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  • Rhodochrosite Bracelet-BJ RDC-11-3 Rhodochrosite Bracelet-BJ RDC-11-3
  • Rhodochrosite Bracelet-BJ RDC-11-3 Rhodochrosite Bracelet-BJ RDC-11-3

Rhodochrosite Bracelet-BJ (RDC-11-3)

SKU - RDC-11-3

Material - 925 Sterling Silver

Main Stone - Rhodochrosite

Accent Stone - Rose Quartz-Tourmaline-Pearl

Stone Shape - Fancy-Cab

Stone Color - Red

Length - 8.5"

Available Qty: 1


This Rhodochrosite Bracelet-BJ (RDC-11-3) is curated with the sheer attention to detail to compliment your wrist in the best possible way. The elegant design of this bracelet is something to fall for. Pair it up with your wristwatch and see your overall appearance going to the whole new level. Your wrist is believed to be the path from which the concentrated qualities & powers of the stone enters the body. Thus, it benefits the wearer to the maximum.
You can also wear matching earrings with the bracelet to enhance it further. Wear this bracelet and feel the vibe and magic yourself. This bracelet comes with a promise and responsibility of making you feel beautiful, inside out.

The joyous raspberry pink color of this gemstone is so beautiful that even if you do not wear any accessories, you will atleast consider wearing a 925 sterling silver jewelry piece with rhodochrosite embedded in it. This is a gemstone that is strongly associated with love and compassion. It is also believed that holding a rhodochrosite while praying or meditating amplifies the effects of the prayers, thus benefitting the persom more. This is also a gemstone that is responsible for balancing the emotions and stabilizing any disturbing elements that is affecting your mental peace. Wearing rhodochrosite jewelry is the best way to keep it near and take the maximum advantages of the stone.

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