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Larimar Bracelets

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Larimar Bracelet - The Captivating Creation

Larimar, the gemstone famous as the dolphin, Caribbean, and Atlantis stone, is a brilliant gemstone to curate jewelry. It is the exclusive gemstone of the Dominican Republic and carries the serene vibes of nature, providing soothing energies to the one who incorporates them into their life.
The most striking feature of larimar with its blue and whites depicts the grace cinched in the gemstone.

Larimar was discovered in the year 1916. got the deserved highlight later year in 1974 when it was re-discovered by Miguel. These beautiful pieces of larimar offers one with style to flaunt in sterling silver giving the alluring yet desired charm to the ordinary fit.

The larimar stone price is relatively lower in the Dominican Republic because of the availability of gemstone in the local area. But while talking about sterling silver larimar jewelry, its popularity is not limited to that geographical area; instead, it spreads worldwide.

Larimar bracelets are one such highlight that gives agility. These stunning pieces dress up the wrists of the wearer in the richest fashion.

Larimar Bracelets a Style Statement

Unlike any other jewelry, larimar bracelets are the style statements that offer the wearer charm. These pieces look regal and give the style highlight.
They can be teamed up with the halter neck tops or the body cons, and a piece of larimar bracelets will complete the look.

Keeping your jewelry requirement into consideration, Rananjay Exports has brought you a vast range of wholesale sterling silver larimar jewelry.

With us, You can find everything from astounding pieces of larimar bracelets to well-crafted larimar rings. The larimar at our facility are sourced from the most genuine source, and every jewelry crafted places its mark on the jewelry lover's heart.

The Healing Powers of Larimar Gemstone

Larimar is believed to cure various fears and phobias by enveloping the wearer into its soothing and calming aura. It also resonates well with the throat chakra of the bearer and helps in clearing the speech, later assisting the person in expressing her thoughts in a better way.

It is mostly recommended to wear genuine larimar stone bracelets while meditating. This will keep the gemstone in direct contact with the wearer's physical body, thus boosting the benefits.

It's an ideal gemstone for people who have built emotional walls around them and want to reconnect with the world.

The Appeal of Larimar

The larimar, with its whites and blue, depicts the calm of the seas. The different color ranges of larimar provide one with the true essence providing the wearer with one-of-a-kind jewelry. For all your wholesale sterling silver larimar bracelet or any other larimar jewelry requirements, Rananjay Exports have got you all covered. With us, you will get the best quality gem with crazy benefits.

You can explore the vast range of larimar jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

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