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Boulder Opal Pendants

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Boulder Opal Pendant Collection

A stunning kind of opal called boulder opal is mostly found in Queensland, Australia. This type is the most precious and attractive because of the bright color interaction. The stone's natural iron basis provides stability and adds to its remarkable durability. The stone is an excellent choice for unique Boulder Opal Jewelry designs such as Boulder Opal pendants because of its variety and intriguing natural forms.

In this specific kind, blue and green are some of the most beloved hues, while red is one of the most expensive and scarce hues. You may choose a gorgeous piece of Sterling Silver Boulder Opal pendant to emphasize your statement-making brightness and meticulous fashion sense. You may move it about with assurance and elegance since it has a Mohs hardness rating of roughly 6, which is between 6 and 7. To guarantee that valuable gemstone jewelry continues to shine like new even after years, one must take care of it.

How Is Boulder Opal Created?

Boulder opal forms naturally under extreme pressure and heat and is often found in cracks, fissures, and voids. The process begins when silica from precipitated sand from dissolved sand trickles into cracks and fissures in ironstone boulders. As the name implies, Boulder Opal is often discovered inside rocks that must be cracked open. They are seen in the clay strata just above the ironstone.

According to some alternative hypotheses, the boulder opal requires the presence of pyrite, which rainfall dissolves to form sulphuric acid. The acid subsequently interacts with the feldspar, dissolving the silica that is present there and releasing more silica. Ironstone fissures are filled with colloidal silica, which then solidifies to make boulder opal.

Precautions and Care for Boulder Opals Pendant

Boulder Opals are a kind of Opals that are quite durable and sturdy and need significantly less maintenance. Other varieties of opal are often quite fragile and need special care and security measures. You must take care with Boulder Opal pendants to prevent dropping them on a hard surface or chipping it.

If you want to wear a Boulder Opal pendant for yourself, be sure to take it off before undertaking any hard labor like mowing the lawn or gardening. By doing this, the stone will be shielded from any intense physical activity. Additionally, unlike other species, it is quite resilient in the water, enabling you to take advantage of its appeal wherever you go. However, you must first make sure that your valuable crystal is genuine and natural in order for it to withstand any harsh conditions.

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