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  • Sodalite/Moonstone Bracelet-BSL SDL-11-4 Sodalite/Moonstone Bracelet-BSL SDL-11-4
  • Sodalite/Moonstone Bracelet-BSL SDL-11-4 Sodalite/Moonstone Bracelet-BSL SDL-11-4

Sodalite/Moonstone Bracelet-BSL (SDL-11-4)

SKU - SDL-11-4

Material - 925 Sterling Silver

Main Stone - Sodalite

Accent Stone - Moonstone

Stone Shape - Oval-Cab

Stone Color - Blue

Length - 8.5"

Available Qty: 1


This Sodalite/Moonstone Bracelet-BSL (SDL-11-4) is curated with the sheer attention to detail to compliment the wearer's wrist in the best possible way. The elegant design of this bracelet is something to fall for. It can be paired up with a wristwatch to take the overall appearance to a whole new level. A person's wrist is believed to be the path from which the stone's concentrated qualities & powers enter the body. Thus, it benefits the wearer to the maximum. Also, matching earrings can be worn with the bracelet to enhance it further. Wearing this bracelet will let the vibe spread. This bracelet comes with a promise and responsibility of making the wearer feel beautiful inside out. The beautiful gemstone mottled with white patterns is mostly available in a vibrant violet color along with blue, green, and sometimes yellow colors. The aesthetics of sodalite make it a perfect stone to curate 925 sterling silver jewelry. It is the stone associated with emotional stability, logic, intelligence, truth, clarity, intuition, and perception. Sodalite best compliments the spiritual energies of Sagittarius. It also heals and enhances the powers of third eye chakra and throat chakra. It absorbs the electromagnetic waves and radiations, thus minimizing the damage caused by them. Hence, it will be very beneficial to wear sodalite in the areas of high pollution. Rananjay Exports is a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier based in India. We have been successfully serving the jewelry industry since 2013. this has been made possible by building and maintaining an ever-growing list of satisfied clientele by providing a choice of 100+ gemstones and 3 vermeils. All our jewelry conforms to the set industry standards by using authentic gemstones and 92.5 pure sterling silver. This makes us the most preferred jewelry manufacturer worldwide. Our secured payment method and convenient processes make us the most trusted, though. We consider it our responsibility to provide the best quality and most durable jewelry to our authorized partners. By associating with us, you will always get the best.