Opal gemstone is considered so priceless that people are even using it in their engagement rings!

However, in this blog, we'll focus on this brilliant gem's monetary value and know the various factors that affect it.

Here, I'll talk about the individual opal stone prices and the opal stone price when embedded in the sterling silver setting to create brilliant opal gemstone jewelry.

I'll also tell you about the different varieties of opal gems found across the world. 

I personally feel that along with the good things that increase the opal gemstone's worth, you should also be well aware of the possible defects that negatively affect it. 


'Opal Is The National Gemstone Of Australia' 

Opal stone worth based on its varieties Opal stone worth based on its varieties

Opal stone worth based on its varieties.

It can range from $1 to $135 per carat!

You must be wondering about the reason for this whopping deviation in the price. So, let me get you out of there. There are various factors (or qualities of opal) that determine opal stone worth. The type, brilliance, origin, color, patterns, fire, scarcity, and transparency are significant reasons to bring such a deviation in the price range of this brilliant gemstone.

Let's zoom in and take a closer look at the most important ones to understand the reason for price deviation.

I'll begin with the types or varieties of opal gem and their possible effects on their cost. 

Broadly opal gemstone can be categorized into two buckets, viz., natural and synthetic opals. Both are equally desirable. So without differentiating between them, let's know all the subcategories.

Let's see what they are and how they affect the opal stone value and the opal wholesale silver jewelry.

Ethiopian opal

Ethiopian opal is one of the most sought after opal gemstone varieties that is loved by all the jewelry wearers and jewelry manufacturers worldwide. The fire and the play of color that this gemstone depicts is remarkable and is enough to grab anyone's attention. This is the primary reason why any wholesale jewelry supplier prefers it over any other variety.

The price of this gemstone ranges from $0.15 to $4 per carat. This variation occurs because of the intensity of colors that it possesses and the inclusions or cracks that it shows.

Black opal 

It is a loved variety of opal gemstone because of its availability and the brilliant sheen it possesses. These black opals are mined in northern new South Wales, in the lightning ridge, and Mintabie, South Australia.

The black opal gemstone price can go up to $68 and starts from $14. But it's not enough for the opal to have black color to achieve that reputation. It should also possess the brilliant sheen for which it's cherished. Most good quality black opals are used to curate wholesale silver jewelry.

White opal

White opals are the most common type of opal gemstone, making it one of the cheapest ones available. This opal gemstone cost can drop to as low as $4. But if the gem shows a play of colors, it can as well go up to $60.

The vast availability is not the only reason for the low prices. The transparency of these opals affects the cost as well. The less transparent the gem is, the higher the price will be. This is because opaque gemstones promote a beautiful and more vibrant play of colors that is loved worldwide.

Wholesale opal jewelry Wholesale opal jewelry

Fire opal

Fire opal gets its name from the bright colors it possesses. The red, orange, and yellow colors, don't showcase a play of colors. Still, it shows a bright green flash with movement. This majorly affects the fire opal worth.

The gemstone is found primarily in Mexico, and the fire opal price can range anywhere from $1 to $135. A closer look at this gemstone actually gives an illusion of fire burning inside it. These were formerly known as Mexican fire opals and are highly appreciated by the wholesale jewelry suppliers. 

Matrix opal

Matrix opal is the variety of opal gemstone in which the original opal stone having the play of colors is distributed evenly throughout the host rock. The host rock can be limestone, sandstone, or any other compatible stone. This gives the opal a brilliant appearance as the play of colors can be witnessed with every movement. Don't get confused if someone calls it 'type 3 opal.'

The primary source of matrix opals is Andamooka, Australia, and the price ranges from $1 to $135. This gemstone complements sterling silver's beauty when embedded in the silver setting to create the wholesale silver jewelry.

Blue opal (Peruvian opal) 

Blue opals are mostly opaque and display a blue-green color on the surface. The colors are mostly fixed and don't show a play of colors. It is primarily found in Peru and has also been called Peruvian opal. Other sources include Oregon and Idaho in the Owyhee region and Nevada near Virgin Valley.

The patterns and transparency that the gemstone possesses determine the blue opal worth. However, the average blue opal cost is approximately $1 per carat.

These are the 5 most sought after varieties of opal gemstone and their cost.

Some others include honey opal, hyalite, eagle opal, etc. 

These are the prices that are decided by the concerned authorities. But what are the factors that actually determine the cost of these opal gemstones? Let's find out

How to value opal gemstone?

  1. Opal class - Solid opal is priced more than that of the layered one.
  2. Color or body tone - Dark-colored opals are valued high than their light-colored counterparts.
  3. Adularescence or play of colors - The more the play of colors or shades, the more valuable is the opal gemstone.
  4. Natural or synthetic - Natural opal gemstones are obviously more expensive than the ones which are created in labs.
  5. Availability - Rare varieties of opal gemstones are worth more than those available widely. Remember the demand-supply rule!
  6. Brilliance - The shinier the opal gem, the more it will be valued in contrast to the dull ones.

You know what the factors that determine the opal gemstone's worth and how it affects it are.

Now is the perfect time to know some of the possible defects that may occur in the opal gemstone that, in turn, will affect its worth negatively. 

Opal stone defects

  1. Cracks on the face - Even minute hairline cracks on the surface can depreciate the value of opal gemstone that otherwise would've been valued much more.
  2. Unnatural patterns - Each natural opal gemstone possesses a particular type of design. If these don't look natural, then it degrades the value of the opal.
  3. Inclusions - The unnecessary and untreated additions that look odd in the gemstone are not very appreciated when it comes to its valuation.
  4. Windows - These are the colorless patches on the surface of the gemstone. They look very odd and deteriorate the beauty and value of the opal.
  5. Webbing - It refers to the grey lines that are visible on the gemstone. They look like a web, thus making the opal look worn out and diminishing its value.

These are some of the most prevalent defects in the opal gemstone that affect its worth. These can be identified by anyone by merely looking at any opal gemstone closely.

That's all for individual opal gemstones. Now let's take a quick look into the price and valuation of opal gemstone jewelry. 

Factors determining the price of opal jewelry Factors determining the price of opal jewelry

Factors determining the price of opal wholesale silver jewelry

  1. Metal used While considering the price of opal ring or any other jewelry, the metal in which the gemstone is embedded makes a huge difference. And if the metal is pure, filled, or plated also impacts the same.
  2. Process incorporated If the natural opal necklace is handmade or 'one of a kind,' it will definitely add up to the cost, which is unlikely in machine-made or casting jewelry.
  3. Type, cut, and number of gemstones used How genuine the opal is in your 'genuine opal earrings' will determine the price tag that it will bear. And how many of these gemstones are incorporated will also play an important role.
  4. Intricacy of designs The intricacy and the complexity of the opal jewelry design are held responsible for increasing or decreasing its worth. It will also determine the efforts put in to clean your opal jewelry.

These things will play a significant role in determining the worth of the opal jewelry with any variety of opal gemstone embedded in it.

Opal jewelry wholesale Opal jewelry wholesale

Now you have the basic idea of everything that has been promised at the beginning of this blog. I've covered all the things you need to know to address your confusion on the price of opal jewelry and individual opal gemstones.

I hope this blog proves to be of great help during your next big purchase of opal wholesale silver jewelry.

Please note that these are not the permanent figures and may vary according to the market trends. 

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