Trending Gemstone Rings Trending Gemstone Rings

Styling the perfect jewelry ornament with the ideal outfit can do wonders. An outfit is incomplete without some eye-catching jewelry pieces, as they have the power to enhance the simplest of outfits and make women look fabulous. Moreover, when it comes to the exclusive rings collection, damn! Women are literally crazy about it!

Whether it is a cocktail party or a formal business meeting, the gemstone ring has the glory inside it to make everything go smoothly. Gemstones have energy inside them, and the best way to take their advantages is to wear them in the form of a ring, as most people prefer this. Furthermore, from engagement to the signet, they have a special significance and meaning. People flaunt wearing these gemstones over all their social media. The pops of color give a chic appearance, which is one of the main reasons for loving these gemstones.

However, there are thousands of gemstone and their designs available in the market, but it is essential to choose the best and the most demanding gemstone for your stock. Because it is always great when you don't have dead stock, it is a sign of a successful business. So, here we are giving you the detailed properties of the gemstones, from their metaphysical to their healing properties. Read the blog till the end and understand the stone's depth and choose them wisely.

Which gemstones are the highest selling? And Why?

highest selling gemstones Trending Gemstone Rings


Moonstone Moonstone

The exquisite Moonstone belongs to the feldspar mineral family and is formed of Albite and Orthoclase. It is one of the most important members of the feldspar mineral family. Majorly, it is found in the blue sheen. Apart from that, it is also available in yellow, grey, pink, peach, cream, white and multi-color. Ancient believe that they are the moonbeam that has fallen to the earth from the above atmosphere. Furthermore, they have the energy of the goddess Diana, which will bless the wearer in every possible way. Let us learn about its healing properties in more detail.

Healing Energies of Moonstone

Healing energies of Moonstone Healing energies of Moonstone

One of the fascinating gemstone moonstones has striking luminescence with a unique vibrational frequency. Each stone possesses energies. Wearing moonstone jewelry helps in balancing the emotional states, relaxing a person's mind and body. Moreover, it inspires creativity. Hence, the artist prefers it the most. In addition, it supports wisdom and provides knowledge to make decisions, opening a person's intuition ability. The best way to wear this stone is in the form of a moonstone ring, as it will increase the confidence and willingness to take action.

Notable for The June Babies

Moonstone rings are gifted to loved ones born in the month of June, primarily to soulmates, as it has the ability to bring the energies of love and positivity. It is the birthstone of the June babies; everything seems to be very good when they wear it. For the children, this stone will allow them to concentrate on their studies and perform well and become allrounder. However, it is a healing stone, as anyone can take its benefits.

Where is This Stone Found?

The best variety of moonstones comes from Bihar, India. Apart from that, it is also found in Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Germany, and Switzerland. However, the multi-color moonstones are only found in India.

These Stones are Even Recharged

Do you know that keeping these stones under the moonlight on the full moon day helps them get a recharge and get their shine back? Isn't it amazing! Why wouldn't people won't buy this gemstone? They can make the jewelry look like a new piece anytime they want. So, collecting the moonstones would be an ideal choice.


Larimar Larimar

The Caribbean stone Larimar is a rare gemstone that is known for its unique properties. It belongs to the pectolite mineral and is exclusively found in the Dominican Republic. These stones denote the water and sky and stand out from other gems through their remarkable properties. This stone is most desirable as it has an intense blue color with a white bubble over the surface. Continue reading the blog to know more about its formation and healing properties.

Formation of Larimar

Larimar gemstone is only found in one place in the whole world. Millions of years ago, when the volcanic eruption occurred, the traces of the Larimar were trapped in the mountains, and one day due to an earthquake, the mountains broke down and tumbled into the Caribbean sea. It was the year 1974 when a priest found some stones near the seashore of the Caribbean sea. He was his father Miguel Mendez, and then he sent these stones to the lab for testing; there, it was recognized as a semi-precious gemstone. Furthermore, it was even named after Mendez's daughter. Larissa was her name, so Lari was added with the word mar. Mar means water in Spanish, as it was found near the water.

Healing Properties of Larimar

Healing properties of Larimar Healing properties of Larimar

The alluring Larimar is the stone of serenity, as this gemstone wards off worries and ameliorates the mind, body, and soul. Larimar ring is often worn every day by people as it helps to reduce the workload and pressure, allowing the person to complete everything without fail. In addition, it enhances the person physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Carrying the Larimar will provide its gentle energy, which will relieve anxiety and inflammation. It also helps resolve the problem of joint pain and congestion if kept over the affected area. Apart from this, wearing the larimar ring keeps the person away from a panic attack, and depression controls the problems related to anger and suffering from phobias. The best fact about the Larimar is that it is not connected with any zodiac sign; anyone can wear this gemstone. But it resonates with the vital balance of energies for the one born between February 19 to March 19. Therefore, they can take advantage of this stone in a better way.

Styling with Larimar

A Larimar statement ring can be paired with a professional dress while going to the workplace, as it makes the women look elegant and bold. It glams up her aura and makes her confident. Moreover, it will increase the efficiency of working, allowing the person to give their best. Never miss on this stone, as it is a favorite of many professional women.


Moldavite Moldavite

The ever-green and actually green stone Moldavite is a must-add beauty for your collection. These extremely beautiful gemstones are mixtures of aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, and metal oxides with an amorphous crystal structure. They have landed on the earth in the form of comets and meteoroids around 14.8 million years ago. Therefore, they are called extraterrestrial gems, tektites, or natural glass, which are exclusively found in the Czech Republic. Keep reading to know more about this gemstone.

How Does Moldavite Appear

Moldavite ranges from light olive green to dark forest green color, and it comes in various cuts and polishes. Moreover, it can be transparent or translucent with a mossy accentuated by bubbles of reddish-brown color. They usually have a rough surface and can never be soft because they are formed under various heat conditions.

Meaning of Moldavite

Moldavite means the holy grail stone, with high vibration and intense frequency. The stone is called as the stone of transformation, as they are a gift to humanity, helping them to rise above their current state. It is even used for healing rituals of the earth chakra. They bring a lot of positivity with them.

Healing Properties of Moldavite

Healing properties of Moldavite Healing properties of Moldavite

Moldavite jewelry is a high-frequency stone that balances the heart chakra and opens the third eye. Wearing the Moldavite ring brings positive vibes, protecting the person from the evil eye. It is one of the most sought-after gems that is loved by gem enthusiasts. In addition, meditating with this gem allows reaching the heights of spirituality. It even makes people responsible for maintaining their overall fitness. In simple words, it helps to re-discover their ability of oneself and make them do their work professionally. The ones born between April 20 – May 20 are lucky enough, as Moldavite jewelry is extremely lucky for them as it will enhance the quality of reliability and patience. Moldavite rings can be worn for fulfilling imaginations, particularly for initiating any fresh venture. It will let the individual work straightforwardly, taking their knowledge to the elevations of conquest.

Fashion and Moldavite

Many women wear moldavite rings to parties or events like red carpet or black tie. The ring creates a different ambiance, as everyone at the party would be staring at the ring. It makes the women stand out and become show-stealers. You would have seen many girls wearing the moldavite ring with a hot dress at cocktail parties. They get the attention of the crowd, which is actually their motive. So, make sure you add this gemstone to your stock.


Opal Opal

The prettiest gemstone Opal is one of the most asked gemstones, as this gemstone has won the hearts of many people all across the world. This is because it has a play of color that no other stone has, which is the main reason behind its demand. Opal jewelry has something which leaves everyone staring. It is the stone that tells us how beautiful we can be from inside after wearing this gemstone. The ones born in the month of October are lucky enough, as it is their birthstone, which comes in a myriad of white colors with a colorful sheen.

Stone With Power and Beauty

Opal is the stone that provides beauty and power together, and people are actually very obsessed with it. The best example of this is that it was the favorite gemstone of Queen Victoria. She has worn this gemstone for its beauty, and she believes that this gemstone has protected her Queensland from evil eyes. It is the perfect way of celebrating life. Moreover, it is one of the rare stones which is found outside space than on earth. Yes, traces of opals were found on the planet Mars. However, Australia is the national capital of opal. Let us learn in more depth about this gemstone. 

Composition of Opal

The best variety of Opal is found in Ethiopia; they have fire and are one of the highest-selling gemstones. Moreover, they are a hydrated amorphous form of silica and water. Therefore, they are soft gemstones in comparison to other gems, ranging between 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale hardness.

Benefits of Wearing The Opals

Benefits of wearing the Opals Benefits of wearing the Opals

Almost all famous jewelry seller has a variety of opal jewelry with them, as it is one of the most trending gemstone not only for beauty but for its healing energies. So, let us know how this gemstone heals humans.

The aesthetic charm of opal jewelry is ruled by the planet Venus which symbolizes the luxuries and worldly desires of the native. Therefore wearing opal rings will bring good fortune by elevating the financial conditions and maintaining the social lifestyle.

In addition, the Opal ring has the ability to bring the energy of love by stimulating the sense of harmony and creating mutual understanding. Even in many countries, it is used for an engagement ring, as it will always remind a couple of their love for each other.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Add the exclusive patterns of Opal rings to your collection to upgrade your wardrobe collection. Never doubt while buying this gemstone, as it is a lucky stone, and moreover, your stock would be cleared super fast, and no dead stock would be left. So, add this stone to your wishlist and make sure you buy it.


Turquoise Turquoise

The renowned blue stone, Turquoise, is the star sign of Sagittarius babies, which is governed by the month of December. Turquoise is basically the opaque, light to dark blue with a greenish tint color stone. It has narrow veins of brown, black, or yellowish-brown in color, which forms an intricate pattern called a spider web. The turquoise jewelry can be seen worn by many people in the form of rings or bracelets. They have the power to bring good fortune to the wearer's life, and people wear them for their healing. Read more about its healing properties in detail.

The History of Turquoise

Turquoise was first brought to Europe from Iranian mines through Turkey. However, it is a French word that means the Turkish stone. It is one of the oldest gemstones mined and the only stone after which the color has been named officially. Many kings and Queens have worn this gemstone in their crowns to protect themself from negative energies. Even soldiers have worn the turquoise stone while going to the war, as this gemstone is an amulet for guarding the life of its wearer.

How Turquoise Heals

How Turquoise heals How Turquoise heals

Wearing the Turquoise rings brings good luck, healing the old wounds. It can make life easy, as it brings prosperity into the life of the wearer, allowing them to focus on their work effectively. It even provides courage to the mind and soul to make tough decisions in life. In addition, it is associated with the Throat Chakra, enabling the person to communicate well with others. Moreover, it will convey the feeling of peace and tranquility.

The Turquoise ring can be worn on a daily basis, as it renders its impact in becoming a better version of oneself; the stone provides strength by regenerating the thoughts and behavior which can be seen through actions. Furthermore, it is a purification stone, which wards off all bad habits and allows the person to work with truthfulness.

Varieties of Turquoise

Varieties of Turquoise Varieties of Turquoise

The Turquoise stone comes in more than 30 varieties, but out of them, the three best and hottest-selling are Oyster, Copper, and Tibetan Turquoise. You must check out these turquoise varieties and upgrade your collection.

Why Us?

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