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Ammolite Earrings

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Ammolite Earrings Collection

Ammolite is a one-of-a-kind organic gemstone that was recognized in 1981 by the Colored Gemstone Commission. Ammolite is found in Southern Alberta, Canada, and the gemstone has an extensive connection with indigenous peoples who lived in the area. Ammolite's color spectrum has led to comparisons to the Rainbow and the phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis.

Ammolite Gemstone has stunning brilliant rainbow colors that are sure to take your breath away with its distinctive qualities. It is an exclusive organic gemstone from Southern Alberta, Canada. The jewel's color range has prompted comparisons to the rainbow and the aurora borealis. The gemstone has all seven chakra colors, which has increased its appeal among Feng Shui experts. Because of the large color shift, it seems to be constantly changing, making it adaptable enough to carry on a regular basis.

The Shimmery Colour Beauty of Ammolite Jewellery

When seen from different angles, ammolite shimmers in the light and emits many color tones. Ammolite Necklaces typically show four to five colors with dramatic shifts, making them ideal for wearing to nighttime parties and special occasions. It starts a discussion every time you wear it and produces magic during the evening, much like the evening progression. Its color change occurs depending on the angle of the light, so you may see a spectacular show of color burst when strolling at sunset or a candlelight supper.

The color patterns in Ammolite vary widely. Group-A colors include red, orange, gold, and yellow, whereas Group-B colors include green, and Group-C colors include blue, teal, and purple. The price of Ammolite grows with its brilliance, color shift presence, and color combination on the same gemstone. Unlike other gemstones that are sold by the carat, the value of Ammolite is tied to its look rather than its actual size; this trait makes Ammolite exceedingly wearable, instantly recognizable, and a discussion piece. Ammolite Jewelry may be seen from the opposite side of the campfire!

The Healing Properties of Ammolite

Ammolite is an appealing choice for individuals who want to connect with nature. They have a profound connection with Mother Earth since they are biological gemstones produced from the remains of marine creature shells. Ammolite Healing Properties promotes the free flow of natural energy in your body, allowing you to experience personal growth and development. It bestows luck, money, and health to those who wear it, assisting them in living a wealthy life. You can give your loved ones a magnificent Ammolite earring to make their heart sing and your passionate relationship flourishes with your beloved.

Ammolite is associated with the seven chakras and is a Feng Shui stone. It is said that wearing an Empire Ammolite Ring, Bracelet, Earring, or Necklace improves one's Chi. Ammolite is believed to grant good health, luck, and prosperity.

People still seek ammolite for its metaphysical powers of healing and good luck, as well as an excellent stone for meditation since it is considered to transmit beneficial Earth energies.

What Distinguishes Ammolite from Other Gemstone Jewellery

The color patterns you may see range from red, orange, gold, yellow, and green. Blue, teal, and purple, on the other hand, are quite rare. Unlike other gemstones, ammolite's value is determined by its physical appearance rather than its carat weight. The price of this gem rises with its brilliance, color shift presence, and color mix on the same stone. This distinguishes it from other gemstone jewelry and makes it quite popular among jewelry fans. However, because Ammolite Earrings and other accessories are relatively fragile in nature, you have to show great care when handling them. The gemstone has a Mohs hardness of roughly 3.5, which means it is readily scratched or damaged. Direct contact with scent, heat, acid, or hairspray can irreversibly harm the stone. To keep its sheen, clean it on a regular basis using a moist, soft, non-abrasive cloth.

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