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The Statement Necklace Collection - The Ultimate Show Stoppers

Statement pieces are the kind of jewelry that depicts the wearer's personality. With each jewel from our range of magnificent sterling silver statement necklace, we aim to provide the jewelry retailers precisely what they are looking for and a little more than that.

Each silver statement necklace is created with 92.5 sterling silver and the most authentic gemstones. It makes the best multi-color statement necklace collection. They bring with them class and elegance and the promise of quality. The purpose of these designer statement necklaces is to make you as a jewelry retailer and wholesaler stand out from the crowd and being able to provide something really unique to your customers.

Rananjay Exports' Range Of Silver Statement Necklace

Rananjay Exports, a wholesale sterling silver jewelry manufacturer is a pioneer name in the global jewelry industry for manufacturing the best quality 92.5 silver jewelry that is loved and accepted worldwide. After establishing the ground for gorgeous semi-precious gemstones jewelry, each of our fantastic gemstone statement necklace is not only beautiful but absolutely unique. Every long silver statement necklace is created with such randomness that once a piece is created it can never be recreated. The choice of materials to be used can be the same, but the output and the final design will always vary.

This makes them unique because once you have an elegant statement necklace, then it will never be owned by anyone else in the whole world ever. That's the beauty of each statement necklace. Each handmade statement necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece that can never be recreated. This gave a boost to the statement necklace wholesale market.

The technically correct jewelry designs for the ultimate comfort

Every piece of statement necklace for women manufactured at Rananjay Exports' facility is not the result of a random exercise. Instead, it follows a proper process that begins with selecting the perfect gemstones that go well with each other and complements the overall appearance. Then the designs are created that are then brought to life by our well-trained professional and experienced artisans.

The metal and the gemstones are used in a technically correct fashion. This makes each item of our statement necklace collection extremely comfortable. When they are worn, they never bother the wearer. This, along with their uniqueness, makes them even more desirable. This is the result of the expertise of our statement necklace jewelry creators. Our customers love these designs. And not only these statement pieces, but our gemstone necklaces are loved worldwide. Most retail jewelry stores having a presence in multiple areas use them as statement pieces that are their unique selling propositions. Our jewelry is the reason the statement necklace wholesale demand surged.

The statement necklace for women at unimaginable prices

The classy appearance of every sterling silver statement necklace may make you assume their prices are on a higher side. However, the reality is we never intend to make huge profits from our business operations. These statement necklaces come with a price tag that is fair for our customers. With prices like these, they can either add excellent profit margins or play on price amongst the competition. Whatever they choose to do will ultimately benefit them.
Their first wise decision is going for the statement necklaces that can speak for their brand. The second and more important one is getting associated with Rananjay Exports.

Getting a glorious statement necklace online is not as easy as it may seem. Even if you find it, trusting the quality and the authenticity is a question. But here, Rananjay Exports assure both and favors the ethical sourcing of gemstones that saves the ecosystem and everyone involved in the whole process.

Explore our spectacular statement necklace range and get the best for your collections.

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