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Blue Agate Jewelry

Blue Agate Jewelry

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29 Item(s)

Blue Agate - A Stone of Calmness 

Blue Agate, a stunning variety of agate family is filled with marvelous properties and unique characteristics. The blue color in your agate represents a sense of calmness and coolness and has similar effects on a person’s life. It is believed to lower down the heart rate, relax breathing, maintain blood pressure, and lower down the body temperature.  It generally has layers of dark blue, white, and even brown color in it. It has been used to make a variety of astonishing jewelry pieces for a long time and holds various beliefs with it for a long time. People at earlier times used to wear Blue Agate Ring to protect themselves from the evil eye and their enemies. Blue Agate meaning was associated with its use as an amulet for protection from any threat and is still famed for its unique characteristics till now.

The gemstone is extraordinary as it is directly obtained from nature and helps the wearer connect with its environment and grow ideally. Every stone is different from others, which makes it most suitable to be a part of your life as it is one of a kind. Wearing Blue Agate Bracelet provides you a better sense of direction in your life.

Powers of Blue Agate

There are various beliefs associated with Blue Agate Healing Properties. Because of the presence of the blue color, it is known to activate the Throat chakra which enhances your communication skills and the way you put your thoughts out in front of others. It improves your relationships with others when you openly express your thoughts and feelings. Wear a Blue Agate Pendant as it remains close both to your throat and heart and allows its vibrations to enter directly and intensify its powers. The third eye chakra helps you connect with yourself and achieve a new level in understanding yourself better so that you connect with higher realms properly. It improves the creativity and artistic side of a person and brings out the best in her.

Get Summer-Ready

The stone has a strange ability to make you feel like summer and will definitely make others feel the same when you will flaunt Blue Agate Necklace on your neckline or a pendant set in 925 sterling silver chain.

You can simply add jewelry of this stone to your summer collection as well and watch how it turns out to be a great head turner. The fact that the color of the Blue Agate gemstone represents uniqueness and royalty, it is must-have jewelry in your collection. You can even start by adding a pair of Blue Agate Earrings to your collection as it can easily match up with your outfit.

Purchasing Blue Agate Jewelry at Rananjay Exports

Whether it’s purchasing Blue agate Gemstone jewelry or any other jewelry designs that you are looking for, Rananjay is the most trusted Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and supplier based in India. Here you get a marvelous collection of Labradorite, Turquoise, Libyan, and much more at a single platform with an ample number of jewelry designs that are made just for you.  Our professional artisans make it sure that every gem used in the process has all the qualities like cut, shine, clarity, and durability. Only the selected and premium gems are chosen to make the best jewelry designs for you. 

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