Are you finding something that has connections with human emotions and could be a perfect spice, complementing what's already there? Then, you are absolutely at the correct place, sterling silver jewelry will be a flawless fit for your requirement. It is that jewelry that takes off the person's mind from all the other things. It has those endearing elements which can develop anyone's interest. Moreover, it is the most transformative thing a person prefers to wear, or we can say that it is like the icing on the cake. But before sterling silver, let us first learn about the metal silver.

Know about The Metal Silver 

Silver is always considered a sumptuous ornament, as the phrase suggests, 'born with a silver spoon' correlated with the person's wealth. However, silver was a rare and most expensive metal until 1500BC as it was very challenging to extract from ores where it was mined. Therefore, silver is among those seven metals of antiquity known to prehistoric humans, and the other six were gold, mercury, iron, lead, tin, and copper. Later, Egyptians discovered a new method of refining silver.

Silver is always used for making jewelry, coins, and silverware, as it is an ideal way to maintain their distinctive aesthetic. Moreover, people always use it to glorify achievements, milestones, or celebrations and ceremonies. The sparkling silver jewelry has always entranced humans by the magnificent loveliness they have. It can be used for everyday purposes as well as for special occasions too. 

Therefore, now people have moved towards the 925 sterling silver jewelry instead of plain silver jewelry because it is the immaculate combination of malleability, beauty, and durability. Let us learn more about this trending Sterling Silver Jewelry

What is Sterling 925 Silver Jewelry?

Sterling 925 silver jewelry is something that can make anyone excited for it. This jewelry is made of 92.5% silver, and the rest 7.5% is made up of other metal alloys, usually copper. In comparison with plain silver, sterling silver is more durable and more substantial. In addition, items like jewelry pieces or silverware won't be damaged or dented if made with sterling silver because it is a combination of metals.

Ways to Grace The Sterling Silver Jewelry 

We believe that each ornament has its own individualism and forte. Currently, the modern range of women, from students to professionals to housewives, are opting for silver jewelry as it is much suited to budget-conscious customers and goes well with fashion essence.

Silver trendy jewelry is lightweight jewelry with high demand and is most adored by women. These pieces are easy to wear, and at the same time, they make the person look elegant, like a diva. In addition, we have a wonderful collection of sterling silver earrings to ensure that all eyes are on the wearer. We consider everyone's opinion necessary, and we guarantee to provide different types of jewelry. 

We offer chic jewelry pieces that are sleek and elegant enough to match any kind of attire. Adding the sterling silver ring makes it a fabulous on-the-go accessory enhancing the sophistication to the personality. These ornaments are linked with traditional or even conservative aesthetics. Also, they look prominent when you pair them with modern or stylish outfits. Girls can add a Sterling silver bracelet for a symbolic touch, as these undeniable matches will give them a notable and unusual style. 

Try the statement sterling silver necklace with a tiny minimalist design for a glistening look and bringing emphasis to the jewelry. This is the most-suited design for formal occasions and parties where the wearer can show off their refined side. In addition, using a bold lip color will enrich the overall look and make them confident.

Silver has the ability to grab the attention of the passer-by. Whereas choosing the sterling silver pendant is a pocket-friendly selection and is among the trendy phase of jewelry across the world. It comes in astonishingly diverse designs, revealing individuality to the onlookers. This accessory can be worn daily, as it will not harm the skin and amplify the wearer's personality. 

Sterling Silver in Color - The Varieties

People have shifted to silver due to the high gold prices. With the increasing standards of social life, women want to accessorize their look with matching jewels, gems, and colors. So, to increase the choice of women's silver jewelry in many colors, we provide Rose Gold Vermeil and Yellow Gold Vermeil. This plated jewelry will give the look of gold, keeping the prices low. Let us know more about this in detail. 

Rose Gold Vermeil

The high-quality silver is plated with a thick layer of rose gold which should be at least 10karats. However, Rananjay Exports make all the items using 18k rose gold vermeil as it is excellent because anything more elevated will be too soft, and less than 18k will not offer that rich rose gold color. Moreover, we use up to 2.5 microns for the gold coating thickness, which is an ideal standard. This is one of the most desirable trending luxuries as it strikes the perfect balance between quality and value. 

Yellow Gold Vermeil

The thick layer of 2.5 microns gold-finished material over solid sterling silver makes the 18k yellow gold vermeil. So, it is simply sterling silver with a layer of gold. It is a fantastic option if you want to build a high-quality collection without investing in pure gold. It usually looks like gold from the naked eye, and it is an exceptional option for the ones who can't afford pure gold jewelry. The vital factor is that the vermeil piece must use sterling silver as its base. 

The Procedure of Overlaying The Jewelry

These kinds of jewelry are made using two processes; Micron plating and flash plating. The procedure that involves measuring the gold layer's thickness is the Micron plating. Whereas, in flash plating, the gold is plunged into the electroplating solution for a quick time, and it finishes up layer over the silver item. You should know these details in your mind while buying the jewelry items to ensure that you purchase the authentic items.    

Reasons for Selecting This Exquisite Jewelry

The market has seen a surge in the demand for Sterling silver, as women prefer this jewelry because it goes with any kind of outfit. Moreover, they love to flaunt on their social media, wearing rings, pendants, and earrings. Buying these items can keep up the women exalted about the latest fashion sense. The sterling silver can be molded into any shape, and beautiful designs could be made using this metal, which can feast the eyes of the wearer. This is one of the reasons why people are choosing fashion sterling silver jewelry more often. Let us discuss other reasons for choosing this jewelry.

It is long-lasting

The jewelry pieces made with sterling silver will always last for a lifetime, and it would be worth paying for that jewelry type. These jewelry pieces can exactly look the same even after forty years if they are taken care of properly. Purchasing these jewelry items could be a smart choice when you make sure to check the 925 or .925 or sterling silver mark on the jewelry item. It is mandatory to check this mark on every item you buy because it will give you the authentication for your jewelry purchase.   

You can get endless options with Sterling Silver.

There is an expansive range of sterling silver jewelry options available because constantly new designs are coming up. And it is that metal that complements almost every attire. Moreover, every piece of jewelry has a story to tell, and every person has a different choice, so in this regard, Rananjay Exports provides you with a vast range of sterling silver jewelry. As we believe in constant innovation, providing you with thousands of options to spruce your collection.   

It doesn't spoil your skin.

Sometimes, people avoid wearing the jewelry because it hurts their skin, but you don't need to worry about anything with sterling silver. This metal does not contain any type of metal which can irritate the skin or cause any allergy reaction. People who have a problem wearing jewelry made of nickel or brass, which infects their piercing, should try for sterling silver jewelry. However, the metal copper is added to the sterling silver, but it will not cause an allergic reaction to the skin. This will not cause any consequences in the future too. 

Preserving The Luster of The Jewelry.

People think that silver jewelry tarnishes, and due to this reason, they don't buy it and go for other options. But let me give you the reality check here, if you wear your silver jewelry on a regular basis and clean it properly, then it will not tarnish. Moreover, if you see the discoloring or getting it to degrade, there is a very simple way of restoring its shine. All you have to do is, clean your jewelry with varnish and fresh cloth, and you can get back the sparkle of your jewelry. 

How to store This jewelry

Try to maintain the same temperature of the place where you keep your jewelry, fix a dehumidifier or the air conditioner. In wet regions, the jewelry might tarnish during the summer months, and high humidity is the reason for the diminishing jewelry products. It would be best to place the jewelry boxes in an interior space that is cool and dark. 

You can wrap the silver jewelry in a silver polishing cloth or in a pouch that reduces the surrounding air exposure. Still, it requires maintenance, and it should be cleaned timely. Don't clean or polish it too much, otherwise, it will destroy the actual metal. 

Never keep them under direct exposure to sun or heat, as they will lose their properties from extended exposure to ultraviolet lights. In addition, keep the silver jewelry in a box with soft fabric lining to protect the metal from damage. 

Cleanse your hands before taking jewelry in your hands or wearing it. Always scour your jewelry with a soft cloth while keeping it back in the jewelry box, as this small habit will hold the magnificence of the jewelry item forever. 

Ready to Buy?

Now, when you understand the value and significance of buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry, we advise you buy from us as we furnish you with the tipple-a quality silver made with utmost purity, whose beauty will last eternally. Moreover, we render you with the choice of more than two hundred gemstones and thousands plus designs of jewelry. We have been catering to all the requirements of our wholesalers and retailers at the global level since 2013. Moreover, our Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry has the best resale prices that are not found anywhere. 

We always ensure amenity and pricing in mind while designing jewelry items. For the retailers who are looking for trending sterling silver jewelry at the best prices, Rananjay Exports is the one-stop solution. We offer all kinds of jewelry, from minimalist to statement jewelry items, in all three varieties- sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. Our jewelry is crafted with handmade and catalog techniques, whereas we also accept orders for customized products. Especially the handmade silver jewelry items are the number one choice. 

Privileges of Being our Customer

You can enjoy the privileges if you become our client. We provide you with discounts of 2%, 5%, and 12 % on orders of $500, $1200, and $2100, respectively, so that you can increase your profit margins or play on the cost. In addition, we cater to you with the rewards points while registering with us and while buying from us, which you can redeem. Also, we make every effort to make your shopping experience better and effortless, and for that, we even provide free shipping across the globe within 10-12 business working days. 

Buying it online

You can browse the website, have an endless number of choices at affordable prices and order them online. It is the most convenient way of getting your order at your place. Moreover, we assure you that our products are exactly what you have seen in the pictures.  

How to pay us?

We accept all the payments through PayPal to keep it easy and straightforward. Moreover, we also accept bank transfers in exceptional cases. 

To evolve the most re-owned retailer of the town, scroll the website and order your collection today!

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