Do you remember the time when you used to sit while staring at the sky full of stars? Thinking about a galaxy full of stars and their wonders fills one’s heart with joy, optimism, and lots of curiosity. It is a feeling which can’t be described with mere words. But what if I say that you can get to wear stars in the form of jewelry? Pretty exciting, right?

We are talking about none other than Azurite Gemstone, one of the rare stones with many remarkable properties. Continue reading this blog till the end to know more about it.

A Galaxy Full of Stars

Azurite is a rare gemstone made up of copper carbonate hydroxide and is a mineral that is mainly sought by various gemologists. The stone gets its name from the Persian word- “Lazhward,” which when translated becomes “Azure Blue” because of its vivid color blue. The essence of this vivid blue color is because of the presence of copper. The stone is often found in a mix of blue and green colors because of the malachite present, along with copper ore. The stone has astonishing patterns that make one feel like you are gazing at a galaxy full of stars.

If we talk about the history of stone, it was first discovered in Chessy, France. Other places it is mined include Morocco, Arizona, and Namibia. It has been used for ornamental purposes and even as a pigment to dye for a long time because of its natural Blue color. The stone’s distinctiveness and Awe-inspiring features make it people’s choice.

But how to determine the right quality of Azurite for you?

Historical Significance

There is a lot of historical significance of Azurite and it holds a special meaning and beliefs associated with it. For so long, the stone has been known to unfold celestial mysteries. It is known as the “Stone of Heaven” for it was believed to act as a portal between the sun and the earth by ancient Chinese people.

Many other people believed that it enhances psychic abilities. Mayans and Americans believed the stone to be a tool to gain wisdom and achieve ultimate consciousness through higher realms.

In ancient times, many Greek and Egyptian mythologies have connected the stone with the power of Gods and Goddesses. According to Greeks, the stone is related to the Goddess “Athena”, popularly known as the goddess of war and wisdom. They believed that the stone provides them with the power of wisdom and helps them in war by providing its energy to the wearer.

Egyptian mythology also holds a special place for this stone. They relate the stone with the Goddess of life-“Isis”. They believed that the stone provided healing powers and provided deep insight into every matter. They even used Azurite stone as paint to make an eye on their forehead, which represented their God.

How to Identify Azurite?

While determining the quality of the stone, the three C’s are important: Cut, Color, and Clarity.

Cut: - Due to the low hardness level of the stone that ranges around 3.5-4, and great sensitivity to heat, faceting it is quite a challenging task. This is the reason why Genuine Azurite Gemstone Jewelry is rare to find.

Color: - The stone is generally famed for its distinctive blue color. Although, you will see Azurite mainly mixed with malachite and originally possess both green and blue color. You can also find it in the dark blue to violet and even sky blue in color.

Clarity: - It is mostly opaque in clarity. However, they are also found transparent and translucent in clarity. Transparent stones are generally rare to find and have an appealing luster when polished for use in jewelry.

The Power of Color

The stone’s striking blue color promotes a sense of wonder and a variety of emotions. Since the stone has a variety of shades, from light blue to violet, it creates a different impact with each of its shades. Still, with a variety of shades, it provides the power of the sky.

The shades of Light Blue color promote a sense of faith, responsibility, and trust. They help in breaking negative patterns that are being carried out for a long time. They help with the anger issues and letting go of the past, providing cheerfulness in return. It develops patience and helps deal with the guilt. Lighter blue-colored crystals also assist in dealing with sorrows, letting go of the past, and aids in curing guilt.

The shades of Dark Blue color provide a sense of calmness, reliability, and serenity. It is often seen as a sign of sincerity, stability, and inspiration. Stones of this color usually enhance compassion within a person and teach them to honor and encourage humanity in its best form.

Indigo shades in Azurite represent wisdom and royalty. It promotes a sense of spiritualness along with trust and honesty. The indigo color depicts dignity and is a symbol of sound knowledge.

The Stone of Heaven

Azurite is well known as the “Stone of Heaven” for its magnificent properties. It activates the connection between mind and body, allowing you to focus more. It enhances skills and psychic abilities which helps you to enter a deep state of meditation, giving you a feel of heaven. It helps you in alleviating all the negative energies and enhances your creativity, builds confidence, and strengthens emotional power.

It helps in balancing the chakras of the body which are necessary for essential functions of the body. The stone is associated with the third eye chakra, which is connected with mind and intuition abilities. It helps in taking better decisions in life by providing clarity about what there is.

It also activates the throat chakra because of the blue color that is associated with this chakra and can help with neck-related issues and better communication. Additionally, it also connects with the Heart Chakra, which helps in loving oneself and also in sending out the love out in the world. Wear Azurite Pendant to keep it near to your heart and throat to intensify the vibrations. Finally, it helps with the crown chakra that enables you to receive messages from the outer world.

It’s all about Jewelry

All the alluring properties of Azurite make it popular for jewelry. If you want to cherish the shine of this stone, you should definitely have a look at the remarkable Wholesale Azurite Gemstone Collection, where, you will not only get a variety of jewelry designs but also the information that you need to know about the quality of the stone used.

So, what makes Azurite Jewelry so rare and precious? The reason is because of the lower level of hardness, it is quite a task to use the stone in jewelry and can definitely mesmerize you with its breathtaking designs when used in one.

If you want to get the best of the healing properties of this stone, the best way to do so is with Jewelry. When the healing stone is in direct touch with your skin, it activates the vibrations present in the stone and gets absorbed directly into your body to cure any blockages. Wearing Azurite rings can be one of the ways to keep the stone in direct contact. You can also opt for an Azurite bracelet, as the beads of it are in direct contact with your skin which alleviates lots of negativity.

Its vibrant colors allow you to pop out from the crowd and can be worn in the form of statement jewelry. It goes along all with metallic colors including rose, yellow and white gold. All these bewitching properties of this stone make it distinct from others and a must-have in your collection. Those who already have this stone in their collection can relate to its capabilities of being a great head-turner. You can begin by adding a pair of Azurite Earrings to your collection.

Mix and Match

So, there is always a question in the mind about what other gemstones you can pair up or what best combination to use with azurite?

Since the stone is perfectly associated with a variety of chakras, it is quite a tricky business to pair it up as you don’t want to disrupt the energy and wavelengths of the stone. It is best to choose the stone that Azurite itself chooses to pair within in its natural form.

It is often found in combination with Malachite which is green in color which is known as “Azurmalachite” or Azurite Malachite. It is very popular among Jewelry Enthusiasts. Combining the energies of both stones can work out perfectly for you. Malachite is known to be associated with the heart chakra and helps in welcoming love and relationships. When they both are combined together, it helps with the better communication of thoughts and feelings with your loved ones and others, enhancing your relationships.

Another combination that will work out perfectly for you is Chrysocolla, a form of silicate that is again associated with the third eye chakra. A combination of both will help with emotional and psychic skills, allowing one to connect with the world.

When all these three stones are combined together, they become The Three Musketeers. The power of Chrysocolla opens you to understand cosmic powers, the powers of Azurite allow you to receive and understand them, and finally, the powers of Malachite allow you to communicate your perceptions and understanding to others people effectively.

Tips to Care for Azurite

There are a few tips to consider when you choose to include this gemstone in your life because of its rareness and low hardness score (3.5-4).

  • Avoid contact with heat. Azurite is sensitive to heat and long exposure to it can cause its color to fade causing permanent damage.

  • Use a soft cloth to wipe off any dirt from the stone.

  • Clean your stone under normal running water. Do not use hot water as it can change the color of the stone permanently.

  • Usage of soap can be done to clean the stone, but ensure to properly rinse off the soap.

  • Avoid wearing the jewelry of Azurite while doing any physical activity such as exercising, cleaning, or playing any sports.

  • Do not put your azurite jewelry with other stones as it can cause scratches. You can wrap it in a soft cloth and put it separately.

  • Always keep your stone wrapped in a soft cloth in a dark place with less contact with air.

Charging Your Stone: - It is essential to charge your stone every now and then to ensure that its magnificent healing powers remain intact. You can charge Azurite by simply placing it on the edge of the window, where the starlight is radiated properly on the stone. Ensure that the sky should be clear and the stone is in contact with the starlight. The energy of the stars is absorbed by the stone and it will start working again like a lucky charm in your life.

Star Sign

When we talk about the connection written in stars, azurite is connected with the Zodiac sign- Sagittarius. People with this zodiac sign tend to get the most benefit by wearing this stone. It helps them to connect their mind and body, allowing them to enhance their psychic abilities. Sagittarius generally deals with a lot at the same time in their life, thus having good intuitive powers in their life can help them a lot in dealing with day-to-day tasks and problems. It provides them with calmness and patience, providing them with the energy to perform the tasks that are necessary.

Another sign which perfectly aligns with the energy of the stone is Aquarius. People with this zodiac sign are optimistic, calm, and sensible in nature. They are basically perfectionists and love their work in the same way only. This quality at times can work against them as they tend to get irritated and can even lose their temper.

Thus, Azurite helps in balancing their emotions well and helps them with calmness. It provides them with new ideas and new ways of thinking by helping them overcome their emotions.

May Birthstone

Wearing a birthstone helps the wearer to attain a new level of heights in their life. All birthstones have been associated with each month and wearing one accordingly will definitely show you good results. Azurite is the May Birthstone and has a significant effect on the life of a person born in this month. People born in the month of May have strong willpower and are deeply emotional. The stone helps them to attain a balanced state of mind and balanced emotions. It benefits the person with increased self-awareness and concentration. It provides an improvement in psychic abilities and intuition helping a person to enter into a deep state of meditation.

Where to buy Azurite from?

Azurite Malachite Gemstone Jewelry Azurite Malachite Gemstone  Jewelry

Since the stone is rare, there is a possibility that it is not available everywhere with ease. The stone is quite sensitive towards heat and it is not a cup of tea for everyone to carve this gemstone properly into jewelry with perfection. There might be certain vendors or sellers who are selling synthetic stones, which are just a copy of the original stone. At times, people misconceive the stone because of a lack of knowledge and term it under different names such as “Arctic Opal” or “Copper Lapis”.

So, it is better to always purchase this stone either with a Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer, who can provide you with ample designs in jewelry and also with the information about the quality of the stone used. One such Manufacturer is Rananjay Exports, which deals in the wholesale manufacturing of a variety of Gemstones. They have a collection of Genuine Azurite Jewelry where you can go through various designs and may choose the one that suits you the best.

You can visit their website to explore their mesmerizing collection.

Concluding Thoughts

Azurite is a stone that will bring power to your life. It activates your third eye chakra, allowing you to have access to the universe’s message. It eliminates all negative energy and fills up the wearer with optimism, leading you towards a peaceful state of mind.

The blue color of the stone enhances your mood and eases stress, providing a sense of calmness. It helps the wearer to remain grounded to their roots. It is known to cure sore throats and physical illnesses and conditions like joint pain, thyroid, and kidney-related issues.

Its healing energies stabilize one’s mind and help connect to spirituality. Including all these astounding properties, the stone itself looks stunning and is a great eye-catcher when worn in the form of jewelry. It is a must-have add-on in your collection which will definitely make you stand out of the crowd.

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