seafoam) Ring-ADJ-2R ASF-2-93

Agate (Seafoam) Ring-ADJ-2R (ASF-2-93)

SKU - ASF-2-93

Material - 925 Sterling Silver

Size - Adjustable

Head Size - 27x22 mm

Main Stone - Agate (Seafoam)

Accent Stone - Cubic Zircon

Stone Shape - Fancy

Stone Color - Blue

Availability: Out of stock


This Agate (Seafoam) Ring-ADJ-2R (ASF-2-93) possesses the powers and qualities of this semi-precious stone, thus benefiting the wearer in the most beautiful ways. And the best way to believe it is to experience it yourself. So, wear this statement ring with the most elegant and matching outfit to uplift your whole appearance. Also, it makes a perfect gift for the people you love and care for. It will give you a new slant in life by promoting self-confidence and making you aware of your innate capabilities. This bold ring will be getting you a lot of compliments, so be prepared to be the toast of the town.

Seafoam agate is a beautiful type of agate that has a bewitching blue color to make anyone fall in love at first sight. Agates are considered to be the stones that keep their wearer very grounded and down to earth, thus keeping them connected with their roots. This stone has bands like formations of mineral deposits that are so nicely formed that it gives a beautiful appearance to it. Agate is a stone that belongs to the quartz family. It also possesses some brilliant healing properties and helps the wearer in situations where she is stuck in the vicious circle of overthinking and worrying. So, wearing 925 sterling silver jewelry with seafoam agate will make you feel relaxed and fashionable.

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