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  • Peridot Ring PER-RDR-236 Peridot Ring PER-RDR-236
  • Peridot Ring PER-RDR-236 Peridot Ring PER-RDR-236
  • Peridot Ring PER-RDR-236 Peridot Ring PER-RDR-236

Peridot Ring (PER-RDR-236)


Main Stone - Peridot

Stone Size - 6 mm

Stone Shape - Round-Cut

Stone Color - Green

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Casting Jewelry Ring

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Material Size Qty
925 Sterling Silver 5 3
925 Sterling Silver 6 8
925 Sterling Silver 8 9
925 Sterling Silver 9 12
925 Sterling Silver 10 6


This Peridot Ring (PER-RDR-236) possesses the powers and qualities of this semi-precious stone, thus benefiting the wearer in the most beautiful ways. And the best way to believe it is to experience it yourself. So, wear this statement ring with the most elegant and matching outfit to uplift your whole appearance. Also, it makes a perfect gift for the people you love and care for. It will give you a new slant in life by promoting self-confidence and making you aware of your innate capabilities. This bold ring will be getting you a lot of compliments, so be prepared to be the toast of the town.

This beautiful gemstone got its name from the french word ?peritot,? which means unclear. Peridot is available is just one color, and that is green. However, the shades may slightly vary from olive green to brownish-green. This is the official birthstone of people born in August. In the ancient period, peridot was often confused with emerald. But the beauty of this stone could not remain hidden, and its use in the 925 sterling silver jewelry started very early. It is the national gemstone of Egypt. This stone is believed to promote good health, peaceful sleep, and bonding in the relationship. Wearing peridot will make one feel joyous and full of life.

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