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Opal Stone Meaning, Benefits, And Healing Properties

Opal is a gorgeous gemstone that creates wonderful jewelry, especially with the fire it has. Because of this unique beauty, this gemstone is given the designation of 'Queen of all gemstones.'

Opal has always been associated with love and compassion. It is believed that if couples wear opal in any form, it will keep their love for each other intact for their lives. Opal character brings emotional stability within the wearer, thus reducing the chances of heated arguments. Apart from that, it also keeps the person loyal and faithful towards her partner. This reduces the chances of infidel behavior and saves a relation.

When we talk about the physical benefits, opal can slowly cure mild infections and fevers. This also keeps the wearer's skin glowing by purifying blood and keeping the kidneys in good health. Opal is a good gemstone not only to wear as jewelry but to keep oneself away from bad health. It builds and keeps the immune system functioning nicely.

These are the Opal stone powers. Many Opal stone meaning, benefits, and healing properties are there, but the ones mentioned above are the most believed.

Opal Facts And History

The first discovery of opal was made in 1880 in Australia. And it came in front of the world ten years later, in 1890. Initially not so popular, opal is now the national gemstone of Australia. The country is responsible for approximately 90% of the world's opal production. Other sources are Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia, and the United States of America.

Opal ranks 5.5 – 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, depending on its varieties. This is an attribute apart from its beauty, making it a preferred gemstone to create the most desired jewelry. Opal comes in various colors viz., white, red, orange, green, yellow, brown, black, blue, pink, and even transparent. The most loved to be used in the jewelry are, however, white opals.

There are two derivations of opal's name. One is the Latin word opalus, which means precious jewel. This is justified by its royal appearance. Another is greek opallios, which mean to see a change in color. The beautiful play of colors with every move justifies this. These consist of Opal facts and history.

Opal Birthstone Meaning And Uses

Opal is the birthstone of October. This means that Opal stone powers resonate with that of the people born in that month. Whatever the benefits of Opal character are, they are multiplied in effectiveness for October babies.

In some areas of the world, this gemstone is worshipped. It has many rituals attached to it, but the most common one is bathing the gemstone in holy water to keep the stone protected from evil spirits' malice. It can be used as accessories and ornaments and, in some special cases, as a primary gemstone for motifs and showpieces.

Because of its play of colors, October's birthstone is believed to have lightning trapped inside it and crashed on the earth during thunderstorms. These myths were later busted when it was discovered that opal is actually a member of the silicates quartz mineral group. These are some of the most common Opal birthstone meaning and uses.

Opal Spiritual Meaning And Metaphysical Properties

Opal gemstone has many spiritual and magical connotations. One of the most famous ones is that it is believed to bring the wearer good fortune. People also thought that it is the luckiest gemstone to be worn. This belief was established because opal depicts many colors. It was believed that it possesses the benefits of each gemstone whose color it shows.

As much as it is believed to bring good luck, it was considered an ominous gem. When the Opal stone powers ended by coming in contact with the holy water, it turned colorless and lifeless and even cursed the wearer to death. This was later proven to be inspired by a fiction novel, and the whole negative theory was disregarded.

When we talk about the spiritual meaning of opal, then it is vast. It helps the wearer to connect with the higher spiritual realm. Opal stone powers help you achieve that by keeping it in direct contact with your body while meditating. Opal spiritual meaning and metaphysical properties are never questioned by the believers.

Sterling Silver Opal Jewelry

The benefits of opal can be availed by keeping the gemstone near to your physical body. The most convenient way of doing that to get the maximum benefits of Opal character is by wearing sterling silver opal jewelry. This is a good option because this will give you the benefits while also making you look and feel amazing.

While talking about opal jewelry, there are many options that you can choose. However, wearing an opal pendant is highly recommended if you're wearing it to gain all the benefits. This is because it keeps the gemstone near your heart, thus providing maximum advantages. And if it is mostly for appearance, then wear whatever you like.

You can explore our wide range of opal jewelry collections.

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