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Crystal Quartz Rings

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Glamorous Crystal Quartz Rings: Popularly known as Clear Quartz

Crystal quartz, which is popularly known as clear quartz or rock crystal, is a mineral made of oxygen and silicon. Its trigonal crystal system gives it a vitreous luster. It rates seven on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it pretty hard and durable. Crystal quartz is the most common form of quartz, and it is one of the most abundant gemstones. In ancient times, the people of Greece believed that crystal quartz was nothing but ice that solidified over time. Perhaps this is why the word “crystal” is translated to a Greek word that means “ice” in that language.

This gemstone is found in crystal clusters all over the world, making crystal quartz a relatively affordable stone. Brazil, Spain, Madagascar, China, Upper Burma, Swiss Alps, Herkimer, New South Wales, North Carolina, and Arkansas have some of the notable deposits of crystal quartz. In most regions, you will find that gemstones such as calcite and fluorite surround the clusters of crystal quartz. Apart from the metaphysical properties and healing benefits of crystal quartz, this stone is valuable because it possesses piezoelectric properties, which makes it capable of transforming heat and pressure into electromagnetic energy.

If you plan to buy crystal quartz, make sure it’s authentic. Mainly, there are three ways through which you can tell if your piece of crystal quartz is real or not. Here is the first way. Try reading through your crystal quartz and try to see if the text visible through crystal quartz distorts or not. It is a well-known fact that crystal quartz distorts or magnifies writing. If it does not, you do not possess an authentic crystal quartz. The second way is to try scratching the surface of the glass using your crystal quartz jewelry, such as a crystal quartz ring. It has been found that crystal quartz is heavier than glass. If you cannot scratch the surface of actual glass through your crystal quartz ring, it means that the crystal quartz in the ring you own is not authentic and is probably made from just glass. The last way is to hold crystal quartz against a light source. Crystal quartz acts like a prism and splits the light into different colors. If your crystal quartz is showing this phenomenon, then the crystal quartz you own is authentic.

At Rananjay Exports, we choose the highest quality crystal quartz for making our crystal quartz rings and other crystal quartz jewelry items. If you have browsed our product catalog, you must have felt that we make incredibly appealing designer rings. We try to support our retailers in every possible way, which is why we also provide custom jewelry and handmade jewelry made of crystal quartz. The best thing about crystal quartz is, cleaning it is extremely easy. All you have to do is, use lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush to clean your favorite crystal quartz ring. Post cleaning, gently pat dry it with a soft cloth. Also, remember that although crystal quartz is a hard mineral, it can get scratched by other gemstones. So, while storing crystal quartz in your jewelry box, either keep the crystal quartz ring in a separate compartment or wrap it in a soft cloth and then keep it with other jewelry items.

Graceful Crystal Quartz Ring : The Master Healer

Crystal quartz is also known as the “Master healer” since it helps those embarking on a new journey, and it aids people in creating and manifesting new goals. This crystal benefits people having difficulty focusing on a particular thing in the physical, emotional, and spiritual plane, which is generally due to their conflicting ideas. Crystal quartz helps such people by clearing out the mental clutter and negativity that comes especially from electromagnetic radiation, enabling the wearer to tap into their higher self. A crystal quartz ring amplifies the wearer’s energy, allowing the wearer to manifest their dreams and desires effortlessly. Since this crystal enhances the psychic energy of the wearer, enabling him to receive universal energies, crystal quartz jewelry (such as crystal quartz rings, crystal quartz pendants, or even crystal quartz bracelets) is often used by energy healers and reiki practitioners.

Crystal quartz has many therapeutic benefits as well. It helps people who are sensitive to illness by strengthening their immune systems and improving resistance power against various diseases. This gemstone is also considered an excellent agent for detoxifying the body, helping you shred those few extra pounds from your body. It is also said that crystal quartz enhances the metabolism of the wearer. It also increases the creativity of your mind and makes you gain clarity about your life in general. Crystal quartz is also believed to alleviate mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress. If you feel exhausted and near job burnout, this crystal will help you regain momentum.

Although crystal quartz is believed to be a self-sufficient stone, pairing it with crystals that complement it can help you gain more significant benefits from this crystal. Pairing crystal quartz with black tourmaline makes this duo absorb bad energies and provide positive energy to the wearer. If you pair crystal quartz with amethyst, your stress levels will drastically reduce; it is also believed that this combination cures migraines. Pairing rose quartz with crystal quartz brings warmth, affection, and love to your life while also helping you become materially abundant and prosperous. It is advisable that you must never pair crystal quartz with Aventurine. It is believed that when worn together, these crystals cancel out each other’s vibrations and leave the user drained out.

Rananjay Exports: The Best Place for Purchasing Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry

Rananjay Exports is the perfect place for resolving all your problems regarding purchasing naturally sourced wholesale gemstone jewelry, such as crystal quartz rings. It’s a manufacturer and wholesaler of 925 sterling silver gemstone jewelry, supplying the global jewelry industry with assorted gemstone jewelry since 2013. The main factory of Rananjay Exports is located in the Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur, India. You can buy a wide range of crystal quartz jewelry, such as crystal quartz earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, etc., from Rananjay Exports at wholesale prices.

Along with crystal quartz, we have a vast jewelry collection of 250+ naturally sourced gemstones. We sell rings in other gemstones as well and have an assorted collection of Synthetic Amber rings, Charoite rings, Libyan Desert Glass rings, Iolite rings, Sodalite rings, and Red Coral rings. We use only authentic gemstones and 925 sterling silver for making all our jewelry. To purchase from Rananjay Exports, you must register with your basic details on our website. We charge for shipping on all orders under $500. We do provide free shipping on orders valued at $500 and above. We use express shipping for shipping all our orders. We provide our customers with attractive bulk discounts as well. If you have any concerns, either shoot us a mail at or call/text us at (+91) 9116124275.

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