How to Clean and Care of Tanzanite Jewelry How to Clean and Care of Tanzanite Jewelry

The gemstone Tanzanite has purple to blue tones. This stone undergoes a process that involves heating it to transform its brownish shade into vivid purple blue hues. This gorgeous gemstone complements the Sterling Silver Jewelry beautifully. The birthstone for the month of December is tanzanite. Culminating as stunning Tanzanite Jewelry for Capricorn and Sagittarius signs. Certain safety measures must be taken in order to preserve the beauty and lustre of your Gemstone Jewelry. These safety measures will help your Tanzanite Jewelry last longer. You should follow the three steps cleaning it in regular intervals, storing it safely and seperately and recharging it to cleanse the negativity within the Gemstone.

To ensure that your Gemstone Jewelry lasts a long time, there are some measures to keep in mind. When exposed to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, tanzanite is sensitive. Extreme heat or fast temperature changes should not be exposed to Tanzanite, and it will corrode if exposed to severe chemicals like hydrochloric acid. Under normal wearing circumstances, tanzanite is stable, which means it is resistant to the impacts of heat, light, and common chemicals. Tanzanite shouldn't be exposed to extremely high temperatures, despite this. Some of these regulations are mentioned above; bear them in mind as you take the necessary measures. Cleaning, storing, and recharging are three steps that each have their own significance and requirement. Let's go over them in more depth.

How to Clean Your Tanzanite Jewelry

How to Clean Your Tanzanite Jewelry How to Clean Your Tanzanite Jewelry

Cleaning is a crucial process, and you should do it twice a year for your Gemstone Jewelry. More Frequent cleaning sessions are required for items that are worn every day, such as your Tanzanite Ring. The dirt, dust, and oils that these jewellery items are subjected to cause your Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry to lose its lustre and sparkle. Avoid using ultrasonic or steam cleaning procedures on your jewelry because they are bad for it. The lustre and brilliance of your gemstone might be affected by the chemicals in your perfume, hairspray, and lotions. These chemicals create coatings on the gemstone that diminish its capacity to reflect light, so directly impairing the stone's brilliance. Your Gemstone Jewelry consequently seems dull, tarnished, and lacklustre. You can use these cleaning techniques mentioned below to get rid of the dirt and chemical coatings.

Soapy Solution Method: One of the easiest ways to clean your gemstone jewellery at home is with this technique. All of your Tanzanite Jewelry, including your Tanzanite EarringsTanzanite Ring, and Tanzanite Pendant can be cleaned with this technique. All you need for this procedure is a bowl, some warm but not boiling water, a soft brush, and soap. Warm water should be added with a small amount of soap, and the mixture should be stirred. If the jewelry is extremely dirty, leave it in the solution for a little longer. After that, gently brush it with a soft toothbrush.

Vinegar Method: You can use the white vinegar to clean your jewellery. Put some white vinegar in a bowl, and then put your piece of Tanzanite Jewelry inside. Allow it to soak in the mixture for ten minutes. After a few breaks throughout this time, stir it. Then remove it, give it a gentle brushing, wash it in Luke warm water, and let it air dry.

Baking Soda and Lemon Method: When your Gemstone Jewelry gets extremely unclean, you should use this technique. Take a lemon-baking soda combination, softly brush it on your jewellery for the best results, wash it in warm water, and then wipe it down with a soft towel. Traditional baking soda has a great ability to clean and may also be used to clear debris from your stone jewellery. Use a delicate brush and a paste made of baking soda and lemon to gently scrub your piece as you try this procedure. It turns out to be an excellent way to clean jewelry that hasn't been cleaned in a while.

How to Store Your Tanzanite Jewelry

How to Store Your Tanzanite Jewelry How to Store Your Tanzanite Jewelry

Because each gemstone has different characteristics, it is recommended that you keep each piece separately. The degree of hardness varies between each gemstone. For instance, sapphires and rubies are the second and third hardest gemstones in the world, respectively, after diamonds. Tanzanite is relatively soft and ranges from 6 to 6.5 on the hardness scale. They are only half as tough as a diamond or a ruby, according to the hardness scale. As a result, the relatively softer gemstones may become scratched by the hard stone.

It is recommended to keep each piece of your Gemstone Jewelry in a different compartment in order to preserve their longevity and brilliance. Ensure that the box or pouch you purchase is airtight, or you can switch to silica pouches since they are airtight. The ideal solution is to keep them in different sections of your jewelry box. An airtight container is necessary as your Gemstone Jewelry may react with oxygen and tarnish.

How to Recharge Your Tanzanite Jewelry

How to Recharge Your Tanzanite Jewelry How to Recharge Your Tanzanite Jewelry

Recharging is necessary to internally clean your Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry. the greatest approach to recharge your gemstone is in nature, and there are many different natural materials that you can use. let's talk about them in depth.


Sunlight is not as safe as moonlight since prolonged exposure to its direct rays might cause colour fading. The sun, particularly the light in the morning and evening, is best suited to revive the gemstone to recharge him after cleaning. It should only be exposed to light for about 30 minutes after sunrise or up to 30 minutes before dusk in order to recharge. A newly harvested gemstone will get yang solar energy from the sun to balance the yin energy it naturally possessed when it was formed from the ground.


Using moonlight to recharge your moonstone is one of the finest methods. you'll find your Gemstone Jewelry refreshed and purified of all the bad energy the next morning if you leave it in the moonlight for a night. especially at a full moon, the moon transmits its potent self-information. because of this, you ought to set your stone in a location that can benefit from moonlight.


Soil is another risk-free recharging option. You can set your gemstone jewellery on the ground close to a tree. Your gemstone would receive healing energies from the tree, and the soil would purify all the toxins. By burying your stones underground for a full day, you can make use of earth's natural ingredients. The stones will be cleansed and renewed if you let the earth absorb all the negative energies they contain.

Hematite Stones

Hematite stones are extremely conductive and have the ability to both absorb and release energy. This is frequently used for this purpose in order to recharge and clean Gemstone Jewelry or gemstones. Simply soak your Gemstone Jewelry for at least two hours in a bowl of hematite tumbling stones. Use a wooden bowl or another natural object as a vessel. This is another risk-free way to recharge your Tanzanite Jewelry because it won't affect the way it looks. You can charge your gemstone more regularly with this strategy.

Crystal Rock

Another stone that may be utilised to refresh and purify your Tanzanite is this one. As further, the rock crystal is helpful in charging your gemstones. It has energising, bolstering, and intensifying qualities. Simply charge your gemstone jewellery by submerging it for at least the same amount of time in a bowl of rock crystal tumbling stones as you did with hematite.

Rice Method

Another natural aid for recharging your Gemstone Jewelry is rice. It is believed that rice balances the earth because it has balanced powers. It is thought to contain the powers of the sun and the ground, which it can use to clean and replenish your gemstone. Any unbalanced energy is absorbed so that your crystal can revert to its fundamental frequency. It is both feminine and masculine, or yin and yang, because of the energies of the ground and the sun. It aims to restore your crystal to its natural state by balancing any unchecked feminine or masculine energy. Because rice has the capacity to absorb energy that is out of balance, it can realign your crystal to its fundamental frequency.  


You should wear a piece of this stunning blue Tanzanite Jewelry in your life now that you know how to clean your jewelry when it gets dirty, how to preserve it for lifespan, and how to recharge your Tanzanite's energy. Style stunning looks and add beauty and positivity to your aura by wearing jewelry made of tanzanites. Rananjay Exports offers the highest quality Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry.