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Azurite Earrings

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Azurite Bracelet: The Stone Of Heaven

Azurite is a beautiful faceted gem with a dark blue hue with 3.7 to 3.9 Mohs in hardness. Azurite can be found in countries like Russia, Australia, China, Morocco, and Chile. However, the famous copper mines in Arizona Bisbee have created some of the most beautiful pieces. Azurite has been regarded as a magical gem for as long as anyone can remember. The wearer’s third eye chakra and head chakras are opened and brought into balance by the stone azurite.

The gem form of azurite is rare, expensive, and truly special. The real blue color of this mineral led F.S. Beaudant to give it that name in 1824. In order to allow those lovely feelings to flow, azurite works as a spiritual cleanser and a Chakra healer to remove barriers from endless power sources. It is considered one of the best stones when getting access to our mental powers. Lucid thinking, astral projection, intuitive meditation, understanding, and inner vision are all things it can help you with.

This gorgeous blue mineral can be used to make beautiful azurite jewelry. Any outfit—casual or formal—can benefit from the color and grace of azurite jewelry. In addition, you can improve your skills and grow into a smart doctor with the help of azurite. Increasing the life force's flow oxygenates the blood and regenerates damaged brain cells.

Authentic Azurite Bracelet for a Classy Look

Azurite jewelry is especially appealing because of its rich color and natural shapes. Azurite jewelry can improve your insight, intelligence, and psychic link. Azurite jewelry is best made for Azurite Bracelets, earrings, chains, and pendants, as it is a soft and delicate stone that needs to be treated with care.

A simple Azurite Bracelet can make a statement separately, especially if you choose a big or unique shape. You can wear it on any of your wrists, but it looks especially striking on the wrist of the right hand. You can pair it with other Bracelets in silver or gold tones or keep it simple and let it shine by itself. Whereas picking an Azurite pendant can complement any outfit, it looks gorgeous in white, black, blue, or gray.

An Azurite bracelet can add some sparkle and charm to your wrist. Depending on your ease and taste, you can choose a cuff or a band style. Having Azurite earrings in your wardrobe can frame your face and enhance your eyes. Depending on your haircut and situation, you can choose a stud or drop style. It can also be matched with other jewelry pieces, such as your Bracelet, pendant, necklace, or bracelet. An Azurite necklace can be a bold piece that draws attention to your face and neck. Depending on your style and mood, you can choose a big or delicate design. You can wear it with a low-cut or high-necked top or dress.

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Rananjay Exports is dedicated to offering great customer service, solving all customer questions, and updating them. Their clients are their top concern, and while their primary duty is ensuring that their customers receive the highest quality jewelry, they use only the best materials, including valuable gemstones and silver. Jewelry will be shipped 4-5 business days after making the order, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

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