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Carnelian jewelry

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22 Item(s)

Genuine Wholesale Carnelian Jewelry

Carnelian is a beautiful gemstone that is perfect for creating jewels for gemstone jewelry collections. This gemstone possesses the orange color that makes it an ideal gem to create a unique wholesale carnelian bracelets collection. These jewels can be worn with matching attire during any occasion. While creating genuine wholesale carnelian jewelry collections at Rananjay Exports, we take the utmost care of our jewels' quality and authenticity. The gemstone gets its color because of the impurities of iron oxide it contains. This color ranges from pale orange to dark reddish-orange. But the most preferable color while creating the wholesale sterling silver carnelian ring collections. This is because we want each of our jewelry items to have a great appearance to make the most desirable jewelry collections. Along with that, we also put a lot of emphasis on the quality of our jewelry collection.

Authentic Wholesale Carnelian Necklace & Other Jewelry

Whenever the jewelry for natural wholesale carnelian stone earrings collections are manufactured at the facility of Rananjay Exports, you can be sure of its quality, authenticity, and beauty. The significant deposits of carnelian gemstone are found in Brazil, India, Scotland, UK, Germany, Madagascar, Slovakia, the USA. We source this gemstone from these locations to ensure the authenticity and the originality of the wholesale sterling silver carnelian ring collections thus created. Ranking 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale makes carnelian a perfect gemstone for curating jewelry for our wholesale jewelry collections. They are neither too tough to be given the desired shape nor too soft to be damaged easily. These gemstones are treated aptly and are usually given a cabochon finish to create jewelry for carnelian jewelrycollections. Our designers take a little extra care to develop each jewelry design to be included in our collection. Then, our artisans bring these designs into existence and make sure that it feels incredibly comfortable whenever your customers wear any of these jewelry items. This is how our genuine wholesale carnelian jewelry collections are created.

Rananjay Exports, a one-stop solution for your carnelian jewelry requirements

Rananjay Exports is a wholesale jewelry manufacturer and supplier based in India and serving the industry since 2013. With our expertise, we know the trends that prevail in the jewelry industry worldwide. This helps us to create the best jewelry collections for our clients, which keeps them satisfied. This is not limited to our real carnelian stone pendant collections. We strive to provide the most trending, exceptional quality wholesale turquoise , moonstone, Opal and larimar jewelry and other gemstone jewelry as well. By making us your wholesale jewelry supplier, you ensure quality for your jewelry collections and get additional benefits. These include having free shipping on all orders above $499 and standard shipping of $39 on everything below that. Apart from this, you also get redeemable reward points on every purchase from our wholesale jewelry collections. These reward points can be redeemed at will to get additional concessions. All this can be availed by going through a hassle-free registration process and becoming our authorized reseller.

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