Who can unsee the exquisite red of rubies? The energetic color of this gemstone is enough to grab the eyeballs. Those born in July can proudly call it their birthstone by celebrating the beauty of the "king of precious gems." Ruby holds great affection in the hearts of many jewelry admirers. This stone has relevance from medieval times and is associated with passion and devotion. This exemplary creation has got its place fixed in the list of valuable gems.

Rananjay exports source its beautiful gemstones from reliable dealers in the industry. And as a Wholesale Gemstone Manufacturer and supplier based in India, we are successfully serving the quest of our ever-growing clients. This is a detailed guide on the July birthstone, which will help you know more about Ruby.

Understand the meaning of Ruby

The most literal attribute of ruby is its vibrant red color, which is directly linked with its meaning. From the ancient period, this color is believed to be the symbol of love and ardor. It is also called as Ratanraj, king of gems. Rubies are well versed in representing diverse emotions. Also, red is the blood color, which signifies life and promotes energy. The king and their wives were the true devotees of this gemstone and wore this to surpass all the challenges and dangers. It was the must affair on battlegrounds. The clear and fine rubies are referred to as the pigeon's blood color. They are valuable in the large, transparent structure when compared to diamonds.

Take a Look at The Formation of Ruby

Rubies belong to the corundum family, and it is among species that include sapphires and their variety of colors like yellow and green. The corundum has derived its name from 'Ruber', which indicates red. They consist of two elements, oxides and aluminum, that collectively give out the transparent range of sapphires. Chromium is the trace addition in ruby, which is responsible for the color alterations. They convert the sapphires to shades of red, which leads to higher prices.

Rubies are designed in a hexagonal structure. The color bands follow the growth process, which is evident from the inclusions inside it. The rubies have a tender and bright outlook due to their formation in the marble base rock, making them a valuable option. Burma produces the highly demanded stones, and the best rubies exceptionally come from this place.

The Important C's of Ruby 

Like the rest of the gemstones, the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight are the significant factors that decide the value of rubies.

Clarity:  Ruby is loved for its appearance and finesse in the structure. And clarity is a vital point that a customer should always focus on. To be precise, all types of natural stones have recognition marks that give them a distinct identity, similar to fingerprints. However, many traders undergo the process of heating the rubies. And it is done to enhance the color, which could further hamper the presence of inclusions within stones.  

Color: The color of rubies adds up to its value, which indicates the red to purplish shades of this stone, visible in the below images. The fine rubies are often related to the deep color of pigeon's blood. Pigeon rubies were originated in the Burmese region, which is known to showcase the phenomenal color, different from the rest of the locations. 

How is it Shaped?

A gemstone gets its shape based on the creation of the stone, not according to the individual's taste. If rounds shapes are best for diamonds, then rubies are colored gemstones and are different in the form of structures than a diamond. For example, ruby includes its color at the bottom of the stone. And they can be cut into various shapes, i.e., princess, cushion, emerald, Asscher, and radiant. However, the most common are pear, oval, round, and marquise. The Ruby pendants come in unique shapes and cut to boost up the ruby collection.

Focus on The Type of Rubies

The Burmese Rubies: The most common and prevalent type, comes from Myanmar and are called Burmese rubies. They are rich in quality and display fetching red color. The most sought-after and admirable pigeon rubies are mainly Burmese. 

Pigeon Blood: The color plays a significant role in four C's ( clarity, cut, carat weight, and color), And pigeon blood is the most favourable shade in rubies that displays intriguing hues.  

The Star Ruby: Nature is vast, and certain occurrences that correlate with each other lead to extraordinary creation. All gemstones undergo the same process with further conditions leading to the rarity of stones. The creation of star ruby is the perfect instance with a three- or six-point star shape inside it. The star is formed when the ruttle's or silk fibers reflect light in such a manner that gives way to such shape.  

Pink Rubies - In today's times, pink rubies are used only in specific parts of the world. This is mainly because, in countries like the USA, they consider that the red corundum must exhibit particular levels of color intensity. And stones that have less chromium and are responsible for their red color are known as pink sapphires, not exactly rubies. As a matter of fact it is not relevant worldwide. Sapphires include a variety of colored stones from the corundum family, which is called ruby. 

Shape Differentiation

    1. Faceted Ruby - Refer to cut and can be worn in the form of a Ruby ring.

    1. Cabochon Ruby - No face, polished and smooth Ruby, which is also a preferable jewelry option. 

    1. Traphice Ruby- It is raw from the center and has a six-pointed radial pattern. 

Heal with Ruby

The crystals hold a special place from older times due to their effective healing properties. This blazing stone is known for its remarkable healing aspects. It is associated with the base chakra, that is situated on the spine's base. Ruby is also praised for its rejuvenating levels. Moreover, it differs in the color varieties from pink to deep red. It is best in nurturing creative skills and helps in eliminating frustration. It develops positivity in life and helps in becoming wiser with wealth retention. A great stone in enhancing sexual energies. If it is worn on a regular basis, then most of the problems related to physical and mental health will be cured. And you will experience the deep connection with soul and mind. 

The July birthstone Ruby attained a special position in older times due to its impactful healing features. It's a traditional birthstone for July month.

Ruby gemstone depicts love and passion. Undoubtedly, it's the most popular red color gem for July and perfect for those with the zodiac sign of Aries. As it displays true deep love, it's an appealing jewelry option for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. 

July birthstone encourages harmony, happiness, integrity, strength, success, and safety from evil. But, as they have an innate flame, they are mostly linked with fire and purity. 

People used graceful Rubies to treat fever and infections. Healers used it to detoxify the blood of the body and lymph nodes. July birthstone Ruby is very useful for reproductive organs by healing the problems of sexuality such as infertility and impotence. Many consider Rubies one of the ideal gems for curing blood, heart, coronary, and ventricle issues.

One cannot deny the captivating passion that this gemstone ignites. The Glossy color of the July birthstone Ruby and its strong qualities attracts people. It heals the base and Heart Chakra and promotes zest for life. People with zodiac signs Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius can wear the July birthstone Ruby.

What is Synthetic Ruby?

They have the same chemical composition but are way different from natural rubies. They are formed in the laboratory under close supervision and human intervention. They are appreciated for their price and exact features like original ones. Rubies are synthesized in two ways: the flux method and the second is the flame fusion method. But they don't have authentic inclusions and depend on the growth technique for inclusion and overall look.

Cleaning is a Must Affair for Ruby

When opting for its cleanliness, don't go on its hardness, believing that your jewelry will not be harmed. You need to properly look after the ways to clean Ruby jewelry. Wash it with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. This process will simply clear away the dirt collected in it. Please keep a check on jewelry and cleanse it at regular intervals to ensure its longevity. Also, continuous exposure to ultrasonic machines is strictly denied because that would ultimately harm the quality of stone with higher inclusions.

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