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VOLUME DISCOUNTS:- 5% on $1200+ & 10% ON $2100+

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Rose Quartz

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Genuine Wholesale Rose Quartz Stone Jewelry 

The appearance and beauty of this gemstone have always been appreciated by gemstone lovers worldwide. This is the reason rose quartz is always preferred to create real wholesale rose quartz necklace collections. These jewels are loved worldwide. The light and soothing pink hue is the color that goes well on every occasion and with every attire. This is the reason why our natural wholesale rose quartz bracelets collections are being loved so much. When these jewels are created at the facility of Rananjay Exports, then you need not worry about the quality or any other aspect. This is because every jewelry item made for our wholesale sterling silver rose quartz ring collection is created to perfection. After sourcing the most authentic gemstones worldwide, everything is done under one roof until they become a gorgeous jewelry piece. Each of these is included in our unique rose quartz earrings collection. Rose quartz is being used to create ornaments and jewelry since early ages because of its beauty. Eventually, with time its popularity grew, and the wholesale rose quartz jewelry collections became popular. Rose quartz is a gemstone that makes the perfect rose quartz crystal bracelets collections that can be worn casually and on special occasions.

Original Rose Quartz Pendant And Other Jewelry 

The first evidence of rose quartz was found in Iraq in beaded form. Rose quartz is often confused with pink quartz, which is the crystallized form of rose quartz. They are not significantly different in appearance; still, the rose quartz jewelry is more appreciated by gemstone lovers worldwide. This gemstone ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it an ideal gem to create jewelry for a rose quartz jewelry collection. A high rank makes it a gemstone that cannot be easily broken and is not prone to scratches. The most authentic rose quartz is found in Brazil, South Africa, India, and Madagascar. At Rananjay Exports, we make sure to get the gemstones from these places to create our jewelry. This makes sure that each jewelry item that bears the tag of Rananjay Exports contains the most beautiful and authentic gems. We also make sure to source the gemstones incredibly ethically to do as minimum damage to the environment as possible. We create the wholesale sterling silver rose quartz ring collections while keeping in mind our fellow jewelry retailers' reputation. Each item is manufactured with perfection with the most authentic gemstones. This creates the most likable and genuine wholesale rose quartz stone jewelry collections.

Whenever we talk about rose quartz gemstone meaning, it connects to love, fertility, and tenderness. And when rose quartz healing properties are considered, it is one of the best gemstones for stone massage therapy. Rose quartz birthstone is not a primary one but a secondary birthstone for January.

Rananjay Exports, the solution for all rose quartz jewelry requirements

Rananjay Exports is a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier based in Jaipur, successfully serving the jewelry industry since 2013. Here, we make sure to make the whole purchasing experience effortless. For this, we have a customer support service to help our clients at every stage. Apart from that, we have an expert advice service to help you make the best purchase decisions. We also provide free shipping on all orders above $499, irrespective of the delivery location. And standard shipping of $39 on everything below that. Also, we provide great quantity discounts on bulk purchases from our collections. And above everything else, the buyers can earn reward points on every purchase. These points can be redeemed at will to get additional discounts. These benefits are not limited to the rose quartz jewelry collections. Still, they extend to wholesale labradorite , moonstone , and turquoise jewelry , and other gemstone jewelry. Register now, become our authorized member and gain access to the genuine wholesale rose quartz stone jewelry collection.

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