Were you tired of the negative thoughts and news after the covid pandemic? Want to witness something for natural protection and bring positive energies? You are absolutely at the right place. Libyan desert glass is the stone that is exactly something you're looking for. It is the stone that has won the people's hearts since ancient times and is even in more demand in the present times. So let us know about this magnificent stone in detail.

Let us First know about The Properties of The Libyan Desert Glass Stone.

The Libyan desert glass jewelry is a yellow-golden hued with the universal powers providing the protection that one requires, uniting the soul with the world. The yellow color stone is so pure that it has magical power, which is very useful for people who want to strengthen their will. The golden rays of this stone have powerful spiritual energy showing significant vibrations. Apart from the yellow color, the stones are also available in milky or bubbly yellow, and even some crystals have a dark band and swirls of brownish material. The dark areas are melted celestial bodies preserved in the meteor glass.

Let's bind into The History and The Formation of The Stone.

The Libyan desert glass stone is tektite; scientists exhibited that these crystals result from the meteoric activity that docked on the earth and created the severe impact that those elements and particles were sent flying back into the atmosphere. Then they re-entered to the earth, and the elements morphed into the type of material that rained down to the earth in the specific area.

The Libyan desert glass meaning denotes to the place where it was discovered in the year 1932 officially by the western scientist. However, they came from the desert of Egypt over 28.5 Million years ago, and the people of the Sahara desert knew this for thousands of years. The origin of the Libyan desert glass stone is a mystery that has created a lot of curiosity among gem lovers. There are varied theories regarding the origin of this glass.

These crystals are found in the area in the eastern Sahara, in the desert of the eastern Libyan, and in the Western desert of Egypt. However, the ancient Egyptians used these crystals in the form of jewelry for many years to magnify their grace. Therefore, collecting these celestial objects is incredibly popular as these stone fragments are found over an area of ten square kilometers.

These stones were so sheer that they were used to make tools during the Pleistocene and to adorn the king's Tut royal pectoral dressing. The Libyan desert glass stone is also known as the Libyan Gold Tektite, as this stone embodies the vibration of the golden ray within them. It is actually the powerful spiritual energy it has.

Before moving towards the Libyan desert glass healing properties, let us know the Libyan desert glass metaphysical properties.

Metaphysical Properties - The Essential Things to Know

The Libyan desert glass is named after the Libyan desert, and it was called 'the rock of the god' by the Egyptians. However, this stone was known to pre-historic women. The crystal takes the healing powers from nature, and it was also given the name as the 'great Sand Sea glass'. The Libyan desert glass stone crystal is a semi-translucent to semi-transparent stone in appearance and shows an alluring vitreous luster with 1.46 as the refractive index. The astonishing stone has gas bubbles of varied shapes, and sometimes, the grains are also found on the surface. It has been classified under the mineraloid, and it shows the amorphous natural glass crystallography. Now, let's move towards the benefits of Libyan desert glass.

The Fascinating Advantage which The Stone Provides

The bundle of healing properties in one stone which could be best worn in the form of Libyan Desert Glass Ring. This yellow-golden crystal has the capability to calm down irritable bowel syndrome and helps in accomplishing protection against energy vampires. Moreover, it is one of the most influential stones for physical healing, as it allows the wearer to heighten their mental powers, developing their logical reasoning and memorizing in a fantastic way.

Apart from healing the human body's immune system, the Libyan Glass Desert Pendant can help keep away the negative thoughts and feelings, inviting happiness in the life of the wearer. It enables the wearer to extend their willpower and ascertainment. Along with that, it is extremely helpful for the professions which involve creativity. The crystal will bring sympathy and humanity in the behavioral aspects, filling the mind with kind and gentle thoughts. In addition, holding or wearing this stone while meditating will help in connecting with the spiritual concepts. It even helps in exploring past life and learning lessons from them. The wearer can have an incredible experience while meditating with this stone.

Pairing it with Sterling Silver Jewelry

The Libyan desert glass earrings look fabulous when it is set into sterling silver jewelry. As silver jewelry has its own beauty and healing benefits, the wearer can take advantage of both; the stone and the silver metal. This jewelry will arouse the conscious side and ensure that goals are achieved, especially in terms of prosperity, as it attracts wealth into the wearer's life. The person owning this exquisite jewelry can flaunt wearing a Libyan desert glass necklace, as this necklace will take everyone's attention wherever they go. Whether going for the red carpet event or wearing it daily, the Libyan desert glass rings are a perfect fit for every occasion. These crystals will enhance the person's willpower. Wearing this stone will make them very confident to present themself everywhere.

Determining The Real Libyan Desert Glass

As everyone adores this lovely stone, and due to the high demand, there are a lot of people selling the imitation stone. You need to be very aware before buying these stones. Here are some tips which you can keep in mind before purchasing these stones, and you can tell these points to your customers to build confidence.

  • Although the yellow color stone comes in various shades, from a very pale yellow to dark yellow, this depends on the minerals trapped inside them during the formation of the stone. However, it should always be near this yellow color, and if you find some other color Libyan desert glass stone, it would be a fake stone. 

  • The Libyan desert glass bracelet or any kind of jewelry would always have the smooth, frosted matte luster because the stone has been tumbled around the desert sand for millions of years. So if you find the machine-polished glass that seems very shiny tone, don't go further for it.

  • While buying the jewelry, never compromise with the quality, and never run for the cheap jewelry, the real Libyan desert glass stone has average monetary value. In addition, the stone has air bubbles trapped inside it. So you can buy the stone which has a bubble and has the average price value.

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