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Amazonite Rings

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Amazonite Ring: The Stone of Hope

Amazonite is a type of potassium feldspar belonging to the Microcline mineral family and comes in purple, grey, green, and blue hues. It typically has a greenish-blue shade. The ancient Egyptians made beautiful jewelry, ornamental items, and essential texts from the precious mineral rock known as amazonite. Amazonite is also referred to as the "Amazon stone" because it is believed to have been found in the Brazilian Amazon River Basin. However, Amazonite is not found there; it can be found in other regions of Colorado, Virginia, and Brazil in the Madagascar, Australia, and United States. It's a stone that encourages the spirit of inner fortitude, heightened intention, and a dedication to using a positive outlook to achieve your goals.

Amazonite is a magnificent tool that can improve calmness and clarity of mind. While an Amazonite crystal has many emotional and psychological healing properties, it can also treat physical illnesses. Additionally, amazonite stimulates potent mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing processes. Any crystal enthusiast who needs to re-center themselves or gather a tumultuous whirlwind of emotions should turn to this delightfully watery stone.

This beautiful gemstone is connected to your heart chakra and promotes love, joy, and optimism in the wearer's life. Amazonite isn't associated with the birthstone chart, but it's worn mainly by babies born between August and September and is a birthstone jewelry for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Aries. It's an excellent stone for connecting to your heart as it builds relationships and friendships. Having Amazonite as their engagement ring is the best option for the one getting married. A Beautiful Amazonite stone ring accented by a sterling silver setting is a treat to your finger.

Real Amazonite Jewellery For An Elegant Look

Due to the color and sheen of Amazonite crystal, almost any type of jewelry will look stunning when made from it.  Almost anything goes well with the color scheme of Amazonite jewelry. When worn on the skin as an Amazonite Ring, Amazonite Bracelet, or Amazonite Pendant, Amazonite jewelry has a magnificent and joyful energy and divine power. You can bring love and positivity into your life by wearing an Amazonite necklace to keep crystal close to your heart. Amazonite rings, and bracelets are elegant ways to wear this mystical stone to adorn any wrist or finger. Amazonite earrings will catch people's attention when you wear simple studs and accessorize your ears.

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