Types of Quartz Stone Types of Quartz Stone


Even if you have little interest in jewelry and you know very little about the different gemstones, one gemstone that you would have undoubtedly heard of is quartz. Quartz is one of the many sought-after and widely known gemstones out there in this world. The best part about quartz is, they are abundantly available on earth, which is why they are affordable. Also, it comes in a wide variety of colors, which is why it is used a lot in making different types of jewelry. Through the help of this blog, we will take a look at the different types of quartz stone. But first, let us answer the basic question about quartz, which is, what is quartz?

What is Quartz?

What is Quartz What is Quartz

Quartz is a mineral that is widely distributed all across the world. It is found in various varieties all of which are composed primarily of silica, or silicon dioxide (SiO2). Impurities such as sodium, lithium, titanium, and potassium may be present in a given specimen of quartz crystal in minor amounts. The name quartz is of German origin and was coined by Georgius Agricola in the year 1530. On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, Quartz stone ranks at 7, which makes it tougher than knives and steel nails.

The use of quartz is not just limited to jewelry – it is a stone that has great economic importance. For instance, Sandstone, which is comprised mainly of quartz, is an important stone used in the construction of many buildings. Silica sand, which is also known as quartz sand, is used in manufacturing ceramics and glass. It is also used in the form of abrasive in sandpaper as crushed quartz. These are just a few uses of quartz outside the field of jewelry making – if you go online and explore the world of quartz, you will find tons of uses of quartz crystal.

Now, let us discuss the different types of quartz stone.

Different Types of Quartz Stone

Different Types of Quartz Stone Different Types of Quartz Stone

Crystal Quartz

Crystal quartz is a colorless and pure variety of silica mineral. Also known as “clear quartz” and “rock crystals”, crystal quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found on earth. It is perfect for jewelry purposes, especially in the form of beads, and faceted gems, and it is also used in luxurious Swiss watches. Because of its sparkling nature, crystal quartz is a great yet affordable alternative to diamond.

Aside from the use of crystal quartz in jewelry, it is also used in hardstone carvings and decorative objects such as lamps and chandeliers. You can even find synthetic crystal quartz in the market, which are hydrothermally lab-grown. What happens in the case of synthetic crystal quartz is scientists replicate the conditions that occur in the natural formation of crystal quartz to produce flawless specimens. Chemically, they are the same as their natural counterparts. You can easily differentiate between a natural and a synthetic specimen of crystal quartz – most synthetic crystal quartz will be inclusion-free.

Crystal quartz is also nicknamed “Master Healer” and “Universal Crystal” because of the healing properties this stone possesses. Historically, crystal quartz has been used to perform healing, connect with good spirits, and ward off black magic. In the Middle Ages, this stone was chiseled into crystal balls for divination purposes.

Talking about the healing properties of this beautiful stone, it does not matter whether you are burdened by negative emotions, spiritual anguish, or bodily pain, crystal quartz has the ability to cleanse you inside and out. It is said that crystal quartz jewelry strengthens your immune system, restores energy levels, and gives a boost to vitality and vigor. When it comes to spiritual healing, this impressive stone has the power to cleanse and balance all seven chakras.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is another variety of quartz stone that is known for its beautiful pink color and its connection to unconditional love in the spiritual community. Since astrologically, rose quartz is connected to the planet Venus, and Venus rules the zodiac signs of Libra and Taurus, rose quartz is considered to be the zodiac stone for Taurus and Libra.

Chemically, rose quartz is a type of quartz stone that is a form of macrocrystalline quartz. The blush pink color of rose quartz is due to fibrous, microscopic inclusions of a borosilicate mineral known as dumortierite. Rose quartz can showcase optical effects such as asterism, blue Tyndall scattering, pleochroism, and even cat’s eye chatoyancy at times.

Rose quartz possesses many healing properties. This stone is believed to absorb negativity, feelings of jealousy, and anger, allowing you to vibrate at the frequency of unconditional love. This will also enable you to find true love and lead a more fulfilling and loving life. Not only does this stone promote harmony in all kinds of relationships, but this stone also opens up the heart to new romances by increasing feelings of happiness. Talking about the chakras, rose quartz is one of the best heart chakra stones.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a type of quartz stone that is translucent in nature with black-to-brown coloring. It gets its color as a result of natural irradiation. Talking about the mineral characteristics of smoky quartz, it is a macrocrystalline quartz mineral that generally occurs in shades of black and brown, and sometimes in gray. This stone has excellent grounding qualities, which is why it makes up for the perfect zodiac stone for all Capricorns out there, who tend to be self-critical and cynical at times. Smoky quartz allows Capricorns to stay positive and look at the brighter side of things. Smoky quartz is also the traditional birthstone for November babies.

Smoky quartz has been used as a healing stone for centuries. The most common uses of smoky quartz are to ground, protect, and cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. Physically, this stone is believed to detoxify the body and protect its user from all types of illnesses. It is also believed that wearing smoky quartz jewelry can cure headaches and menstrual cramps. This stone also helps the body absorb important vitamins and minerals better.

Rainbow Quartz

The creation of Rainbow quartz happens through an electrostatic process, where crystal quartz stones are bonded along with precious metals such as gold, platinum, titanium, or silver. As these precious metals attach to the surface of the crystal quartz, it creates rainbow quartz which is a high-vibrational crystal that has the ability to work on all of the 7 chakras at once.

Basically, in this electrostatic process, the crystal quartz stone is treated with chemical vapor deposition or CVD so as to attach a layer of platinum, silver, or any other similar precious metal to the quartz at high temperatures. The result is a beautiful iridescent layer that is highly reflective and reflects many spectrums of light. Other names of this stone are rainbow aura quartz, aura quartz, rainbow titanium quartz, mystic quartz, and aurora quartz.

Talking about the healing properties of this stone, rainbow quartz is believed to be a master healer among all the different types of quartz stones. This great combination of precious metal and quartz balances all the seven chakras of the body, from the root chakra to the crown chakra. As you wear rainbow quartz jewelry, you will feel your chakras getting unblocked and becoming aligned. Physically, rainbow quartz is believed to cure migraines, headaches, nausea, and vertigo. If you have trouble going to the office in the morning because of morning sickness, then try rainbow quartz jewelry – it will calm down your morning sickness.

Blue Quartz

Blue quartz stone is unique since it can be found in artificial as well as natural forms. This type of quartz stone is known as dumortierite, which is a fibrous blue-colored aluminum boro-silicate mineral. It is considered to be a rare variety of quartz with vitreous silky luster. Most of the mines of Blue quartz are located in Peru. Typically, blue quartz occurs near large water bodies, and because it has a brilliant blue hue, it goes by the nickname “petrified water”.

Blue quartz is believed to possess many healing qualities. Above all, this stone is said to be a great detoxifier, which detoxifies not only your body but also your consciousness. As a throat chakra stone, blue quartz heals the throat and the thyroid. Mentally, blue quartz allows the wearer to be a better communicator. It also sharpens your presence of mind, allowing you to be more street-smart in your day-to-day events. To receive maximum benefits out of this stone, it is recommended that you wear it in the form of blue quartz jewelry, such as a pendant or a ring.

Lemon Quartz

Lemon quartz is a naturally occurring derivative of quartz. It is formed when yellow quartz or amethyst is heated at extreme temperatures with iron minerals, resulting in the yellow quartz or amethyst getting a lemony tinge. In the process of formation of lemon quartz, extreme temperature oxidizes the iron mineral, giving the quartz crystal a unique lemon shade. If you are a February baby, then we have good news for you – lemon quartz is an alternative February birthstone that you can wear in place of amethyst.

When it comes to the healing properties of this stone, lemon quartz is generally used to heal digestive-related ailments and improve brain functions. It also tends to increase the metabolism and improve gut health by allowing your gut to develop healthy bacteria. Since our gut health is connected with our mood and sense of well-being, it can indirectly bring improvement in your mood and heal you in case you have mood swings. If you have ADHD, ADD, or symptoms of hyperactivity, then try wearing lemon quartz jewelry – it will improve your brain functions and make you more focused on the tasks you perform.

Green Tourmaline Quartz

Green tourmaline quartz also goes by the name “verdelite”. It is a well-known gemstone for its vibrant green color. The green color of this stone is because of the presence of iron in trace amounts. Two specimens of green tourmaline quartz may not show the same shade of green – the green color of a particular specimen depends on the concentration of iron present in the crystal. The exceptional transparency of Green tourmaline quartz is because it is formed in pegmatite veins. The color of this crystal can range from yellowish or pale green to emerald green.

This stone has many healing properties, and it is associated with wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Green tourmaline quartz stone is believed to harmonize the energy of the wearer, allowing him to have more energy and vigor. It also attracts career and business-related opportunities for the wearer. Last but not least, as a heart chakra stone, this stone fills the user with vibrations of unconditional love and heals negative energies such as that of a broken heart.


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