Maw Sit Sit Jewelry Maw Sit Sit Jewelry

What is Maw Sit Sit?

Maw sit sit, also known as mawsitsit, is a chromium-rich metamorphic rock with a vivid green color that generally has black (or occasionally white) dots, bands, and swirls.

History of Maw Sit Sit Gemstone

History of Maw Sit Sit Gemstone Maw Sit Sit Jewelry History

The late Dr. Edward Gubelin, a Swiss geoscientist, recognized Maw-Sit-Sit in 1963. It was given that name to honor the hamlet in Burma's northwest, where this alluring gem nugget was discovered. Its chemical makeup is very distinctive, just like its original name. It is a gem mostly green with black to black-green color veining.

In contrast to most gemstones, composed of minerals, Maw-sit-sit is believed to be a rock. This gem's composition comprises three distinct minerals—Kosmochlor, albite feldspar, and jadeite—in varying proportions. This attractive gem is recognized as a cousin of jade and is frequently considered a member of the jade family.

Physical Properties of Maw Sit Sit Stone

Physical Properties of Maw Sit Sit Stone Physical Properties of Maw Sit Sit Stone

The only source location for jadeite is Maw-Sit-Sit, which may be found in the Himalayan foothills close to the jadeite mines in Northern Burma. Maw-Sit-Sit only contains one mineral, Kosmochlor, out of all the minerals that make up the substance. About 60% of the area comprises Kosmochlor, while 15% comprises another mineral called chromium. The Mystic Stone's refractive index is between 1.52 to 1.74, and its chemical makeup is a key factor in determining the refractive index. It measures 6-7 on the Mohs scale, with a specific gravity between 2.5 and 3.5. The transparency ranges from transparent to opaque, and the cut is always cabochon.

This alluring gem's energies distribute the off-putting energy from the body and infuse them with uplifting cosmic energies. Maw-Sit-Sit suggests a significant link between the energies of the entire torso and the energies of the cosmos. Additionally, it helps to fortify the connections that enable us to tap into the cosmic forces' uplifting energy. These things must be carefully considered to improve communication skills and tone clarity and bring beneficial circumstances into one's life.

Beliefs Associated With Maw Sit Sit Sterling Silver Jewelry

Beliefs Associated With Maw Sit Sit Sterling Silver Jewelry Beliefs Associated With Maw Sit Sit Sterling Silver Jewelry

According to Chinese culture, wearing Maw Sit Sit Jewelry enhances happiness and fills the spirit with a positive attitude. It also produces a barrier of protection and shields the soul from evil. Along with the exterior relaxation, the stone's resonant green energies also suffuse the inside torso with a calming sensation. The emotions of despair and melancholy are also discharged from the cerebral and emotional torsos. Maw-sit-sit Designer Jewelry is used to discover joy in every circumstance and is known to open the fourth chakra of the spirit with chakra jewelry. It protects the spirit against fevers and heart problems on the physical plane. When faced with stressful circumstances, Maw-sit-sit Ring has the potential to provide soothing energies to the emotional and cerebral torso.

The stone's power relaxes the emotional heart and balances the psychic nerves. In order to maintain the spirit and soul healthy and protected from disease, the therapeutic abilities of the stone replenish their physical energy. In the same way, it attracts affection, and it also evokes terror and astonishment. The stone's green and black-green flecks aid in eradicating guilty and unfavorable feelings. The resonating energy of Maw sit sit jewelry also dispels feelings of defeat and gives one the resolve to fight again and succeed. The likelihood of traveling and having a wonderful weekend is predisposed.

In addition to aiding in the manifestation of wealth, Maw Sit Sit 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry protects the spirit during times of physical disease. In addition to fostering life force energies and aiding in the attraction of love and desire, the stone's green tints have resonance energies that resonate with the human body. A gem nugget's green color attracts your romantic spirit and emotional heart to love you deeply.

In the later stages of life, it also strengthens faithfulness to arouse the desire for love. For professionals to succeed in their careers, Maw-sit-sit Jewelry also offers support. As a sign of faith, it also serves as a teacher. The enticing gem's energies also improve sexual strength and talents. It also gives a source of strength to deal with life's jarring turns.

Healing Properties of Maw Sit Sit Gem

Healing Properties of Maw Sit Sit Gem Healing Properties of Maw Sit Sit Gem

Maw-sit-sit Custom Jewelry links the energy of the spirit and soul with the energies of Mother Nature. Bears a deep connection between the aura and inner self of the cleric and the Earth. Both energies assist in calming the emotional and intellectual torso and give the capacity to comprehend the divine purpose of life and the pleasant reception of nature. It speculates as a gem that maintains the soul protected against ongoing stress and strain since it is a keeper of anchoring energies. Additionally, it protects the soul from contaminating elements. Stones with green undertones encourage both physical and financial progress. To develop and let go of harmful emotions, the stone's energies also support boosting the torso's general vitality. Along with dream work, it also strengthens cerebral growth to unlock buried psychic potential.

In addition to assisting in the treatment of rosacea and eczema, maw-sit-sit stone on the physical ground also aids in the treatment of heart and skin conditions. Intellectually, it muses about ways to calm the choleric and comfort the worried mind. The stone's energies also support the restoration of love and calming tense relationships. It is a gem that stimulates the Heart chakra and works by dispersing old scars to repair the emotional heart and the damaged emotions. Additionally, it energizes the desire to maintain a calm mind and appreciate the beauty of the environment.

Physical Healing

Maw Sit Sit Physical Healing Physical Healing of Maw Sit Sit Gem

The maw-sit-sit bracelet, a powerful emotional healer jewelry, can restore health to the body's internal organs and strengthen the body as a whole. Influential gemstone Maw-sit-sit also removes impurities from the mental and emotional torsos and filters pollutants from the physical torso. In addition to the spleen, it also addresses renal diseases. In addition to healing the adrenal glands, it removes impurities and maintains the proper balance of bodily fluids.

Maw Sit Sit Jewelry maintains the body's water balance and keeps the psychic in tip-top shape. Injured joints and bones, particularly the hip bone, are also healed by it. Bacterial infections can be treated with maw-sit-sit too. In addition to treating bedwetting, it was believed to treat genito-urinary infections.

The Maw-sit-sit pendant also retains uplifting energies and cures skeletal structures and cells to envelop the physical body positively. Maw-sit-sit also relieves cramping and aids in the healing process following surgery. It also treats female reproductive problems.

Emotional Healing

Maw Sit Sit Emotional Healing Emotional Healing of Maw Sit Sit Gem

Maw-sit-sit is frequently referred to as a dream gem that aids in letting go of negative ideas and calming the mind. It also integrates the cerebral torso to inspire new ideas for financial progress while balancing the individuality of a spirit. Wearing Maw Sit Sit Necklace also helps to calm the emotional heart and aids in making decisions that will lead to a brighter future. Casting Jewelry made of Maw sit sit also encourages the desire to have happier lives in the future by allowing us to reflect on our wonderful times. By soothing the troubled heart, this stone's energies and green color aid in achieving the desired results.

Maw-sit-sit earrings release the limitations one has placed on oneself due to recognizing one's past wrongs; it enables the soul to live freely and appreciate every moment. It also aids in making all of life's dreams come true and creating joyful realities. The stone's resonant energies increase confidence and morale to deal with life's ups and downs. In addition to balancing the dysfunctional kinships, Maw-sit-sit Handmade Jewelry also helps to preserve harmony in the atmosphere around it.

Spiritual Healing

Maw Sit Sit Spiritual Healing Spiritual Healing of Maw Sit Sit Gem

To lead a healthy existence, Maw-sit-sit Jewelry, a keeper of green color energies, considers an amazing harmonizer that aligns the torso generally and the chakras. It also offers the capacity to forge powerful bonds with divine energy. Furthermore, the vibrating energies of the stone's greenish tones help us rediscover our rhythm and maintain the environment's balance. It also tends to disperse the unwelcome energies and balance the yin and yang energy of the soul, allowing one to communicate with their spiritual self. It also awakens a psychic skill that has been dormant, allowing one to connect with supernatural forces and direct one's energy toward enlightenment. The emotional torso's bad energies are also released by it, and it aids in reaching the greatest stage of meditation necessary for realizing one's divine nature.

Maw-sit-sit Customize Jewelry enables one to confront the outcomes and let go of the sense of defeat so that they may fight back with renewed vigor. The stone's energies also support development and rejuvenation while helping prevail under challenging situations. By producing magically enjoyable moments along life's journey, it is a diamond nugget that enhances the nobility of the spirit. The soul can also work on its spiritual activity with its assistance.

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Maw Sit Sit is a precious stone with all-pervasive beauty and may elevate one's quality of life and general well-being. Its energy helps people become happier and healthier physically and mentally, strengthen their bonds with others, work more effectively as a team, and attract luck and all the finest things in life. If you are also looking for a captivating collection of Maw Sit Sit Jewelry along with Zodiac Sign Jewelry, Sea Life Jewelry, and Alphabet Jewelry, then you are on the correct page Rananjay Exports, a Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer & Supplier serving the jewelry industry since 2013.