Diamonds are those highly expensive and precious stones that everyone treasures. It's a fact that not everyone can afford them, but what if we provide you with the stone that is the prettiest and loved by ancients. Although it is difficult to make your mind turn from diamonds to other stones, I assure you that Opals are no less. These multi-color gemstones could turn to be a unique accessory that a person can't stop buying them.

These stunning Opal stones have the outstanding kaleidoscopic play of colors, making them the exclusive and exquisite stones in the world of gemstones. These stones have a robust approach, and they are available in the hues of orange, pink, white, blue, and many more. The wearer can flaunt wearing these quintessential jewelry pieces on any occasion.

Let’s dive into the world of these fantastic opals and what all you need to consider before buying them.

The Opals

The muse of the artists and love of the ancients, opals have a rich history. Coming from the long way, they have made their place in the heart of gem lovers across the world. Being the oldest gemstone found on the earth, opals have made a mark in history and still loved the modern world.

The name opal is derived from the Roman word opalus that means precious. They were the cherished gemstones of Romans and were passed to the generations. The opals took millions of years to form when the silica from the rocks carried down, and the water from the mountains seeped in, forming these gentle yet stunning beauties.

The Color Theory

Opals are undoubtedly the most beautiful gemstone, but here is a fact, the color mainly defines opals. The deeper the shade, the more the price is. The deeper opal shows a more vibrant play of these kaleidoscopic colors then the normal white one and that is why the darker shades like black opal are the most prized opals present in the market.

Opals In Jewelry

With this shine and the internal play of colors, the opals make the awe-inspiring jewelry pieces that are one of a kind and add the oomph factor to the most contemporary looks. There are different types of opal in the market like fire opals, boulder opal, black opal, and others that make beautiful opal jewelry like opal necklace, opal pendants for your every mood.

Let’s look at these jewelry pieces that are flying off the racks and find out how you can pair them to ramp up your style.

Opal Beaded Necklace

For the opal lover who wants to be always in the trend, then the opal beaded necklace is the right choice; recent trends show that beads are back in the hot trend list of 2023, and for the opal lover, this is the time for you add up these beauties to your collection. They are minimal and quirky and will increase the glamour meter by amping up the most casual of the look, theycan be worn along with pendants that compliments the recent trend making you the trendsetter and a style statement.

Opal Bracelet

with the most uncomplicated yet classy look. One of them is an opal bracelet. They are trendy and go with the most contemporary looks. They are the right fit for any occasion. You can pair them up with your party outfit or just casuals, and they will add the much-needed flair of drama to your look.

Opal Earring

When it comes to the earrings, they emerge as the timelessly trendy flicks present with so many styles that one uses to get the most fashionable look. Opal earrings can be worn on any party wear outfits dark to deeper red to even black, and they will perfectly light up your dark attire with ease without putting much effort.

Opal Pendant

To give you the chicest and contemporary spin, I suggest you contemplate opals pendants to your look. These pretty little beauties can be paired up with the different neck pieces and will complete and complement your look. They will make you stand out from the crowd and catch the right gaze to give the most fashionable edit to your face.

Opal Ring

The opal ring are beautiful and elegant; they are the trendiest of the beauties that go perfectly well with any outfit; opt for the single ring or the different layer (the stackable ones), and they will prove out to be the most beautiful combination ever. They will suit your attire and put you in the glinting light, making you the center of attention.

Caring For Your Opals

The opals are not some strong gemstones. They are delicate beauties like glass. These gemstones should be handle with care of as the hardness ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 on the moh’s scale.

    1. One should not wear opal jewelry when doing strenuous work or while doing outdoor activities like gardening. As they can easily be scratched and even break.

    1. Opal is the water gemstone, does not break after immersed in the water, but when it comes to the varieties, the doublets and triplets should not be immersed in the water as they have the glue which holds them together.

    1. If you want your opals to maintain their shine, then get your opals polished from time to time, or you can clean your opals with the soap water and dry it with the dry cloth and keep them in the felt fabric so that they don’t get scratched.

With pretty things comes responsibility, and that is what goes with opals too! They are the beautiful gemstones that make gorgeous jewelry, and for it to maintain its shine and glory, one needs to take care of them. With the proper care, they can stay for a more extended time and even pass on to the different generations.

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