Dioptase Druzy Rings Dioptase Druzy Rings


Ever heard of Dioptase druzy? It is a beautiful, bluish-green to emerald gemstone that captivates a lot of people. Is dioptase druzy common, or is it rare? Well, the truth is, it is one of the rarest minerals available in the gemstone market, with only a few sources of it being known worldwide. Although this mesmerizing stone is not known for industrial uses, it is quite popular among jewelry enthusiasts, crystal collectors, psychics, and spiritual healers who use crystals. Even though this stone is generally worn as dioptase druzy rings, other forms of dioptase druzy jewelry that is worn by people include dioptase druzy pendants, dioptase druzy earrings, and dioptase druzy bracelets.

Talking about healing, you must be thinking that if this stone is used by spiritual healers, what is dioptase druzy used for? Well, this stone is believed to send soothing waves of life force energy to the user, thus helping him reset his or her spiritual, emotional, and physical body. So, are you curious to learn more about this scarce yet beautiful mineral? Let's deep dive into the dioptase druzy mineral, talking about what it basically is, what are its properties, how to clean jewelry of this gemstone, and much more!

What is Dioptase Druzy?

What is Dioptase Druzy What is Dioptase Druzy

Druzy basically means raw crystals. By that definition, dioptase druzy are the raw crystals of dioptase minerals. Talking about dioptase mineral, it is a quite rare copper cyclosilicate that ends up crystallizing in the form of small prismatic shards and exists as inclusions within a quartz crystal. Since it forms through oxidized copper veins, it generally occurs around other copper-bearing crystals such as shattuckite, malachite, or chrysocolla.

On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, dioptase druzy ranks at 5, and thus, you can say that its hardness is the same as tooth enamel. Because it has a low ranking on the Mohs Scale and because it has perfect cleavage, it is extremely fragile and easy to break.

The pronunciation of dioptase is pretty simple and exactly how it sounds: it's “dye-awp-tays.” This name has been derived from two Greek words: dio and optos. “Dio” means “through” and “optos” means “visible”. Talking about dioptase (and not dioptase druzy), some people end up confusing this mineral with emerald, which is why some of the common nicknames of this stone include Emerald copper, Emerald malachite, and Poor Man’s Emerald.

Although dioptase druzy is not a zodiac stone, it is considered a semi-precious gemstone and it is believed that this stone has a special connection to the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Factors Determining Dioptase Druzy’s Value in a Dioptase Druzy Ring

Factors Determining Dioptase Druzy’s Value in a Dioptase Druzy Ring Factors Determining Dioptase Druzy’s Value in a Dioptase Druzy Ring

When buying a dioptase druzy ring, there are several factors that determine the value of the dioptase druzy stone set in the ring. The 4 prime factors that determine the value of the stone set in a dioptase druzy ring include color, cut, clarity, and size.


The fabulous color of dioptase druzy stone is because of oxidized portions of copper deposits. The saturated blues and greens are the most desired hues for a specimen of dioptase druzy. These specimens command a higher price in comparison to more muted-colored specimens. So, when you go out to buy dioptase druzy rings, try to get one with saturated and vibrant blues and greens.


Talking about dioptase druzy specifically, it is the raw crystal of dioptase, which is why it is rough and uncut. This specific category of dioptase has flooded the market in recent years. But, in a broader perspective, lapidaries cut dioptase gemstones (and not dioptase druzy) into sizable cabochons rather than faceting the gemstone. This is because the softness and perfect cleavage of this gemstone make it difficult for the lapidaries to cut it into facets.


The specimens of dioptase druzy that display higher brilliance and transparency garner a higher price in comparison to the less transparent specimens. This is why the less transparent specimens are found to be typically cheaper. So, when you go out to buy your favorite dioptase druzy ring, ensure that it displays high transparency and brilliance.

Although dioptase druzy is not known to possess many inclusions, it is more commonly included with other minerals such as chrysocolla, quartz, or calcite.

Carat Weight

Large crystals of dioptase druzy are quite uncommon and generally scarce. This is why this stone is generally found in small crystal clusters. Even in case large crystal deposits are found, they rarely possess many clean areas. But still, large crystal deposits may yield up to 15 to 20 carats of dioptase druzy gemstone.

Purchasing Dioptase Druzy Jewelry

Purchasing Dioptase Druzy Jewelry Purchasing Dioptase Druzy Jewelry

Dioptase druzy is used to make a wide range of jewelry including Dioptase druzy rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets because this gemstone is very trendy and wearable. The beautiful vibrant color of this gemstone goes well along with other white gemstones, and almost all precious metals fit together well with dioptase druzy.

The only drawback in purchasing dioptase druzy jewelry is, that since the dioptase druzy gemstone is brittle in nature, it is not available in a large number of gemstone settings. Most of the dioptase druzy rings that you will find in the market will be in a bezel setting or prong setting. This is why there is a lack of choice when it comes to the jewelry of this particular stone.

Last but not least, owning dioptase druzy jewelry can be lovely. This gemstone has great healing properties, and it bestows immense charm and good fortune to the wearer. Since this stone can be worn by both genders, you can find both men and women wearing dioptase druzy rings. You can wear dioptase druzy jewelry at parties, dinner dates, formal meetings, and while performing day-to-day activities.

Healing Properties of Dioptase Druzy

Healing Properties of Dioptase Druzy Healing Properties of Dioptase Druzy

Dioptase druzy rings benefit your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being in many ways. Physically, this stone accelerates the healing of wounds, regulates blood pressure, relieves migraines, and detoxifies the body in general. It is believed that dioptase druzy reawakens the dormant strength of your body, thus allowing you to have a healthy body. Emotionally, the dioptase druzy jewelry releases traumas of the past and allows you to let go. Also, this stone allows you to become more present in life, thus allowing you to experience richness and abundance in life. Spiritually, the dioptase druzy ring inspires you on your quest for change and supplies you with energy and determination to close troublesome cycles of life.

Care and Maintenance of Dioptase Druzy Rings

Care and Maintenance of Dioptase Druzy Rings Care and Maintenance of Dioptase Druzy Rings

Dioptase druzy stone is a brittle stone because of its perfect cleavage, because of which it is prone to fractures and splits. So, to clean your favorite dioptase druzy ring, use a soft-bristled toothbrush, warm water, and mild soap. Gently brush away grime and dirt set on dioptase druzy ring and then, pat dry the ring with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Make sure that you store your ring in a safe, cool, dry place that is away from sudden temperature changes, and harsh chemicals. Also, while storing your dioptase druzy jewelry in a jewelry box, make sure that it is kept separately from other hard gemstone jewelry.


The beauty of dioptase druzy rings will captivate jewelry enthusiasts and jewelry lovers for decades to come. It does not matter whether you wish to flaunt an eclectic accessory on your next dinner date, or you want to display a bold appearance through your dioptase druzy jewelry, the jewelry made of dioptase druzy will catch everyone’s attention in no time. So, are you ready to buy wholesale dioptase druzy jewelry, such as dioptase druzy rings, dioptase druzy pendants, dioptase druzy earrings, and dioptase druzy bracelets?

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