"An Agate a Day Keeps the Negativity at Bay"

Every gemstone is believed to serve a story of its own, and being a business owner in this field, you should be able to tell that story perfectly to your customers. In this blog, we will tell you one such story of a gemstone and all about it that you should know so that your customers are delighted to know about the wonders of the stone.

When we think about gemstones that make you stand out of the crowd, the first name that comes to mind is “Agate”. Its extraordinary features and distinguished metaphysical properties always draw enormous attention from buyers. Here is all you want to know about it.

Agate is a wonder stone known for its protective properties and exceptional, eye-catching distinct features. If we talk about its name, the answer lies in the history, where it was first discovered in the Achates River in Sicily by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher. It is generally found in volcanic rocks and has distinctive amusing patterns.

It has been used by people for a long time back in history when it was associated with many of the meanings by Romans, Egyptians, Germans, and in many other parts of the world. It was sought to be a protector from evil, protector of women, and was even believed to quench thirst and eliminate negative energy.

Today, apart from being the center of attention, it is believed to have specific metaphysical meanings and properties attached (which we will discuss later in this blog).

Different colors and patterns distinguish one variety of agate from others. These might have some common traits that might be the same, but each variant is one of a kind in itself. One such beautiful variety of Agate is Seafoam Agate Gemstone.

Seafoam Agate – Wander into the sea.

It is an ideal variety of agate families and is very much in trend these days when it comes to Agate Jewelry. The stone has awe-inspiring shades and mixtures of blue, green, and red color in different proportions to form the seafoam color. One look at this beautiful stone will give you the feeling that you are staring at a colossal ocean and can experience its waves on you.

It has blue, white, and grey patterns over it and can be worn in the form of a Seafoam Agate Bracelet, pendant, or ring. The stone is rated 7 on the Mohs scale in terms of hardness which makes it suitable to wear on a day-to-day basis.

The Divinity of Seafoam Agate.

Like other agate stones, seafoam agate is also considered a natural protector and helps people with positive energies. This is a gemstone that is not only highly valued because of its exceptional color but also because of its mystical powers.

Its color and nature both bring calmness and soothing effect to the wearer and thus helping to keep her focused in life. It balances emotions and provides clarity by connecting you to the environment.

It helps you maintain the balance between your chakras so that you can effectively make decisions with clarity and perfection. The stone’s color mainly emphasizes which chakra it belongs to and is much beneficial for. Since seafoam agate has a significant component of color Blue, it primarily focuses on your throat chakra, which represents communication.

So, if you are aspiring to sharpen your communication skills, this stone will help you big way.

September Birthstone - Agate.

The Seafoam Agate is the birthstone of September and can have profound impacts on the lives of people born in the month of September. It is also connected with the Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs. The nature of Gemini’s includes affection, adaptable and thus, the energy of this stone can provide them to be successful in life. It will help the wearer with these zodiac signs to be wittier, confident, think better and be more satisfied in life.

As we have said, there is an agate for everyone according to your personality and the next one is definitely pure royalty. We are talking about none other than Purple Agate Gemstone.

Feel the Royalty in You with Purple Agate.

The stone is rich in color with different shades of purple, white, and grey in it. The color is itself one of the stupendous qualities of this stone and is the favorite color of many. It is associated with royalty and is used to depict luxury and prestige. The color is a combination of both red and blue including both passion and calmness. It represents wealth, dignity, pride, and wisdom.

One can clearly guess why this stone has been chosen to make various enchanting pieces of jewelry.

A Start of Spiritual Awakening.

Purple Color is known to be related to spirituality since the early periods and in many religions like Buddhism, Catholicism, and Judaism. Our stone has similar effects on a person and brings out positivity in you. It helps in improving your overall efficiency, bringing out the best version of you at the workplace. Wearing the stone will help you to stay strong both mentally and physically.

The Sacred Stone of Astral.

Purple Agate is also called “The Sacred Stone of Astral” and “Stone of Science” because of its various extraordinary qualities to uplift you to a higher level by using your skills to the fullest. Like all other agates, the stone is a natural protector and maintains the balance between yin and yang, and brings good luck and fortune in life.

Hold back for a great head-turner is about to enter. Another bewitching variant of Agate is Black Agate Gemstone.

As Black as Night.

Black Agate has been a choice for many jewelry lovers for a long time. A few reasons include its color, variant characteristics, and overall unique patterns. This gemstone has distinctive patterns and layers that add value to the beauty of the stone and make it the most charismatic out of all agate gemstones. The color of the layers inside the stone is generally black, dark brown, and dark grey.

Significance of Color Black.

So, apart from being the attention grabber due to its unique color, let’s understand what does the color black signifies psychologically. The black color in your gemstone signifies protection – from evil and negative energies and helps to keep them at bay. According to color psychology, the Black color symbolizes elegance, power, and control and enables you to stand out from the crowd. It is a stone of pure ink.

The various beautiful different lines in this stone are as unique as you. But since Agate is available in a variety of colors you need to know that what makes a difference in the color of its various type. It is because of their atomic structure. And this is the reason that each stone is different in colors and patterns as well.

Perks Of Wearing a Black Agate.

Have you ever heard about a stone that keeps you ahead in not just only fashion (which we will talk about later in this blog) but also helps you mentally and physically to get ahead in your life? Yes, you heard it right!!!

Here are a few facts that come in handy when you choose to include this stone in your life.

It protects its wearer from external energy evils, physical discomforts, and internal imbalances. The stone is considered a balancing stone that helps the wearer increase self-esteem and courage. It brings more energy, peace, and calm to life and can help those going through bereavement or grief. This stone represents elegance and allows the wearer with increased self-esteem and courage. It drives away fear, grief, and uncertainty from life and helps in legal matters as well.

So, next time you face a difficulty, you know your partner.

The Chakra.

Black agate is associated with the root chakra and helps the wearer to eliminate negative energy and thus helping to grow. In addition, the stone's unique power enables you to connect with the earth. It, therefore, allows your body to cope with diseases, headaches, heal your pancreas, eyes, uterus, and skin problems.

No More Blues in Your Life.

Another astonishing variant of agate is– Blue Agate, a beautiful variant of the Agate family with its own unique properties and characteristics. It generally has layers of dark blue, white, and even brown color in it.

The gemstone is extraordinary as it is directly obtained from nature and helps the wearer connect with its environment and grow ideally. Every stone is different from others, which makes it most suitable to be a part of your life as it is one of a kind. Just like you!

A Tint of Blue.

It is equally important to understand the essence of the blue color and its impacts on the wearer psychologically. Blue color represents a sense of calmness and coolness and has similar effects on a person’s life. It is believed to lower down the heart rate, relax breathing, maintain blood pressure, and lower down the body temperature. This promotes effective communication and openness.

The color blue has been a symbol of stability, harmony, and peace for a long time. Including this color in your life will definitely keep you calm, promote growth, and eliminate trust issues.

Why Choose Blue Agate.

Apart from being a great head-turner, the stone holds specific extraordinary metaphysical properties which help you get ahead in your life. When you look at the stone, it makes you feel that you are staring at an enormous ocean on a beach with an immense open sky.

It helps you eliminate negative energy from your life and brings you harmony, allowing prosperity. People who find it hard to express themselves, this is the stone for you, as it helps the wearer with excellent communication, which enhances your self-confidence. The stone helps you overcome past trauma and smoothly move ahead in your life.

While supporting you emotionally, it is also believed to cure specific physical ailments such as stomachache and help with digestion.

The Chakra-View.

The stone makes you realize that there is a lot of power in Being Green and will keep you grounded and connected to your roots. It provides you with a fresh idea of spring after a long cold winter season.

The color “Green” is universally associated with nature and represents growth, fertility, spiritual balance, and health. It opens up the mind and allows knowledge, positivity, and consciousness to enter. It is a color that helps alleviate negative thoughts, anxiety, and negative thoughts and promotes a feeling of newness, energy, optimism, and renewal.

If you want stability, harmony, and wealth to enter your life, green is your color.

The Lucky-Charm.

Green Agate for a long time has been considered a lucky charm that brings you harmony, health, and fertility. In this stone, the power of green is combined with that of Agate which makes it extraordinary and has significant impacts on the wearer.

According to modern astrologers, green agate enhances mental and emotional qualities and decision-making power and brings out a great sense of compassion in the wearer's lives. It opens up the mind, allowing the spiritual energy to flow in. Allowing negative energy to flow out will create space for positivity and optimism to enter.

The Great Effect on Chakras.

The different chakras inside a person are responsible for proper positivity and spirituality to flow in. A slight misbalance in one of the chakras will impact all the others. Green Agate Gemstone is known to be associated with the heart chakra and maintain its balance will all the rest of the chakras.

It is well known to cure joint and bone-related issues and has a certain effect that helps people undergoing surgery. Wearing the stone by people who are in a field that requires creativity will enhance their productivity. It creates a balance between heart and mind, thus helping and preventing various psychological disorders. People dealing with continuous stress, anxiety, trust issues will feel a soothing effect in their life after wearing the stone.

So, have you ever felt the need for a love guru in your life? Don’t worry, we have found you one! Meet our next variant - Pink Agate Gemstone.

The Love-Guru.

The first thought that comes to mind after looking at the color Pink is of Love. It represents love for oneself and for others. The color denotes friendship, delicate, and feminine side strongly. It has a component of white added to a majority of red that provides both the feeling of passion as well as of calmness.

It helps in calming down anger issues and brings positivity to the mind.

The Fairytale Of Pink Agate.

The stone is believed to bring positivity, acceptance, calmness, and serenity into your life. It activates the heart chakra thereby allowing love to enter your life. The stone affects the heart in a positive manner and heals old heartaches, pain and replaces it with heart healing, a sense of security and comfort, and good vibrations to your love life. It helps with getting control over your emotions and gaining emotional maturity. It also activates the first chakra centered at the spine’s base.

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