Crystals for Studying and Learning Crystals for Studying and Learning


Learning and studying can be difficult at times. And it is especially difficult when you are consciously trying to keep your mind focused, while all your senses are craving fast entertainment, such as a 15-second reel or a short-form YouTube video. But, thankfully, there are numerous crystals and gemstones that can help you to achieve laser focus and enable you to study and learn better. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it is not as simple as it sounds. Within these numerous crystals and a wide array of gemstones, you must choose carefully that one gemstone or crystal that will aid you in your situation. Through the help of this blog, we will share some of our valuable insights on crystals so that you can achieve the most favorable result in your studies.

Black Tourmaline for Improving Concentration

Black Tourmaline for Improving Concentration Black Tourmaline for Improving Concentration

Black tourmaline is a great stone that aids the individual in improving his concentration power and calms the individual if he is present in overstimulating surroundings. Black tourmaline jewelry is also believed to bring success to the wearer while protecting him from negativity and acting as a shield against low vibrational energy. So, in case you have an exam that you are scared of, try working with a black tourmaline. There are various ways of using black tourmaline. For instance, you can wear it as black tourmaline jewelry or you can place a piece of black tourmaline crystal on your desk. It does not matter how you use it, black tourmaline will allow you to stay focused and stay centered as you prepare for your important exam.

Things in which black tourmaline is helpful: insomnia, enhancement of the immune system, cleansing of toxins from the body, boosting overall vitality and vigor.

Black Tourmaline is never recommended for: Pregnant women, overly sensitive people, and extremely sick individuals.

Citrine for Enhanced Mental Clarity

Citrine Citrine

One of the best crystals, in case you want to study and learn better, is none other than citrine. Why? Well, because citrine not only boosts your concentration power but also brings clarity of mind and an enhanced memory. Citrine also aids you in clearing your mind of limiting beliefs, allowing you to let go of the fixed mindset, and removing any negative energy you have. You can easily find citrine jewelry as well as raw citrine crystal at most online retailers and metaphysical shops. Generally, when it comes to citrine jewelry, most people like wearing citrine bracelets so as to harness the healing properties of this stone.

One thing you need to keep in mind while purchasing citrine is, that most citrine sold in the market is not real and authentic citrine, rather, it is heat-treated amethyst. This heat-treated amethyst is also known as “burnt amethyst”. What happens when you heat amethyst is, that it goes from its dull violet shade to a vibrant orange or yellow shade, and all this depends on how dark the original amethyst crystal was in the beginning. The way to differentiate between genuine citrine and heat-treated amethyst is, to look at its base and compare it with the tip of the stone. If the colors of the sample show up most vividly at the tips of the stone but the base of the stone appears white, most probably, it is heat-treated.

Citrine will bring luck to your studies, and it will undoubtedly be easier for you to handle your studies after you wear citrine jewelry and work with citrine.

Things in which citrine is helpful: taking the law of attraction to another level, increasing wealth and prosperity, balancing between study and work.

Citrine is never recommended for: Individuals who have anger issues, individuals who have quick temper, people suffering from insomnia.

Carnelian for Creativity

Carnelian Carnelian

Carnelian is a great red-brown crystal for boosting your creativity and staying focused on your creative endeavors as well as studies in general. The special thing about carnelian is, that it has the ability to calm you down in overstimulating environments and enable you to learn effectively even when there is a lot going on in your surroundings. The reason why carnelian jewelry aids in creativity is because it is a great sacral chakra stone. The sacral chakra is located below your navel and it governs your passion, creative energy, and sense of adventure. When the sacral chakra is blocked, you feel creatively burnt out. And carnelian is the best gemstone to unblock and balance this chakra.

Things in which Carnelian is helpful: finding inspiration, staying motivated, battling depression, and increasing overall creativity in general.

Carnelian is never recommended for: impulsive people, people who view the world as black and white and never agree that there are shades of grey in between.

Amazonite for Learning New Subjects

Amazonite Amazonite

If you want to specifically work on improving your mental clarity, focus, and concentration power, the best crystal you can opt for is Amazonite. This crystal will help you to stay focused even when you learn new study materials and difficult subjects, making it easier for you to remember what you have learned and digest information in a better way.

The reason why Amazonite jewelry is special is because it supports the imagination of the wearer while encouraging adventure, feelings of love, and inspiration. To all you Virgos out there who sometimes lean into people-pleasing tendencies: try wearing Amazonite jewelry as it aligns the heart and the throat chakras, thus allowing you to communicate better, and empowering you in speaking the truth.

Working with Amazonite is easy: You can either keep a piece of this crystal close by when you are communicating or studying, or else, you can also wear Amazonite jewelry. It does not matter how you use it, Amazonite will definitely help you release your fears and allow you to speak up for yourself, no matter what the situation may be.

Things in which Amazonite is helpful: healing emotional traumas, calming down the nervous system, aiding with recovery and improving cell regeneration, improving self-esteem, developing self-discipline, and healthy personal boundaries.

Green Aventurine for Grounding

Green Aventurine Green Aventurine

If you are someone who has difficulty with grounding himself while studying, we have a suggestion for you, and that is – to wear a Green Aventurine. This excellent gemstone grounds and centers you while you are immersed in your studies. Not only is it known for its grounding abilities, but it also calms the scattered monkey mind and brings you back to the reality of your physical body. Enabling you to let go of your stress, this stone is good for all those individuals who suffer from digital burnout. Full of healing properties, some people even claim that holding green Aventurine to your temple can relieve your headache.

Things in which Green Aventurine is helpful: Decision-making, allowing you to be more compassionate to others as well as yourself, feeling inspired.

Green Aventurine is never recommended for: People who are suffering from heart issues or any ailments related to the kidneys.

Smoky Quartz for Long Study Sessions

Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz

If you are someone who needs to put in a lot of hard work and if you have to put in long study sessions to be a master at what you do, one crystal that might be helpful is smoky quartz. Other than allowing you to focus for longer durations of time, wearing smoky quartz jewelry also improves memory and concentration. Smoky quartz is also believed to reduce anxiety and depression of an individual, which is something like an extra load to carry as you prepare for your exams.

Things in which Smoky Quartz is helpful: getting out of depression, letting go of fears, grounding the individual to earth’s energies, cleansing mind, body & spirit


Through the help of this blog, we have discussed how different gemstones and crystals can help you be better at studies and overall learning. These beautiful crystals will boost your morale and support you in overcoming various challenges that you face in your academic life. It does not matter whether you want to tackle depression with smoky quartz or you want to be more creative with carnelian, there is a crystal out there for each of your needs. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog.

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