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From ancient to early society, Jewelry plays symbolic value and enhances one’s beauty. During weddings, brides especially adorn themselves by wearing various alluring pieces of jewelry. Mostly in Indian cultures, a jewelry bride signifies herself as a part of her husband’s extended family.

With significant presentation, brides of Indian traditional as well as Western weddings wear several ornaments, often lavish and colorful. In the numerous jewelry forms, Rings are commonly used in engagements and marriage ceremonies. But in some cultures, just like Indian traditional cultures, brides used to wear several shades of jewelry such as Rings, Necklace, Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings, and many other splendid ornaments from head to toe on their special day of weddings.

Tektite: History and Significances

Tektite: History and Significances Tektite: History and Significances

Tektite stone is a black-colored shiny natural glass-like pebble with a distinctive formation. It contains a hardness of (5-6.5) on the Mohs scale and can also appear in the smashing colors of green, gray, yellowish-green, colorless, greenish-brown, and brown. In 1787, Tektite with a transparent green color was first found in the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia.

It's interesting to know about the formation of Tektite on the Earth. Throughout history, once upon a time, large meteorites struck the Earth’s surface and after cooling became Tektite. From the Greek word “tektos” which means “molten”, the name Tektite generated.

About billions of years ago, Tektite lies on the cataclysmic event. Around 900 BC, evidence for the existence of Tektite came from China. People over thousands of years used to wear the Tektite in the form of various pieces of jewelry to have positive energy and emotional well-being.

The rare stone, Tektite, has only been discovered in four places in the world: New Zealand, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe. It is commonly found in Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, and Laos. In the earlier gemstone jewelry industry, Asian countries including Vietnam and Thailand are famed for the country of Tektite. It is also believed that for those who are trying to bear babies, wearing Tektite Jewelry brings good luck to them.

Enchanting Beauty and Benefits of Tektite Gemstone Jewelry

Enchanting Beauty and Benefits of Tektite Gemstone Jewelry Enchanting Beauty and Benefits of Tektite Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry is a form of creative expression with a deep significance in religious, cultural, and traditional beliefs. The quality, clarity, and beautiful shades of Tektite always make magnificent and precious jewelry. Carrying spiritual and ethnic meanings, gemstone jewelry like Tektite Jewelry symbolizes purity, peace, harmony, wisdom, love, courage, freedom, and calm. Various religions worldwide, especially Hinduism, believe that wearing jewelry on formal days as well as special occasions connects you to the God and Goddess. Tektite is the best way of asking for protection and blessings from these divine beings which provides you with spiritual enlightenment.

Traditionally, Tektite Jewelry has been worn as a talisman for fertility and also it balances the male and female energies. The amorphous glass, Tektite, is mainly composed of silicon dioxide and possesses many healing powers. Due to the extraterrestrial origins of Tektite, people of different generations, especially spiritual seekers, believe that it concentrates on its owner to experience spiritual development and enhance connections between the other worlds.

Anyone can enjoy wearing Tektite stone in various Jewelry forms including Tektite Rings, Tektite PendantsTektite Bracelets, Tektite Necklaces, and Tektite Earrings regardless of the zodiac sign and birthstone. The various Birthstones and Zodiac signs are based only on traditional beliefs, not on scientific facts. According to the official records of gemstones, Tektite is not a birthstone but is affiliated with the zodiac sign Sagittarians.

Tektite Jewelry: Cleaning Process

Tektite Jewelry: Cleaning Process Tektite Jewelry: Cleaning Process

To get benefits from this healing molten glass, you need to take proper care of it. Cleaning of Tektite per month is required to protect it from fractures and fading of color. It is an easy and simple process to clean Tektite. You should follow some sequences of steps to complete the cleaning process of Tektite.

Firstly, take a bowl of warm water and properly mix a mild detergent or soap in it. After preparing a solution of warm soapy water, leave Tektite for a few minutes in that solution. Then gently scrub Tektite with a soft clean toothbrush. Rinse it well with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth. So you can use this process easily at your home but never use steam and ultrasonic systems to clean Tektite. Using these systems Tektite will be damaged and never be able to heal you from harm.

To cleanse Tektite of any negativity, you can recharge it by placing it in direct sunlight for (4-5) hours. You can also leave your Tektite overnight under the light of the full moon.

Healing Properties Of Tektite Jewelry

Healing Properties Of Tektite Jewelry Healing Properties Of Tektite Jewelry

Tektite is believed to be the most powerful gemstone in the context of faith, astrological belief, and spirituality. Tektite as a unique gemstone in a jewelry form helps the wearer to improve psychic power, makes interdimensional connections easier, promotes healing, brings perceptual vision, and fosters positive emotional states. You can easily improve your sense of styling if you choose to wear Tektite in different charming and trendy jewelry styles like Designer Jewelry, Customize Jewelry, Casting Jewelry, Sea Life Jewelry, Plain Silver Jewelry, Zodiac Sign Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, Birthstone Jewelry, Alphabet Jewelry, and Handmade Jewelry.

Wearing Tektite Necklace aids in detoxification, balances blood circulation, cures digestion problems, and detects negative energy. To alleviate depression and trauma, purify your blood, and improve heart-related problems, you must take a big step towards Tektite Jewelry in your life. The experience of many people having Tektite in their lives proves that Tektite in Jewelry form close to your life treats the common cold and flu, reduces toxicity and infections, provides mind clarity, and protects from mental illnesses.

Due to its cosmic origin, most astrologers believe wearing Tektite Jewelry will be your best partner to complete your spiritual journey. The people of the traditional ancient period used to massage their face with a smooth surface of Tektite to ease themselves from skin disorders.

Tektite Jewelry: Conclusion

The attractive gravel-shaped bodies of Tektites create stunning pieces of jewelry by pairing them with Sterling Silver Jewelry, enhancing the beauty and healing power of this stone. You can purchase this alluring Tektite Jewelry from Rananjay Exports, which is a famous Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and Supplier that serves amazing collections of Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry in numerous trendy styles. At affordable costs, you can easily buy Tektite Jewelry in varieties of designs.