Despite having insanity for football, Argentina produces the best rhodochrosite and referred it as their 'national crowned gem.' This magnificent creation enters the heart like a ray of sunlight in its pinkish-red hues and rejuvenates the heart chakra with unconditional love. The subtle vibrance in the red induces self-affection, thus adds value to your jewelry collection.

The Lore of Scientific Love 

We are sure that before knowing about its features and formation, the name might have caught your attention. Indeed, the name is interesting and comes from a Greek term for rose-red. More fascinating is the history of this gem, which started back in the 13th century. This Inca rose was widely found in the pre-Columbian silver mines, situated within the Inca empire and which earlier known as Tahuantinsuyo. 

Incans thought-Their belief is still prevalent in some parts of the world. For them, this red color does not symbolize love; instead, it was the crystallized blood of prominent rulers. As a matter of fact, the Incans also stopped going and touching mines for 700 years. This duration gave way to rhodochrosite stalactites and stalagmites, which further grown enormously.

Franz take on belief- But geologists like Franz Mansfield began uprooting such old beliefs and extracted about 10,000 pounds of rhodochrosites to create jewelry. The pink and white lines are mainly Mangano calcite formations, however sometimes, they become layers of chalcedony. Dive deep, and you'll observe the brown stripes as the layers of rich zinc material called capilliite. Basically, capillarity is a greyish-yellow banded type of this gem. And in modern times, rhodochrosite jewelry is valued worldwide due to ample phenomenal reasons.

 Be Little Aware of its Formation 

If you're a romantic soul or want to become one, then this manganese carbonate mineral should be your first pick. Being known as the raspberry spar, Rhodochrosite Jewelry is appreciated for its appealing tones. They belong to the carbonate and nitrate mineral group and are found in stalactitic, botryoidal modular, and granular states. This lovey-dovey stone forms in hydrothermal veins of copper, silver, and lead mines. Also, structures within layers of manganese oxide. The splendid reddish-pink hues are admired within shades of brown, yellow, white, and orange.

 Rhodochrosite Healing Properties

Till now, you must have been engrossed in the overall structure of this stone, but hold on, as the abilities will leave you awe-struck. Love is something that can heal the deepest of wounds and set someone free in the sky like a phoenix. It is believed from ancient times that love can do wonders, and that's what this gem ensures. The magical facets in the Rhodochrosite Necklace help surpass the negative memories and inculcate truthfulness.

The intense energies of this gem will help you release the burden from the heart and unacknowledged pain. And makes you feel like a child who stores unconditional love inside the heart. You'll experience the true version of your personality in this gloomy world.

Why called as a "Gem of Hearts "? 

This paragon stone allows selfless affection. And that's why known as the "gem of harmonious heart," indicated with transformative abilities. It can bring down unknown pain by toning out anxiety efficiently. With such curing, it will boost your empathetic side to help others in need.

Rhodochrosite is a reactive gem, which quickly attunes itself to love and positive energies. But other than ardor, it is well versed in easing out the pain of insect bites and blemishes. It is a great aid for the circulatory system. A suitable gem for digestive problems like ulcers, blood flow, and food poisoning. When worn as a Rhodochrosite pendant during meditation and carried close to the chest, it can quickly re-energize a lousy mood. Also, it provides a sorted mindset and increases metabolism to be more active, fun-loving, and stress-free in daily affairs.

Evokes The Fairytale Love 

Beyond addressing the above issues, it can beautifully help you enter into a fairytale imagination and enhances the scope of creative vision. It soulfully pushes your limit to sense the inner power. Rhodochrosite empowers an individual to express their heart and be more clear and brave for things that matter.

It caters to the needs of every wearer in a sensible way. If you are more towards a platonic relationship as compared to passionate ones, then it will work in that way and vice versa. This creation teaches you the best love lessons and brings you out of your comfort zone. Emotional happiness is the result of self-understanding, and rhodochrosite facilitates a complete balance. 

Which Chakras are Centered by Rhodochrosite?

Red Rhodochrosite Bracelet is an absolute healer for heart chakra to support underlying emotional well-being. It makes you more practical and less burdened from past experiences rather than regretting over them. The pleasure of an open heart helps you analyze situations without judgment. Due to its energetic formation, Rhodorcosites tune skillfully with solar plexus chakras, which further dispel any misunderstanding and unresolved situations. 

Significant aspects to keep in mind

Cut: No doubt that is soft stone ranges from 3.5 - 4 on the Mohs scale. And that's why it's highly preferred for special events. But when worn on an everyday basis as Rhodochrosite Earrings, make sure to carry them well. In the case of banded pieces, the cut barely matters, as they are mainly polished and tumbled. And are faceted items of transparent red rhodochrosite.

Clarity: They are mainly luminous and clear and can be found in semi-opaque or opaque ways. You would essentially find this glossy from the surface. In the case of banded ones, clarity, of course, won't make a difference.

Carat: Well, the price is totally dependent on the weight or carat size of your rhodochrosite jewelry. 

Rhodochrosite is not Really Rhodonite

Don't confuse your mind with rhodonite. As this creation is different and varies from formation to healing. The first clear-cut differentiation in the Rhodochrosite Ring is the zero presence of manganese oxide within them. Rather the rhodochrosite includes pure, soft, white rings and is primarily found in home mines in colorado. 

Essential Caring tips 

Rhodochrosite is a delicate beauty that requires optimum caring to avoid any damage. This perfect cleavage, heat-sensitive stone is low in hardness but high in healing. Follow these simple steps to ensure its longevity. 

    • Use soapy and mild water to wash
    • Clean this stone thoroughly with a soft cloth.
    • Avoid contact with acids and detergents. 
    • Don't expose to extreme sunlight and ultrasonic cleaners. 
    • Store it away from other gems 

Where should you buy Rhodochrosite Jwelry?

It's imperative to check the authenticity of the gem, which comes with the responsibility of a perfect buying place. Before making your mind, do thorough research on the cut, carat, quality, and obviously color. Make sure of the good reviews and services. As Rananjay Exports in this regard have stood above the expectations of their retailers in providing them with the above-mentioned requisites. They take the utmost care of quality and provides the same in an affordable range. Enhance your wholesale rhodochrosite jewelry with us to experience details in the fine craftsmanship. 

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