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VOLUME DISCOUNTS:- 5% on $1200+ & 10% ON $2100+

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Turquoise (Oyster)

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Wholesale Turquoise Oyster Stone Jewelry

Turquoise oyster is a gemstone created by combining the turquoise gemstone with a spiny oyster's shell. This enhances the gem's aesthetic appeal, thus making it desirable for creating turquoise oyster jewelry collections. There is beauty in everything. We only need to be able to see it. This gemstone proves it. Turquoise oyster is being used to create gorgeous turquoise oyster ring collections loved by jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. It is actually a creation of humans to make the already beautiful gemstone better. After it became popular, many jewelry manufacturers tried their hand in creating the wholesale turquoise oyster necklace collections. Still, not many could keep up to the industry standards. Rananjay Exports has always been one such wholesale jewelry manufacturer known for the quality and authenticity of the jewels in the wholesale turquoise oyster pendant collections. We always take care while creating our turquoise oyster stone jewelry collections. The gemstone is not damaged during the process to provide the most authentic jewelry to our clients. This colorful gemstone, when embedded in the 92.5 pure sterling silver setting, makes a beautiful combination. This creates the most desirable sterling silver jewelry, and Rananjay Exports is here to provide it.

Spiny oyster turquoise is a gemstone that makes the wearer feel essential and encourages hope and courage. This gemstone also helps the bearer to have better control over her emotions. Many other benefits together constitute the turquoise oyster meaning.

Genuine Turquoise Oyster Earrings And Other Jewelry

The spiny oyster is majorly found in the Western Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. The shells of these oysters are exported worldwide to create the most authentic natural turquoise oyster bracelet collections. Rananjay Exports makes sure to source the most authentic gems to create the wholesale turquoise oyster ring collections. These gems' colors are beautiful, and when given a cabochon finish, these make lovely jewels. The turquoise gemstone has a Mohs hardness rant of 5-6, and the turquoise oyster also ranks approximately the same. This makes it a convenient gem to create the turquoise oyster stone jewelry collections. This makes it soft enough to be given any shape and hard enough to not break easily. Once we source the gemstones, the whole jewelry making process takes under one roof. And with an extensive quality check at every step, these gems ensure authenticity. Rananjay Exports provides the desired quality gemstone jewelry collections to jewelry retailers worldwide.

Rananjay Exports, The One-Stop-Shop For Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry

Rananjay Exports is a gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier based in India. We have been serving the global jewelry industry since 2013. This has been made possible by providing the best quality jewels in our turquoise oyster stone jewelry collections and other benefits. These benefits include free shipping on all orders above $499 irrespective of the delivery location. Our authorized members can also get fantastic quantity discounts on bulk purchases from our gemstone jewelry collections. And we also provide redeemable reward points on every purchase from our jewelry collections. The best thing is that these benefits are not only limited to the turquoise oyster collections but extend to the labradorite, moonstone, and agate jewelry as well. We strive to provide the best to our authorized members.

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