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Rhodochrosite Rings

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Shining Rhodochrosite Ring by Rananjay Exports

Rhodochrosite is typically a rose-red mineral found in pink to pale brown colors composed of manganese carbonate. It is rarely found in its pure form. It has streaks of white, and it ranks between 3.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is why it is soft. Generally, people confuse Rhodochrosite with rhodonite (a manganese silicate), which is relatively softer than rhodonite. When manganese ore oxidizes, Rhodochrosite is formed. It is generally mined in South Africa, China, and the Americas. Banded Rhodochrosite is mined in Argentina. It is the national gemstone of Argentina.

Quality banded specimens of Rhodochrosite are used for decorative stones and jewelry. Due to its softness and perfect cleavage, it is rarely found faceted in jewelry. People also wear Rhodochrosite because of the numerous metaphysical benefits it offers. However, it has other uses as well. Rhodochrosite is widely used as manganese ore, which is the main component of low-cost stainless steel formulations and certain aluminum alloys.

Do you want to know how you can make the correct buying decision when it comes to purchasing Rhodochrosite rings and Rhodochrosite jewelry in general? Rhodochrosite jewelry is believed to add a touch of elegance and romance to any outfit. But, since it is soft, it can be scratched easily, and heavy impacts can damage it. Also, due to its unique crystal structure, it has perfect cleavage in three directions, which can result in its splitting along the planes of weakness. This is why, Rhodochrosite bracelets are not a good buying option – they can be easily broken when put under heavy wear and tear. They are more suited for earrings, pins, pendants, and rings, which cannot get bumped easily or scratched during use.

Another thing that you need to consider while buying Rhodochrosite is to see its color and pattern. You can find Rhodochrosite of various types – ranging from solid pink to banded with stripes of grey, white, or black. Some specimens of Rhodochrosite also have cylindrical stalactitic formations, due to which you will find circular rings on its surface. This is the basic understanding you need regarding the color and patterns of Rhodochrosite crystals. It affects how you style your Rhodochrosite ring and helps you match the ring with other jewelry pieces and clothing.

Here are some styling tips: If you have a solid pink Rhodochrosite ring, pair it with other pink gemstones you have in your jewelry collection, such as rose quartz, morganite, or pink sapphire. You need to wear it with silver or gold metals that complement the cool tone of Rhodochrosite crystal. If you don’t prefer gold, you can also opt for rose gold or yellow gold vermeil – that, too, looks great.

You can also pair your banded Rhodochrosite ring with black or white clothing in order to play up its contrast. Mixing and matching with other banded gemstones, such as agate, onyx, or malachite, is also a good idea too. Both sterling silver and copper are found to accentuate the warm undertone of the banded Rhodochrosite ring.

If you have a stalactitic Rhodochrosite ring, you can show its unique features by wearing it alone or along with simple studs or hoops. You can wear it with your clothes having earthy colors, such as brown, green or beige. The stalactitic Rhodochrosite ring looks quite appealing when worn with brass or bronze metals – these metals highlight the natural beauty of the stalactitic Rhodochrosite. These are a few styling tips we have for you. Happy shopping!

Signature Rhodochrosite Rings at Wholesale Price

Wearing a Rhodochrosite ring will help you in many ways since Rhodochrosite crystal has numerous metaphysical and therapeutic benefits. Rhodochrosite is believed to heal your emotional body. This stone acts as a daily reminder that reminds you to keep yourself first and take care of your well-being. It might sound philosophical, but think about it – without you being healthy and able, how will you be able to provide love and support to others whom you care for? Rhodochrosite is an extraordinary mineral that helps you to let go of your attachments and release your anguish, pain, and trauma, which weighs down your mind and heart.

It is a perfect stone for anyone struggling with coping mechanisms and post-traumatic stress disorder. Wearing a Rhodochrosite ring will help you remain calm and in control of your emotions and provide you with a buzzing sensation in your head which is nothing but a state of bliss. Rhodochrosite’s calming and soothing energies also imbue the wearer’s aura with love, peace, and tranquillity. It also supplies the wearer with the much-needed life force or vital energy to face the challenges and obstacles of life. We recommend you carry this stone with you in times of stress and worry – feeling its stable vibrations when you place it close to your heart will help you eliminate any sadness, guilt, or fear and supply you with much-needed self-love.

Why Choose Rananjay Exports?

Since 2013, Rananjay Exports has led the global gemstone jewelry industry, serving 2000+ clients by supplying naturally sourced gemstone jewelry at wholesale prices. We are wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers of authentic gemstone jewelry. Our collection of Rhodochrosite jewelry on our online store, such as Rhodochrosite rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings, is greatly adored by all our customers. All our jewelry is made in 925 sterling silver, and we have a wide range of jewelry in 250+ different gemstones. You will find a wide range of authentic gemstone jewelry on our website, such as the Green Tourmaline Quartz ring, Fossilized Coral Ring, Mookaite ring, Tourmaline ring, Hypersthene ring, Silicon Ring, etc. If you wear jewels for balancing and aligning your chakras, check out our assorted chakra jewelry collection.

To purchase from Rananjay Exports, you must register with your business details on our website. After checking your details, we will approve your account so you can shop with us. We charge for shipping on all orders under $500 and provide free shipping on orders valued at $500 or above. We use express shipping for shipping all our orders. We provide our customers with attractive bulk discounts as well. If you have any concerns, either shoot us a mail at or call/text us at (+91) 9116124275.

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