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Nephrite Jade Pendants

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Nephrite Jade Pendant

This exquisite Nephrite Jade Pendant is a stunning piece of jewelry that will be the perfect accompaniment to a delicate neckline. Adding this pendant to one's jewelry collection is an excellent choice. Wearing this pendant on special occasions will enhance the wearer's personality and overall appearance. It is sure to turn heads and exude style and elegance. This pendant is the perfect gift for those who radiate vibrancy, as it is crafted with love and care to cater to their enthusiastic nature. The use of 92.5 pure sterling silver ensures its durability.

Nephrite jade is a mesmerizing gemstone that ranges from translucent to opaque. It can be found in shades of light to dark green, yellow, brown, black, and grey. As a member of the silicate family, nephrite is considered one of the most valuable types of jade. Its round and kidney-shaped form has always captivated people, but it's the stone's power that is truly enchanting. Jade nephrite is a sacred and highly prized gemstone renowned for its healing properties. It serves as a shield against negativity and is known to attract wealth and well-being.

Nephrite Jade Jewelry: The King of All Jades

Nephrite is a type of mineral that is rich in calcium, iron, and magnesium, which belongs to the Jade family. Jade has two main species, with the other being jadeite jade, which is much rarer and falls under the category of pyroxene. The color of nephrite jade is mainly green and gray, but it can also come in black, brown, yellow, or white. Nephrite jade is often used to make beads, carvings, and cabochon-cut gemstones, and it is officially recognized as the state mineral of Wyoming. Most of the nephrite jade that is used for lapidary purposes is mined from Western Canada.

The name "nephrite" is derived from the Latin term "lapis nephritis," which means "kidney stone," as it was believed to cure kidney stones. The word "jade" comes from the Spanish phrase "piedra de Tejada," meaning "stone of the loins." In ancient China, nephrite jade was found and used for utilitarian and ceremonial purposes in the Ningshao area. In Chinese culture, jade is associated with righteousness and purity, and it is believed to have protective qualities.

Nephrite jade is popularly known for its healing properties. It is believed that this stone helps treat the root cause of diseases in the body, allowing for a speedy recovery. It provides revitalization to the body and calms the nervous system. It also strengthens the immune system and alkalizes the body, which is beneficial.

This stone specifically supports the kidneys, heart, and liver, cleanses the blood and promotes blood circulation. It is also said that nephrite jade brings good luck to those who are experiencing financial problems. Additionally, it is believed to assist women with PMS symptoms and infertility, making it an excellent gift for pregnant women. Shamans and faith healers also claim that this gemstone promotes lucid dreaming and elevates the spiritual state during dreams.

Use of Naturally Sourced Nephrite Jade Jewelry at Rananjay Exports

Rananjay Exports uses natural Nephrite Jade for their Nephrite Jade rings, earrings, and pendants. If you're interested in purchasing Nephrite Jade, it's important to know about the six different types available. The first type is the most expensive: mutton fat jade. It gets its name from its translucent yellow-to-white color caused by high levels of iron oxide. It's found in only a few places, making it highly sought after by gemstone collectors and jewelry enthusiasts. The most expensive variety is Hetian jade, which comes from the oasis town of Hotan in Southwestern Xinjiang.

The second type is Siberian Jade, also known as Russian Jade. It has a spinach-green color and is the most expensive type of green nephrite because jadeite jade is difficult to find. It's called Russian Jade because it originates from Russia's Lake Baikal region and is highly valued for its excellent transparency. This type of jade was used in China during the late 19th and early 20th centuries for decorative items.

The third type is Black Jade, which is also rare and highly prized for its deep, rich black color caused by a high concentration of iron ore. As part of the nephrite jade family, it displays a greenish hue under bright light.

The fourth type is Chicken Bone Jade, a rare and valuable subtype of nephrite jade that is opaque and can range in color from creamy white to light brown with black specks.

The fifth type is Chrysomelanite Jade, which has a deep green color with black lines, speckles, or dots across the surface. Finally, the sixth and final type is Wyoming Jade, which is found in Wyoming, United States, and is considered one of the finest nephrite variations in the world due to its beautiful green color.

Nephrite jade has been used in jewelry for centuries due to its ornamental properties. Nowadays, it's popular because it's durable, affordable, and easy to work with. You can find high-quality Nephrite Jade rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets in our product catalog. Additionally, it's commonly used in decor items and artwork due to its Feng Shui applications, which are believed to bring good luck and create a harmonious environment. Nephrite jade is also used as a healing medium. It's important to note that Nephrite Jade absorbs any liquid, so it's essential to take care not to spill any liquid on your jewelry.

Nephrite Jade: A Styling Approach

Nephrite Jade gemstone is a popular choice among jewelry enthusiasts due to its captivating green color. If you are searching for a piece of jewelry made from this stone, you can find it in various shades of green, sometimes with a hint of yellow. If you possess a unicolored stone, it is considered a rare find. Nephrite jade is generally opaque, but superior quality pieces can possess a good level of translucency, making them highly sought-after. Once cut and polished, this stone displays a greasy vitreous luster and is often fashioned en cabochon due to its opaque nature. It is commonly carved into ornamental shapes such as flowers or animals. While it can be scratched easily, it is known for its toughness thanks to its dense composition and lack of cleavage. Rananjay Exports offers a range of stunning nephrite jade jewelry crafted from pure 925 Sterling Silver. This wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier has been providing exceptional service to the industry since 2013.

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