The chimes of Valentine’s Day creates flurry inside our heart reminding us of our close ones. The imminent arrival of this day creates an atmosphere of bliss and elation. Everyone enjoys and wants to be with their loved ones, especially on this day. With absolute romantic vibes and overwhelmed feelings, comes a lot of thinking to put into gifts and presents along with all the surprises. Whether the depiction of your feelings is in the form of self-love or for others, it must be celebrated and cherished to the full extent.

People often show this love by gifting something special to their loved ones and celebrating the joy of being together to keep their love young and exciting. We all know the struggle of trying to find B the best Valentine’s Day Gifts that is both personal and practical. The first thought that ponders on the top of the mind is that of chocolates, flowers, dinner, and the list goes on. But what about an actual gift that can be cherished and enjoyed throughout life. For that, firstly it is important to understand your partner’s preferences, choices, likes, and dislikes. You must be aware of his or her thought patterns, lifestyle, maybe their fashion sense, and what they actually are as a person. Only, keeping that in mind, choose the gift accordingly.

Selecting The Cream of The Crop

So, this year why not get creative and gift something unique and never-lasting to show your eternal love. Still, wondering about the idea? Let us unbosom the main element, and introduce you to the Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts carefully studded with authentic crystals that will imprint the token of your love and commitment on your partner.

It is important to understand that when it comes to jewelry, it is not restricted to gifting it to females only, you can always choose the Unisex Jewelry for your male partner as well like Bracelets and Rings either studded with a beautiful pair of gems or made with pure sterling silver, according to your choice and his personality. Choosing Valentine’s Day Bracelet will show him your love towards him and you can always go for a crystal that can protect him all the time and has a special meaning attached to it.

There are a few pointers that might help you in choosing the best gift for your partner and make it a memorable one. But first, let’s understand the actual reason what this day actually means and how Love is celebrated with great compassion.

Flashback to the Meaning of Celebrating Valentines

The meaning and history of this day serves the essence in providing it a special value and should be equally acquainted by people. People started celebrating Valentine’s Day a long time back to remember the sacrifices of Saint Valentine and his selfless contribution towards fighting for the love that people deserve. Saint Valentine was a priest in Rome during early times. During that time, the king of Rome believed that unmarried soldiers are better than married ones and forbid marriage for younger men.

But Valentine didn’t believe the same and was determined to protest against the same law. He performed various marriages in secret and he was sentenced to death when his actions were revealed in front. It is because of that sacrifice that this day holds a special value and is treated as a symbol of true love. Now that you know about the history of this day and its importance and true meaning, let’s come back to the ways in which you can celebrate.

Customize it for your Companion

There are some intimate moments in life about which only you and your partner know and hold a special place in both of your lives. Providing a personalized touch to your jewelry will just add some magic to your special moments and will be remembered by your partner lifelong. You can make it special by gifting engraved jewelry by either both of your initials or can give it a shape that might be close to your heart like attaching the two half heart-shaped gems together to depict your love and the list goes on.

The main aim here is to provide a sense of personal touch and to cherish your intimate moments together.


Ensure, that no matter what jewelry piece you are choosing, you need to first keep in mind if your partner is comfortable enough to wear that or not. Secondly, the design you choose should be convenient and comfy enough so that it can be worn easily on regular basis. For example, if you are choosing Valentine’s Day Ring for your partner, it is indeed a great idea yet you have to first see whether your partner wears a ring or not and if yes, what sort of designs he or she likes. Also, notice whether they wear a necklace, pendant, bracelets, or any other variety of Jewelry and accordingly select the category.

It is prerequisite to ensure the ease of wearability in your check list while selecting the design and jewelry itself for your partner.

Do not Forget The Zodiac Sign

If you and your partner are someone who believes in astrology and loves to learn and study about the Zodiac Signs, here is great news for you. You can now add that aspect to gifting the most memorable gift to your partner. Yes, you heard it right. Many gemstones are believed to have marvelous metaphysical properties and suit really well with some zodiac signs.

If you are devising on surprising your partner with Gemstone Jewelry that match up consummately with her or his zodiac sign, you are not just giving them a piece of jewelry, but you are gifting them success, growth, and protection which clearly depicts your love for them.

Just in case you don’t know about the Gems related to the zodiac sign for your partner, we are here to help. Here is a chart shared for your reference and to help you in selecting the appropriate gem for you.

    • Capricorn – Rose Quartz

    • Aquarius – Amber

    • Pisces – Jade

    • Aries – Clear Quartz/ Rock Crystal

    • Taurus – Chrysoprase

    • Gemini – Moonstone

    • Cancer – Carnelian

    • Leo – Spinel

    • Virgo – Lapis Lazuli

    • Libra – Pink Tourmaline

    • Scorpio – Citrine

  • Sagittarius – Blue Topaz

Also, please note that the chart shared by us is only for your reference and it is not necessary that these are the only gems that work really well with respective zodiacs. Also, it is not that these gems only work for these zodiac signs, anyone can go for any Gemstone, it is just that when they are paired up with their signs, their healing intensity increases. You can go for any gemstone of your choice and still can cherish its metaphysical properties to great extent.

Metal Color Matters

When it comes to choosing the color of the metal of your jewelry you should generally match it according to your gemstone. Secondly, if you are choosing the jewelry gift particularly for Valentine’s Day then, Rose Gold metal can never go wrong. Rose-plated jewelry is loved by a majority of females and the feminine side of it complements well with the beauty of the wearer.

The soft pink color of the rose gold adds a new flavor of joy to the jewelry. When you are thinking about gifting the same gift to your male partner, you can consider the option of both Rose gold and whitish sterling silver as both look stunning on them.

A Birthstone for Your Beloved

Choosing and gifting a gemstone that relates to the birth month of your consecutive partner will purely show your divine love to them. Birthstones work like magic when worn by someone with the respective birth month and really help an individual to attain a new level of growth in their life. By gifting Valentine’s Day Pendant, studded with their respective birthstone you can show your partner about your care for them. For example, if your partner is December-born, Turquoise Jewelry would be appropriate to select.

The vibrations of the gem will directly enter into their heart making your connection stronger with them. If you want to see your partner achieve success in life, you can always choose to gift a birthstone to them. If you are not aware of the birthstones, you can consider a quick table shared below and select your stone accordingly. Also, kindly note that the gems shared by us are not the only gems that are considered as Birthstones, and there may be some other gems available as well.

    • January: Garnet

    • February: Amethyst

    • March: Aquamarine

    • April: Diamond

    • May: Emerald

    • June: Pearl or Alexandrite

    • July: Ruby

    • August: Peridot

    • September: Sapphire

    • October: Tourmaline or Opal

    • November: Topaz or Citrine

  • December: Tanzanite, Zircon, or Turquoise

This chart might help you in selecting the appropriate gem for you.

A Guide for Retailers to Stock Jewelry of Lore

If you are a Jewelry Retailer, you should plan in advance to fill up the stock for Valentine’s Day Jewelry and order it accordingly so that you can get the time to offer it to a maximum number of customers. Another key aspect you should keep in mind is always choosing stones that are highly related to love and are really elegant for the purpose of gifting. For Example, you can stock Garnet gemstone because of its decent red color that depicts love and is highly wanted during this time.

Pairs of Valentine’s Day Earrings and other accessories must be added to the collection and don’t forget to add birthstones, as well as they, are highly demanded during that time. Also, there is a scope for your business to grow during that time by adding Valentine’s Day Jewelry to your collection.

Another option you can go for is Opal Jewelry because of its elegant shine and it symbolizes love pretty well.

Another point you should have in mind always is that the wholesaler or manufacturer you purchase your Valentine’s Day collection from must be authentic and should properly take care of the quality and durability of the gems studded. Also, the Sterling Silver or the metal used must be pure and reliable.

If the Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and Supplier is providing you with the option of customizing your collection, it is a plus as many of your customers would like to purchase something from you that can be personalized according to them. You can also offer them engraved jewelry or get it designed in the form of their initials.

This will help you in expanding your customer base and will create a long-lasting relationship with them and help you in achieving the long-term vision for your business. While making up your mind for your Valentine’s Jewelry Collection, it is recommended that you are familiar with the metal you opt for. Rose-gold plated metal has feminine soft pink hues that complements the theme of love optimally. People love to buy theme-based jewelry easily during this time. Also, it perfectly pairs off with most of the gemstones and different skin shades.

In case, you are wondering where to purchase your jewelry from, let us help you with that.

Valentine’s Jewelry Collection at Rananjay Exports

Rananjay Exports is a well-established Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and Supplier and has been catering its services to a lot of businesses and customers for a long time now. We offer more than two hundred plus gemstones and a thousand plus designs to suit all your jewelry needs. Also, we provide you with the option of customizing your designs so that you can also build long-lasting relationships with us. The jewelry manufactured at Rananjay is of triple-A quality and all the Gemstones are authentic and natural in their own explicit way.

We have an exquisite collection for special occasions to make your moments alive and have designed a special collection for the same as Moonstone Jewelry and other Gemstone Jewelry.

The designs delivered by us start from minimalist to statement jewelry items and the metal used by us are available in three different varieties – Sterling silver, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold. By associating with us, you get the benefit of various discounts provided by us – 2%, 5%, and 10% discounts on orders of $500, $1200, and $2100 respectively. When it comes to purchasing your jewelry collection online, you can totally rely on us for the smooth functioning and delivery we offer. You will be informed about your order on each step, rest assured.

Also, to make your transaction smooth with us, we accept the payments through PayPal and also bank transfers in certain special cases.

Visit our collection today and take a step forward towards getting the most adorned Gemstone Jewelry with us.

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