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Pearl Rings

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Pearl Ring - A Traditional Birthstone For June Folks

Pearl is a very enchanting gemstone that is created within the soft tissues of a living mollusk, usually an oyster or a mussel. Pearls are formed when an irritant, such as a grain of sand or a parasite, enters the shell of a mollusk. The mollusk responds by secreting layers of nacre, and nacre is a combination of calcium carbonate and conchiolin, which build up around the irritant over time, forming a pearl. There are mainly 2 types of pearls are there, the pearls which are formed naturally without any intervention of humans are known as Natural Pearls; they are pretty rare and highly prized due to their unique shapes and colors.

In contrast, Cultured Pearls are formed with the assistance of humans. A small bead or piece of shell is inserted into the mollusk to initiate the pearl-forming process. Pearls are usually available in a variety of colors which includes white, cream, silver, black, and golden. The color can be vary, depending on the factors such as the type of mollusk, water conditions, and the environment. The pearls with high quality have a strong, radiant luster that gives them an inner glow. Pearls are usually considered a sign of purity, innocence, wisdom, and wealth. It has also been considered as a traditional birthstone for those who were born in June.

Pearl Ring Collection - A Collection Of Grace & Beauty

Pearl Rings are famous jewelry pieces to wear or to gift someone, and we avail you these beautiful pearl rings in various styles and designs that include a solitaire pearl ring, this classic style features a single pearl as the centerpiece, usually set on a band which is made of precious metal such as 925 Sterling Silver or Rose Gold. While pearls can be combined with other gemstones like Moonstone or White Topaz to create, a vibrant and colorful ring are Contemporary Pearl Ring. It is believed that wearing Pearl Ring provides soothing energy and can also help heal the wearer's emotional wounds. Even pearls have a strong connection to feminine energy and also symbolize grace and beauty.

In comparison, pearl earrings help in enhancing intuition and psychic abilities and help in spiritual growth and self-discovery. Pearls are also famous as protective stones; it was assumed that they ward off negative energies, evil spirits, and psychic attacks. They are also related to good luck and prosperity, attracting abundance and fortune into the wearer's lives. This gleaming gemstone has a balancing effect on the body, mind, and emotions, and they also help in aligning the chakras and promoting overall harmony and well-being. Pearls are particularly associated with the Heart chakra, fostering love, compassion, and emotional healing.

Buy The Exclusive Pearl Jewelry Collection From Rananjay Exports

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