How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry at Home How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry at Home


Sterling silver is an alloy that comprises pure silver and other metal. These additional metals could include zinc, copper, or nickel. Pure silver, on the other hand, is produced entirely of silver. Sterling silver contains 7.2 percent of metals like copper, zinc, or nickel and 95.2 percent pure silver. The Sterling Silver Jewelry is hallmarked with a stamp of 925. Pure Silver contains 99.9 percent of pure silver while sterling silver contains pure silver and other metals. Pure silver is exceedingly soft, which makes working with it very challenging. The sterling silver is comparatively hard and simpler to work with due to the inclusion of other metals like copper, nickel, and zinc. The presence of these metals in sterling silver are also the cause of tarnishing.

The reaction between silver and oxygen or sulphur causes sterling silver to tarnish. The chemical bonding that occurs makes the silver look stained or discoloured. Due to copper's reactivity, your Sterling Silver Jewelry may appear unclean or dull. Copper fades over time when it is exposed to oxygen, salt, and moisture. Silver also turns black as a result of the burning of fossil fuels. Because of this, maintaining the sparkle of your spectacular pieces and making them timeless pieces requires regular cleaning of your sterling silver jewellery. Using simple steps you could easily cleanse your sterling silver jewelry at home. These easy methods would bring back the lost lustre and shine in your Sterling Silver Ring, Sterling Silver Necklace or Sterling Silver Bracelets.

Easy Methods To Clean Your Sterling Silver Jewelry at Home

Clean Your Sterling Silver Jewelry at Home Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry at Home

Using these methods you can easily clean your Sterling Silver Jewelry. Cleaning it at regular intervals would ensure the longevity of your Gemstone Jewelry. Some of the methods listed below may be quite harsh for jewelry items containing gemstones and may result in damage, thus it is suggested to avoid contact with Gemstones. Knowing that these techniques are secure, secure, and would clean and help your silver to spark and glow, you may clean your Sterling Silver Jewelry often and regularly.

Polishing Cloth

When tarnishing is not severe, polishing is the most effective solution. You could use the silver cloth that is specially designed for this purpose. Options include non-abrasive cloths, lint-free flannel, and microfiber cloth. Tissue and paper have fibres that could scratch silver, so avoid using them. To prevent the silver from being tarnished, move the cloth in back-and-forth motions that mimic the pattern of the Sterling Silver Jewelry. If you routinely polished your jewelry, your sterling silver pieces would shine.

Soap & Water

One of the most safe methods for cleaning Gemstone Jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry is this one. You'll need a bowl filled with warm water and a mild soap. To ensure that the soap does no harm, it should be phosphate- and ammonia-free. Apply the solution to your Sterling Silver Jewelry using a soft brush after mixing it. Silver is susceptible to scratching, so just softly rub. Wash your silver under running water or with a clean, damp cloth after using this solution. After that, use a microfiber cloth to dry the item. We advise you to use this method first before attempting any other.

Baking Soda & Water

You'll need a soft brush, water, and baking soda for this method. Make a paste by combining baking soda and water. Use a brush to clean your Sterling Silver Jewelry after applying a little amount of paste. Be gentle and pressure-free when cleaning. More water should be added to your paste to thin it out if you're cleaning sterling silver that has more detail. After cleaning is complete, rinse the item with warm water and dry it with a fresh cloth.

White Vinegar & Baking Soda

This method may be beneficial if your Sterling Silver Jewelry is severely tarnished. By using this technique, you can easily create a mild cleanser that effectively eliminates thick tarnish. Add two spoonfuls of baking soda to one-half cup of white vinegar. After thoroughly mixing, put your jewellery item into the cup. Your sterling silver jewellery must be left in the solution for roughly two to three hours before being washed under running water or with a clean, moist cloth. After that, use a microfiber cloth to dry the item.

Olive Oil & Lemon Juice

1 tablespoon olive oil and 1/2 cup lemon juice should be combined in a big bowl. Next, dunk a little microfiber cloth in the solution using your fingers. Use this dipped cloth to polish your sterling silver, rinse and dry.

How to Prevent Sterling Silver From Tarnishing

How to Prevent Sterling Silver From Tarnishing How to Prevent Sterling Silver From Tarnishing

Following the appropriate safety measures would maintain your Sterling Silver Jewelry brilliant and glistening. If you take these steps, your sterling silver jewelry won't become dirty or lacklustre.

Wear Jewelry Often

Wearing your jewelry frequently will help prevent tarnish on sterling silver pieces. The oils in your skin will keep the silver clean and bright by acting as a cleansing agent. When storing your sterling silver jewelry, you should make sure that no moisture collects on it.

Household Chemicals

We advise you to take off your Sterling Silver Jewelry before performing any home tasks. Your exquisite Sterling Silver Ring, Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Necklace, or elegant Sterling Silver Bracelets will be damaged by the chemicals used in household chores. As the chemicals used can result in tarnishing, dullness, and discolouration. The brilliance of your silver may be damaged by these agents.

Harmful Substances

The exposure to sulphur can cause severe damage to your beautiful gemstone jewelry and is extremely damaging to your silver jewelry.One of the main causes of tarnishing and corrosion is sulphur. Avoid letting your Sterling Silver Jewelry come into touch with anything that contains sulphur, such as mustard, onion, wool, eggs, and mayonnaise.


You should never use skin care or makeup while wearing jewellery. In the precaution list this is the most common mistake that is made while handling jewellery. Your Sterling Silver Jewelry will be damaged by cosmetics, lotions, hairsprays, hair treatments, and perfumes. Your jewellery piece may quickly begin to tarnish if it comes into contact with these materials, which hasten the tarnishing process. You should always wear jewelry when you are done with your makeup and skin care. The final step should be to put on jewelry.

Prevent Exposure

Your Sterling Silver Jewelry may tarnish and appear dull after being exposed to a variety of substances. There are a few items you should avoid if you want to maintain your silver jewelry sparkling and free of corrosion.

Outdoor Activities

Your jewelry could be damaged by any outside activity, including working out, gardening, contact sports, or swimming. Jewelry should never be worn when engaging in these activities. Humidity and sunlight are also damaging to sterling silver.

Right Storage

Sterling silver tarnishes when exposed to oxygen. Silver should be kept in discrete, airtight plastic bags or pouches. Silica pouches are useful for storing jewelry as well. To prevent scratching, the sterling silver necklace and bracelets should be unhooked or unclasped. Ensure that the storage space has low humidity. Keep Sterling Silver Jewelry in a velvet-lined jewelry box to prevent tarnish because the material will help to absorb moisture from the air. Your chunky jewelry pieces need special care and a velvet pouch would ensure no air enters the pouch, keeping your jewelry piece shiny, lustrous and away from tarnish. You could go for the air tight boxes that come with a soft fine lining.

How Often Should You Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Jewelry made of sterling silver that is worn frequently is less likely to tarnish. As your body has natural oils that would polish the gorgeous Gemstone Jewelry pieces and save them from tarnishing. On the other hand, sterling silver jewelry that has been sitting in jewelry boxes or that hasn't been worn in a while is more prone to tarnish. Wearing your Sterling Silver Jewelry on a frequent basis will help prevent corrosion, whether it be your enticing Sterling Silver Ring or your gorgeous Sterling Silver Earrings. Maintaining clean sterling silver jewelry is another essential step to prevent it from tarnishing.

As there is less friction on your more formal pieces, such as your Sterling Silver Necklace and Sterling Silver Bracelets, you will need to polish them more frequently. The items you wear frequently, such as your Sterling Silver Rings and Sterling Silver Pendant, will require cleaning less frequently than the items you save for special occasions. To enjoy your accessories for a longer period of time, you need to learn how to properly clean sterling silver jewelry. We suggest that you regularly clean your jewelry after one to two weeks.


Knowing how to clean Sterling Silver Jewelry simply and restore lost lustre are essential for keeping your sterling silver jewelry looking like new. Taking precautions would ensure that your Sterling Silver Ring, Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Necklace or Sterling Silver Bracelets do not become dull or tarnished. You are now aware of the items you should save your sterling silver jewelry from. Having the knowledge of the best techniques to extend sterling silver's longevity makes this metal jewelry the ideal choice for you. Sterling silver is absolutely gorgeous and has been cherished for many years. You may purchase exquisite Sterling Silver Jewelry and Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry at Rananjay Exports. Here you'll find the highest quality and huge range of designs to choose from.