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Turquoise Stone Meaning, Benefits, And Healing Properties

Turquoise is a beautiful gemstone that is known for its color. This gemstone is used to create jewelry not only because it is aesthetically appealing but also because of its magical properties. Turquoise is considered as the stone of protection. In ancient times, the riders kept turquoise in some form or the other to save them from injuries if they fall. Today, however, the most convenient way is wearing turquoise jewelry.

This also boosts the immune system of the wearer and saves her from anxiety and panic attacks. Wearing turquoise also keeps the mood swings in control. Apart from that, the vibrations of turquoise resonate best with the throat chakra. This is why this gemstone eliminates most of the physical problems related to the throat when worn regularly. It is mostly recommended to wear it around the neck to gain maximum benefits.

The cool color of turquoise helps the wearer maintain her calm on a bad day required in today's lifestyle. These are the most trusted Turquoise stone meaning, benefits, and healing properties.

Turquoise Birthstone Meaning And Metaphysical Properties

Turquoise is the birthstone of December, and when people born in the same month wear it in any form, it benefits them in the most brilliant ways. Turquoise is believed to make strong connections with its wearer. This is evident because when it is worn by a person, it resonates with her physical health. It was believed that turquoise eventually loses its color when its bearer falls sick, regained with the improving health.

When worn for a longer period, Turquoise makes its possessor capable of acknowledging her traits, good and bad, that will help her present herself better. Also, it gives them the confidence to the wearer about herself. It gives assurance that all her qualities are important in some way or the other.

Also, not only for the December babies but Turquoise birthstone meaning and metaphysical properties are believed to benefit anyone who keeps the gemstone near while practicing yoga or indulging in any spiritual practices to gain the maximum benefits.

Turquoise History

Turquoise is the oldest gemstone ever known in the history of mankind and the first-ever gemstone that was mined. This gemstone actually proves that saying 'old is gold' saying right! It was most popular among the Egyptian, Persian, and Chinese cultures.

Turquoise was found in 5000 B.C. in Iraq initially, and then Egyptians started mining it in Sinai in 3200 B.C. They even buried their mummies with this gemstone to keep the spirit in a higher realm. When it was a royal death, tomb masks were created with turquoise embedded in them.

Even today, Native Americans create masks with turquoise as accessories. Earlier, turquoise was used to create jewelry, but abstract art and motifs were also made with this gemstone. Turquoise history is rich, and the future seems very bright for this gemstone.

Turquoise Facts And Characteristics

Turquoise is derived from a French word, Pierre turquoise, which means a Turkish stone. This happened because when this gemstone was first introduced to Europe's markets, it came from Central Asia's mines via Turkey.

The color of this gemstone ranges from blue to bluish-green. This color variation depends on the quantities of iron and copper impurities present in the stone. One of the overrated turquoise facts says that the bluer the gemstone is, the better it is.

Also, the Mohs hardness rank of 5-6 makes it a preferred gem to create jewelry. This is because it makes it neither too hard nor too delicate. This makes it just perfect to be used and given the desired shape and cup without the fear of being damaged. These Turquoise facts and characteristics make it a desired gemstone for everyday use.

Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry

It is not new that turquoise is used to create jewelry. In fact, from its discovery, many of the gemstone's uses also consisted of creating jewelry. When a turquoise gemstone is embedded in the sterling silver setting, it creates a beautiful and irresistible combination. To create silver jewelry with turquoise, it is recommended to carefully pick beautiful gems to maintain the aesthetics.

There can be many options to create turquoise jewelry, viz., turquoise pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, and much more. Another form of turquoise to create jewelry can be beads. These make little delicate and sober garlands.

Turquoise gemstone is usually given a cabochon finish to create any jewelry piece, but this does not limit the scope to that. It can still be given a faceted or tumbled finish. Whatever the jewelry item and turquoise form, it will always give a brilliant outcome with sterling silver.

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