Birthstone jewelry for January: The ultimate guide for retailers Birthstone jewelry for January: The ultimate guide for retailers

The new year is coming and bringing with it new hopes and happiness. People will be excited to get the birthstone jewelry for January and start the new year afresh with all the positivity and energy. And if you can be the jewelry retailer who can provide what they want, what more can you ask for!

But just in case you're thinking that you are doing good with your existing market, you should go ahead and read further to know what you are losing by not considering the opportunity in the birthstone jewelry market for January.

I'll here tell you everything that you need to know to grow your potential market of jewelry with garnet stones. 

Why is it Beneficial to have Birthstone Jewelry for January in your Collections?

If you have the birthstone jewelry already in your collection, but it is not separated, it is time that you start calling your garnet the 'birthstone jewelry for January' . This is important because the concept of birthstone jewelry is gaining importance with the increasing awareness regarding its benefits. Thanks to the gemologists!

You may not believe me when I tell you that approximately 8100 people every month search for 'birthstone jewelry,' and about 5% out of those search specifically for 'January birthstone jewelry.' This is only limited to the United States of America. This figure shows the massive potential of the emerging birthstone jewelry market.

Here, you can play smart by getting the jewelry with garnet stones from the wholesale gemstone jewelry supplier that provides monetary and other benefits. And it's better to get it directly from the manufacturer that makes January birthstone garnet jewelry to ensure the quality. Along with deducing the cost, this will allow you to utilize it as per the market needs. This way, you can gain great clientele and improve your profit margins.

When should you stock up?

General trends show that people wearing birthstone jewelry for the first time prefer to wear it at the beginning of their birth month. And even those who want to change or add more jewelry with garnet stones will pick the time at the beginning of January. Some people also follow certain rituals and benedictions that they believe amplifies the energies of their birthstone. And some others believe that pairing garnet with silver also brings them good luck. Mostly, they go for a sterling silver garnet ring

To wear the birthstone jewelry after everything, they need to have it in possession at least a day or two before the month starts. So we suggest any jewelry retailer who is considering stocking up her January birthstone garnet jewelry collections to do it to the most by the 23rd day of the previous month. Seven days will provide enough buffer for the jewelry to reach the one for whom it is meant. 

This will give your potential customers enough time to make a purchase decision.

Even if you couldn't stock up on time because of whatever reason, many wholesale gemstone jewelry suppliers like us provide an express shipping option. This will let you have the birthstone jewelry for January into your collection right on time.

Know your Gem before Purchasing

It is essential to understand the history and actual meaning of your gemstone before purchasing it to have a better understanding of what your gem actually is and what it consists of. When you ponder upon the name Garnet it comes from the Latin word “granatus” which means pomegranate which is the actual color of the stone. But the stone is not found only in this color but has a wide variety with different colors available like Orange, Green, Brown, Purple, and even the rarest one with blue color. Each color has different effect on the life of the wearer and you can even match your personality traits with it.

The jewelry studded with the beautiful crystals of Garnet was highly adored by all from Pharaohs of Egypt to Rome. It is also known as the “Gem of Faith” because of its extraordinary metaphysical properties to bring eternal happiness and prosperity to the lives of the wearer. Birthstones works miracle on those who wear it according to their birth month and respective zodiac sign. It can bring a tremendous amount of happiness and growth especially to the lives of the people born in the month of January.

This heart-capturing crystal is secured from many different parts of the world like Myanmar, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and many more.

When you talk about the composition of Garnet and what it is made of, you will notice that is a mixture of several minerals like almandine, pyrope, grossular, and much more. Thus after combining the beautiful combination of these minerals, it obtains its natural beautiful color.

January Birthstone’s Care and Cleaning

Being a gemstone jewelry retailer, you will be purchasing the jewelry in bulk, so it is essential to know how to take care of your stone properly to ensure it retains its shine the same. When we speak particularly about Garnet crystal, it ranks 6.5 – 7.5 when measured on the Mohs scale of hardness which suggests that it is capable of taking a few knocks and is a little easy to manage, yet it deserves some good care. Ensure the following to maintain the bling of your gem.

What should be considered while Selecting the Supplier of January Birthstone Garnet Jewelry?

While any jewelry retailer stocks up her jewelry collections with garnet stones, she should consider the jewels' overall quality. This consists of the gemstone's authenticity and grade and the purity of the metal that the silver jewelry manufacturer uses. The finish and appearance will fall into aesthetics. Another aspect that will help you make a better decision is the price that any wholesale gemstone jewelry supplier offers. Then the delivery time, shipping policy, and most importantly, the return policy should be considered. These will help you decide the time you want to consider while ordering the January birthstone garnet jewelry.

Along with certain others, all these things will make sure you make the best-informed decision and get the most desirable birthstone jewelry for January.

What do your Potential Customers Think about Birthstones?

The birthstone concept is as old as the Bible, where the twelve gemstones of Aron's breastplate are mentioned. These were associated with the twelve tribes of Israel. With time the concept of birthstones only increased and evolved and now is a part of modern society. And analysts say the popularity of birthstones will improve with time.

There are twelve primary birthstones associated with the twelve months and zodiacs, whereas the secondary ones are many. Modern people believe in the divine benefits associated with these gems, obviously not to the superstition levels but which is more than enough to create an opportunity for the jewelry retailers.

Apart from the magical benefits, jewelry with garnet stones is also gorgeous. This gemstone enhances the appearance of anyone wearing them. Even for the small percentage of people who don't believe in the benefits of the birthstone jewelry for January, these gems will make fabulous jewelry. It is mostly preferred to have a well-polished and cut garnet in the carefully contrived sterling silver setting. This creates irresistible sterling silver gemstone jewelry , especially a beautifully crafted sterling silver garnet ring.

Benefits you get by Purchasing Jewelry with Garnet Stones from Rananjay Exports.

You must have made up your mind to include the garnet jewelry (or should I call it the January birthstone jewelry) in your collections. And if you are looking for the best, then I believe now is the time to reveal the benefits other than getting gorgeous jewelry that you will get by associating with us.

So, the list goes like this: 

  1. Free sign-up and quick account approval.
  2. Redeemable reward points on every purchase.
  3. Quantity discounts on bulk purchases.
  4. No shipping cost on orders above $499.
  5. The facility of express shipping for urgent orders.
  6. Trackable shipping options.
  7. Secure and trusted payment options.
  8. 24x7 customer support & expert advice service.
  9. Custom orders as per your requirements.

Now you know the potential that birthstone jewelry for January holds for retailers. So stock up with the best jewelry with garnet stones and be the jeweler everyone wants to go to.

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