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WHOLESALE TO BUSINESS ONLY - $199 MINIMUM ORDER | Free Shipping On All Orders Above $499
VOLUME DISCOUNTS:- 5% on $1200+ & 10% ON $2100+

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Black Spinel

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2 Item(s)

Sterling Silver Black Spinel Jewelry

Black Spinel is a beautiful black gemstone used to create gemstone jewelry collections. These collections are loved and appreciated worldwide. The jewels in natural wholesale black spinel ring collections are ideal for wearing in any formal gathering and casual outings. This is the jewelry for every occasion. And when the jewelry for genuine wholesale black spinel jewelry collections are created at Rananjay Exports, it comes with the promise of authenticity and quality. This is the reason all the jewelry retailers across the world are loving our collections. We put in a lot of effort to create each jewel that is to be included in our jewelry collections. People worldwide love black spinel jewelry because of its aesthetic appeal. These gemstones are treated and given a cut-stone finish to be embedded in our collections' jewelry items. This gives them a gorgeous appearance. Unique wholesale black spinel necklace collections are what every jewelry retailer is eyeing. This is also because black spinel pendant collections are demanded by their customers. Having the best quality black spinel jewelry makes them the most sought-after jewelry retailer.

Genuine Wholesale Black Spinel Jewelry

At Rananjay Exports, we use only the most authentic and natural gemstones to create our authentic black spinel bracelets collections. This ensures the quality of our jewels, which are appreciated across the world. The significant deposits of black spinel gemstone are found in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar. We source the gem-quality black spinel from these places and extract them ethically to avoid nature damage. Being practical, we cannot promise zero damage. Still, we can ensure minimal damage to the environment. All the jewels produced at Rananjay Exports to create the most sought-after genuine wholesale black spinel jewelry collections use only the most beautiful gemstones. For us, the beauty, comfort, and authenticity of our real wholesale black spinel earrings collections go hand in hand. We have set parameters to measure these qualities. Any jewel that fails to pass at any stage is rejected right there. So while shopping from Rananjay Exports, you never have to worry about the authenticity and quality of the jewelry you and your customers will love.

Rananjay Exports, where you get the best customer experience 

Rananjay Exports is the online wholesale jewelry manufacturer and supplier based in India. We have been serving jewelry retailers worldwide and maintaining a satisfied clientele since 2013 along with providing the best natural wholesale black spinel ring collections, we also strive to make the online jewelry purchase experience extremely convenient for our clients. We achieve this by providing customer support service to help you at every stage of your buying journey and even after that. Apart from this, we provide free shipping on all orders above $499. Other benefits of associating with us include redeemable reward points earned on every purchase and expert advice to make the best purchase decisions. These benefits are not only limited to our black spaniel collections. Still, they extend to wholesale larimar , labradorite , and agate jewelry , and other gemstone jewelry.

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