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Serpentine Pendants

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Genuine Serpentine Pendant Collection

Serpentine is a subgroup of silicate, asbestos, and magnesium minerals that are present in serpentinite rock. It often crystallizes as flat plates, fibrous grains, and masses. The colors might be anything from bright and dark greens to brown, yellow, white, and grey. Some of the well-known Serpentine minerals that have been independently proven are Lizardite, Atlantisite, Greenstone, and Infinite. Georgius Agricola named this group of minerals "serpens" in 1564 because of its likeness to snakes or serpents. Though serpentine may be found on almost every continent, it is especially abundant in South Africa, Australia, Austria, Germany, France, Madagascar, Peru, and the United Kingdom.

Jade and serpentine have frequently been confused, despite having quite distinct chemical compositions. The range of its Mohs hardness of Serpentine is 2.5 to 6. Serpentine is often used as a decorative stone and in jewelry to create serpentine bracelets, serpentine pendants, serpentine necklaces, and serpentine earrings.

When caring for your Serpentine jewelry, such as a Serpentine pendant, it's important to keep it away from heat and water as these substances might damage the stone. The serpentine pendant has to be handled carefully since it is a delicate stone. Chemicals must be avoided as well since they might damage the stone. If required, gently wipe down your Serpentine pendant with a dry towel. When keeping your Serpentine pendant, it is best to preserve it in a chilly, dark environment. You might also store it in your handbag or a lined jewelry box. To avoid scratching, serpentine shouldn't be kept with other stones.

There are a few things you may look for when trying to determine if your Serpentine pendant is real or fake. Consider the stone's overall look first. The Serpentine pendant’s surface shouldn't have any chips or cracks. The color should also be consistent throughout. If the Serpentine stone in your pendant has any faults or if the color is uneven, it is probably a fake. Another way to tell whether a piece of Serpentine pendant is genuine or not is to weigh the stone. Serpentine is a rather light stone; therefore, if the stone you are holding seems excessively heavy, it is probably not real.

Rananjay Exports: Best Place to Buy Naturally Sourced Serpentine Jewelry

Serpentine jewelry, such as a Serpentine pendant, helps to awaken our Kundalini Energy, which is defined in an ancient Tantric tradition as a vibration that sits at the base of our spine. It is stated that while inactive, this energy is coiled up like a snake. The use of Serpentine crystals, yoga, and deep meditation are a few techniques for awakening this inner power. The Kundalini Awakening impact will begin to materialize once released. While going through this major awakening, you could feel more in touch with yourself and see signs of your inner intuition coming to life. This intellectual advancement tends to expand the mind and increase its sensitivity to higher realities. To visit these realms, one must be prepared to open their pineal gland and rekindle true confidence in their own mental powers.

The serpentine pendant helps us realize our greatest desires by harmonizing with our heart core. Our ability to love and show compassion will increase as a result. Serpentine jewelry aids in the release of useless emotions that sometimes seem trapped inside of us or inside ourselves. It will be extremely difficult to let go of these feelings if you still feel that you were treated unfairly. Jewelry made of serpentine will help dissolve these sticky emotions. After they have been removed, the relief will make all the work worthwhile. We must first learn to love ourselves before we can begin to love the rest of the world. The last lesson Serpentine imparts to us is that even in the most lonely areas around us, sharing love has a lasting effect.

Serpentine Pendant: A Styling Approach

In terms of current style, the Serpentine gemstone's brilliant color raises it to the position of a precious treasure for jewelry collectors. The stylish Serpentine pendant that has been masterfully crafted from pure 92.5 Sterling Silver is available at Rananjay Exports. Since 2013, Rananjay Exports, an Indian company, has been successfully serving the jewelry industry as a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier. Its headquarters are in India, and its primary facility is in Sitapura, Jaipur. Our clients think highly of us and say that working with us has always been positive.

Since we make, supply, and sell our 925 sterling silver jewelry in huge quantities, we only deal in wholesale. For our jewelry, we specialize in over 250 different kinds of gemstones. Tanzanite, Mystic Topaz, Montana Agate, Azurite Malachite, Seafoam Agate, and Blue Agate are a few of these gems. In addition, we provide chakra jewelry designed with yoga practitioners and shamans in mind. This chakra necklace has seven stones that represent each of the seven chakras in the human body. In addition to chakra jewelry, we also have a significant selection of handmade jewelry, Zodiac Sign jewelry, Moon Magic jewelry, and birthstone jewelry.

You need to register with us and provide us with information about your business if you like our designs and want to purchase from us. Once the necessary procedures have been followed, we will activate your account so you may make purchases with us.

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All of our jewelry has BIS approval. The national standards body for India is known as BIS. We have either BISGOLD or BISSILVER certification for our jewelry. A BISGOLD certificate confirms the quality of gold that the jeweler uses to make jewelry. The criteria for silver used in jewelry creation are met by BISSILVER. If you have any queries, you may contact us by email at or by phone or text at (+91) 9116124275.

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