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Bloodstone Earrings

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Bloodstone Earrings Collections

Bloodstone has a fascinating deep green hue with occasional crimson patches on its surface and is typically opaque in appearance. It is found in numerous places of the globe including China, India, Brazil, Washington, etc. When we speak about the meaning of bloodstone it is associated with the enticing powers of the Sun and is also known by the term Sunstone. It is a stone of vigor and power. It is associated with the zodiac sign Aries and strongly affects the lives of people if worn by someone with this sign.

It grants them the positivism that makes the Aries who they are. People believed different healing properties to be linked with this stone for a long time and used it as a medium to shield oneself from any harmful energy. Bloodstone Pendant was worn as a symbol of power and energy in early cultures.

The captivating gemstone used in the Blood Stone Earring will create a fashion statement and help the wearer stand out from the crowd. The person wearing the danglers will undoubtedly attract everyone's attention and get a flood of positive comments in the atmosphere. The color of the stone will go well with the clothing, elevating the look as a whole. The wearer's vivid personality will shine out in front of everyone.

Simply donning this striking set of earrings will make the wearer the most sought-after individual at any social or family event. Its look and the blood-red color it has given rise to the name, which is obvious. This stone has exceptional therapeutic qualities for both the mind and body. One of the most significant and admirable features of this gemstone is its ability to clear any unwanted emotions and vibrations from the wearer's aura. This aids in clearing the spiritual energy. Additionally, bloodstone is responsible for purifying the wearer's bodily blood, as the name already indicates.

Healing Using Bloodstone

Bloodstone flushed with a vibrant deep green hue together with tracks of passionate red color on its surface awakens your base chakras and cleanses all the bad energy from your body, providing you the opportunity to develop and nourish. It was considered to be directly linked with the celestial powers of the sun and treat all the ailments and issues related to blood. It also affects the heart chakra and relieves all the negativity from your heart, enabling love to enter and a deeper connection with your loved ones.

It is said to wear a Bloodstone Earring to feel its full potency. Its potential of bringing forth strength, bravery, love, and power makes it truly priceless. The crystal wishes to keep you linked to your origins so that you feel comfortable about your unique life and remain connected with yourself intellectually and spiritually.

Bloodstone Jewelry Collection

Choosing bloodstone jewelry is the finest method to feel the full vibrations of this stone. Wearing a Bloodstone Bracelet will sync your pulse with the energy of the crystal and will produce a huge influence in calming down your thoughts and in keeping you balanced and self-centered. The bold hue of the jewelry will bring confidence to your entire style and will undoubtedly boost your individuality as an individual.

If you are someone who wants your jewelry to portray the same amount of confidence as you and appreciates the rich, brilliant, and passionate hues, this is the stone for you. You may start by adding a pair of Bloodstone Earrings to your collection.

Where to Purchase Your Jewelry?

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