Aquamarine Beautiful and Subtle Gemstone collection Aquamarine Beautiful and Subtle Gemstone collection


Aquamarine has a soft tone and is enveloped in the aura of the sea. The serenity and calm of the water are contained within the gemstone. The Latin words aqua and marina, which denote water and the sea respectively, are the origin of the English word aquamarine. The aquamarine's smooth, tranquil tones are particularly pleasing to the eye, and its hues range from light blue to dark blue and even blue-green. When compared to smaller stones, the huge gemstone embedded in your Aquamarine Jewelry will most likely be seen to have strong hues. 

Aquamarine is a march Gemstone and the water stone is associated to those born under the sign of Pisces and Aquarius. When set in Wholesale Sterling Silver, the gemstone creates stunning Birthstone Jewelry. The gemstone looks great in a variety of settings with various coloured metals and gemstones. The 19th anniversary is connected to the gemstone. The gemstone can be worn as Aquamarine Rings, Aquamarine Bracelet, Aquamarine earring, Aquamarine Pendant and Aquamarine Cuff Bracelet.

For ages the calming blue beauty and precious serene energies of Aquamarine Jewelry are valued and cherished. This gemstone holds a high significance as it's not just a gorgeous Gemstone but a gemstone that holds potency and magic within. Wearing a tranquil blue Aquamarine Ring set in Sterling Silver Jewelry would not only enhance your beauty and elevate your outfit, but it would also have a number of positive effects. The symbolism of the gemstone is strongly related to the sea and symbolises the power of the waves and endlessness of the blue ocean.

The ocean's calming and ferocious forces are both represented by this stone. Wearing Aquamarine Bracelet, Aquamarine earring, Aquamarine Pendant or Aquamarine Cuff Bracelet any of them regularly would assist you in letting go of your negative or sad feelings. You'll be able to trust yourself and other people more as a result. It is a fantastic stone for purification, and wearing it or keeping it nearby will help you to rid yourself of any bad energy or negativity in the area as well as your own negative thought patterns.


history and healing properties history and healing properties

The gorgeous aquamarine has a wide history and have been cherished by people for centuries. People's eyes have been captured by the seductive Aquamarine hues, which come in a variety of calming blue tones. The blue gem has a long history of being associated with the ocean. Aquamarine has a more than 4,000-year history, and it was used as jewellery in ancient Egyptian periods. The aquamarine is linked to many different myths. It is thought that aquamarine is the mermaid's treasure. Wearing Aquamarine Jewelry would serve as a good luck charm and help you draw a lovely reality to you.

Mermaids held the blue mineral in such high esteem that they would provide seafarers carrying it their protection. Mermaids held the blue mineral in such high esteem that they would provide seafarers carrying it their protection. The stone maintained its stellar reputation throughout Roman and Ancient Greek periods. At the time, it was thought that carrying an aquamarine gemstone or wearing Aquamarine Jewelry would ensure sailors' safety when travelling by sea. Seasickness was also reported to be alleviated by it.

The Romans used Aquamarine Jewelry to purify their drinking water. The Romans created goblets of the gemstone because they believed it had purifying properties because of the relationship with aquamarine water. Aquamarine was known to Roman fishermen as aqua marinus, which is Latin for "seawater." Egyptians, Hebrews, and Greeks were also enthralled by the aquamarine jewellery, in addition to the Romans. It was thought that the Aquamarine Jewelry with the six tribes of Israel inscribed on them were worn by the High Priest of the Second Temple. It was also asserted that intaglios made of aquamarine stones were created in Greece two thousand years ago by engraving designs into the stones.

Aquamarine Healing Properties

Amazing and numerous healing powers can be found in aquamarine. The sea's attributes and power are contained in the stunning aquamarine. The Aquamarine Jewelry has calming, gentle energies that are also healing. It is a wonderful gemstone that will make you feel healthy and pleased. This gemstone would purge your life of all poison and negative energy. Let's talk about the numerous therapeutic qualities of aquamarine.

Physical Healing Properties

Aquamarine is an exquisite Gemstone that holds with many properties to through which you could heal your physical health. Aquamarine has been used to promote health and well-being ever since the dawn of humanity. Wearing Aquamarine Rings, Aquamarine Bracelet, Aquamarine earring, Aquamarine Pendant, Aquamarine Cuff Bracelet would help you with sooth sore throat and help you with thyroid problems. 

Additionally, it's an excellent immune system booster that constantly alerts the body not to overreact to allergies like hay fever. To keep your hormones in equilibrium, use this gemstone. This gemstone would keep your eyes healthy and bring to you strong vision and bring brightness to your life.

Metaphysical Properties

Aside from having physical healing qualities, aquamarine also has a number of spiritual qualities. You would receive spiritual healing and your spiritual side would be healed if you wore aquamarine set in Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewellery. You would greatly benefit from the therapeutic properties of aquamarine. 

If you wore Aquamarine Jewelry, you would become enlightened. Your connections to the divine would be strengthened by this gemstone. This gemstone can help you locate some quiet time where you can connect with yourself. Your intellect, intuition, and ability to tune into your environment would all be improved. You would experience tranquilly and harmony if you wore Aquamarine Jewelry.

Mental And Emotional Properties

A fantastic stone for mental and emotional recovery is aquamarine. This gemstone will help you maintain your present-moment awareness and relax your thoughts. Those who overthink should wear Aquamarine Ring, Aquamarine Bracelet, Aquamarine earring, Aquamarine Pendant or Aquamarine Cuff Bracelet regularly. You would feel less anxious and happier if you wore this gemstone.

This stone would calm your thoughts and aid in the development of a meditative state. Wear Aquamarine Jewelry if you are an empath or a very sensitive person. It's an excellent stone for people who want to put particular life events behind them. This stone will bolster and increase your courage and confidence. The stone of courage is another name for aquamarine. The gemstone's nourishing qualities will make you feel protected and safe.


Aquamarine has numerous properties and benefits and wearing Aquamarine Jewelry would bring you wellness. The calming and soothing qualities of the water would be enhanced by this gemstone. The healing qualities of the gemstone have positive impacts on your body, mind, and spirit. The power of the gemstone is increased when worn with Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Your life would be cleansed of all toxins and negative energy thanks to the powers of purification held within aquamarine. You are invited by aquamarine to wash away negative energy, purge our bodies of impurities, and walk through life with a pure heart and a constant readiness to let go and go with the flow. It is known as the stone of courage and will give you more courage and self-assurance. at Rananjay Exports you would find the best quality and ample of design to choose from.