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  • Moldavite Triquetra Ring MLD-RDR-2142. Moldavite Triquetra Ring MLD-RDR-2142.
  • Moldavite Triquetra Ring MLD-RDR-2142. Moldavite Triquetra Ring MLD-RDR-2142.
  • Moldavite Triquetra Ring MLD-RDR-2142. Moldavite Triquetra Ring MLD-RDR-2142.

Moldavite Triquetra Ring (MLD-RDR-2142.)

SKU - MLD-RDR-2142.

Material - 925 Sterling Silver

Main Stone - Moldavite

Stone Size - 4 mm

Stone Shape - Round Cut

Stone Color - Green

Info - The Moldavite on our site is sourced from authentic sources and we don't give out certification for Moldavite due to the different grading standards from different labs. So it is recommended to have prior knowledge before making a purchase.

Available Qty: 90


This Moldavite Triquetra Ring (MLD-RDR-2142.) possesses this semi-precious stone's powers and qualities, thus benefiting the wearer in the most beautiful ways. And the best way to believe it is when the wearer experiences it herself. So, wearing this statement ring with the most elegant and matching outfit will uplift the wearer's whole appearance. Also, being very comfortable, it makes a perfect gift for people who love to wear accessories. It will give the wearer a new slant in life by promoting self-confidence and bringing out her innate capabilities to the surface. This bold ring is sure to be getting the wearer a lot of compliments.

The other names with which this olive green crystal is famous as are, 'Vltavin' and 'Bouteille stone.' It is a member of the tektite mineral family, which is a category of natural glass rocks. Moldavite is famous as an exclusive extraterrestrial gemstone produced by stars that makes brilliant 925 sterling silver jewelry. Initially, moldavite was called chrysolites. This was the name coined by Professor Josef Mayer of Prague University. The first shreds of evidence of moldavite were found in the Czech Republic, however now it has its source in Moravia, Austria, Germany, and Bohemia. Moldavite is believed to bring good fortune, thus harmonizing the relationships of the wearer.

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