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Australian Opal Doublet Jewelry

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Australian Opal Doublet Jewelry

Australian Opal Doublet Gemstones are the slices of opal glued to a black backing, designed to imitate the appearance of a solid opal. The slices of opal are generally adhered to a black backing because the color tends to become much darker and vibrant with its unique placement. However, the costing of the stones is comparatively much lesser than the original ones because of the small amount of genuine opal.

What is a an Australian Opal Doublet?

A doublet Opal consists of two layers adhered together which is -

  • A black backing made of black industrial glass, colorless opal, hard plastic, brown ironstone and sometimes vitrolite.
  • A thin slice of genuine opal in between. The edges of the opal slice is generally rounded off to give the stone a cabochon. The thickness of the layers usually varies as per the stone and is provided with a unique look.

How To Identify an Opal Doublet?

You can identify doublets by looking carefully at the side of the opal. If the gem is adhered together, you will be able to spot a line where the colored opal and black backing meets which is perfectly straight. But in some extraordinary cases, some Australian Opal Doublet Jewelry is covered from the sides which makes it really hard even for an expert to tell the difference. Since the top layer of the gem is real opal, therefore it appears natural to a keen eye. You might rely only on a trusted source to help you provide authentic gem and distinguish between a doublet and original gemstone.

Caring Australian Opal Doublet

As the Opal doublets consists of layers which are glued together, you must ensure to keep them with utmost care so they can stay with you for a long time. A prolonged exposure to water may cause lifting between the layers and infiltration of water. This does not indicate that it will get ruined by you wearing it in shower once or caught in the rain. The main damage appears when the water penetrates through the stone and you can visibly notice the appearance of condensation and it takes on a foggy or grey texture.

While cleaning your Sterling Silver Australian Opal Doublet Jewelry you must follow certain guidelines that are safe to ensure their bling. You may wipe your opal with a damp soft cloth and mild detergent while avoiding soaking or immersing it in water. Also the use of any harsh and harmful chemicals, bleach, cleaners in a big no in case of this stone.

Australian Opal Doublet Jewelry

You can confidently flaunt your Australian Opal Doublet Necklace carrying vibrant color on any occasion and wherever you go. The boundary pushing bling of the stone will help you set the stage on fire while exuding some of major fashion style. Get yourself a stunning piece of Australian Opal Doublet Jewelry at Rananjay Exports finely crafted with pure 925 Sterling Silver. Each design is curated keeping the unique needs and lifestyle of each customer.

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