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Shungite Jewelry

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Shungite Jewelry - The Black Colored Jewelry

Shungite is a rare mineral that is black in color, a lustrous stone that is primarily composed of carbon and found in the Karelia region of Russia and has gained popularity in recent years for its potential healing properties and ability to protect against electromagnetic radiation. And Rananjay Exports uses this rare mineral to create beautiful jewelry pieces for you by incorporating shungite stones into various wearable accessories.

When selecting shungite jewelry, one must consider a few factors: Authenticity; counterfeit shungite products may be on the market due to their popularity. Therefore, look for reputable sellers who provide genuine, high-quality shungite jewelry. Next is Shungite Type; as mentioned earlier, shungite comes in different types based on its carbon content. Type one shungite is considered the most potent and is often recommended for its healing properties. Another factor is Design and Style Shungite jewelry comes in various designs and styles. Choose a piece that resembles your personal taste and preferences.

Get The Best Pair Of Shungite Earrings And Other Jewelry

We design Shungite Ring with polished shungite stones set in various types of metal bands such as rose gold, plain silver, or 925 Sterling Silver. They are worn on the finger to provide energetic protection, balance, and grounding. At the same time, Shungite bracelets are generally created by stringing together polished shungite beads or using shungite chips with elastic cords or metal clasps. They can be worn around the wrist and are said to help absorb negative energies and promote overall well-being. Even Shungite Necklaces and Pendants are a popular choice for wearing shungite close to the area of the heart. They can be made with shungite beads, polished shungite stones, or shungite pendants set in metal. These accessories are believed to offer protection, balance, and harmony.

In comparison to Shungite earrings typically feature small polished shungite stones or shungite beads, often set in metal settings like 925 sterling silver or rose gold. Wearing shungite earrings is thought to help shield against electromagnetic radiation and provide energetic support. We make the natural sterling silver Shungite earring shopping experience incredibly effortless for our clients. To keep your shungite jewelry in good condition, you have to take care of your jewelry like use a soft cloth to clean the surface of your shungite jewelry gently. Avoid using complex chemicals or cleaners that may damage the stone.

Rananjay Exports Is The Best Place To Buy Shungite Jewelry 

When purchasing Shungite Jewelry, it's recommended to ensure that the shungite is genuine and sourced from reputable suppliers to get the best quality. And Rananjay Exports is one of the most trusted online Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer & Supplier around the world. To add your collection with this black beauty, we always provide you with the best jewelry pieces, we always try to serve the best and authentic gemstone jewelry, and we are not limited to Shungite Jewelry; we also supply Howlite Jewelry, Purple Mojave Turquoise Jewelry, and Purpurite Jewelry. We always get you unique & classic designs because our highly skilled & well-experienced designers create them. Every jewelry piece contains the tag of Rananjay Exports, which exhibits its Authenticity.

And we are not only restricted to Casting Jewelry or Handmade Jewelry; we also design custom jewelry if anyone wants to customize their ideas & creativity. So to add some glam & creativity to your jewelry collection, register yourself to experience the brilliant jewelry collections at a great price. We assure the best quality of our gemstones at the time of samples and bulk orders. The quality always remains high. These are the most ethically sourced to do minimum damage to the environment. By becoming our authorized jewelry reseller, you not only get the most sought-after authentic Shungite wholesale jewelry but other benefits as well. These include our experts' advice and consultation to help you make the best buying decisions. Along with that, we also provide free shipping worldwide on all orders above $499 and earn reward points with every purchase that you can redeem at will to avail of more concessions.

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