Six Things About Aquamarine, the March Birthstone That No One Is Talking About Six Things About Aquamarine, the March Birthstone That No One Is Talking About

Aquamarine has always been loved and appreciated by jewelry wearers and even manufacturers worldwide. It creates the March Birthstone Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other wonderful jewelry.

We'll talk about various aspects of aquamarine from a different perspective that nobody has been considering (this excludes the hard facts, but everything else will be given a new slant.)

So let's find out what is your favorite reason to love Aquamarine The March Birthstone. Ours is the convenience of working with this beauty.

1. Aquamarine The March Birthstone

Aquamarine has been associated with March as its birthstone in the modern era. This birthstone rule on two zodiacs of March - Pisces and Aries, with the ruling planets Neptune and Mars. Aquamarine is a gem that calms the wearer's heart and clears her mind wherein bringing peace and tranquility within her. It is also beneficial when one is trying to articulate her suppressed emotions and get in touch with the real world through the truth.

March's traditional birthstone was the Bloodstone included in the birthstone list generated between 16th and 18th centuries. That was long back, and with the celestial alterations, these birthstones too needed modifications. This is the reason a new birthstone list was released in 1912. Aquamarine was then given the respectable position of the March's birthstone.

2. What is March Birthstone Meaning?

Aquamarine consists of Aqua + Marine, words derived from the Latin roots meaning water and the sea, respectively. This makes it absolutely clear that aquamarine is popular as the gemstone representing the water of the sea.' This is why, in ancient times, even when it was not listed on the birthstone chart, sailors used to take this gem with them on long journeys. It was believed that being the sea's gemstone it keeps the bad tides in control, thus making their water travel safe. It was, however, their faith and preparedness that kept things in control.

The point here is, aquamarine was, is, and will be popular and desired for some or the other reasons. Whether or not it remains on the list of birthstones, it will always be the most desirable jewel.

3. Aquamarine Formation And Occurrence

Aquamarine is formed when the hot molten lava comes in contact with the minerals belonging to the beryl family. This happens under the earth's surface, providing enough heat and pressure during the rock formation process for it to get its gorgeous blue color. This is what naturally occurs. However, with lab-generated heat treatments, the color of the gemstone can be altered.

Aquamarine's Traces are found in areas across the world, including Brazil, Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Madagascar, Russia, North and South America. It is present in abundance in the world, which is the obvious reason for its economical prices. Aquamarine is a convenient gemstone in every aspect.

4. Geophysical Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the blue-colored gem quality variety of the beryl mineral. It has the Mohs hardness scale ranking of 7.5 – 8. This makes it a perfect gemstone for any wholesale gemstone jewelry supplier to create jewelry that can be worn daily. It won't be prone to scratching and breaking easily. However, it is recommended to prevent the gemstone from knocking hard with a jerk or be kept with harder gems like diamonds. The color of the aquamarine is light blue, and the transparency is clear. Still, it may vary to bluish-green and translucent, respectively.

This happens primarily because of the heat variation that every rock stays under the Earth. Another reason for the variation is that the gemstone is lab-grown or artificial.

5. Wholesale Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine is a beautiful blue-colored gemstone that is one of the most preferred gems for creating a March Birthstone Bracelet, necklaces, and rings. Even when it wasn't on the list of birthstones, aquamarine created amazing jewelry that has always been loved worldwide. Being a birthstone only added to its demand and popularity.

When the gleaming silver is melted and poured into a mold to create a setting, it just waits for a beautiful aquamarine (cabochon or faceted) to come and embed itself on its top. Together they are capable of doing wonders. The love of any wholesale silver jewelry manufacturer for aquamarine is not newfound. It is age-old. Along with the beauty it possesses, Wholesale aquamarine jewelry, especially the Aquamarine birthstone earrings is loved because it is one of the few gemstones that suits every skin tone. Denying aquamarine jewelry is almost impossible.

6. Reasons For Choosing Aquamarine

Aquamarine, apart from being the official birthstone of March, is known for its gorgeous blue color. We assume that the jewelry lovers don't have the technical knowledge of the gemstones they choose to wear. So, there are apparently two major reasons why they choose a particular gem. It's either someone recommended them to wear a birthstone to avail its benefits, or they like the appearance of that gem that majorly consists of the color and the finish. And the March birthstone color is hypnotic.

Aquamarine removes all the possibilities of not being picked because of its appearance. The other reason is, however, more astrological. If the wearer is a believer, she will restrain herself from wearing any gem that doesn't match her energies and vibrations. But believe me, it's really not easy to reject Aquamarine, the March birthstone jewelry set.

Traditional Concept Of Birthstones

It dates back to ancient times when pioneering astrologers discovered that some gemstones have specific vibration frequencies that resonate with the energies of planets and celestial bodies. In-depth research identified the resonating planets, which later became the ruling planets of every month and zodiac. This way, these gems associated with the months and the people born in that month started benefitting from them. That's how the concept of birthstone came into being.

However, this concept got tweaked every once in a while. Sometimes when new discoveries were made and all the other times for our own convenience.

Modern Concept Of Wearing Birthstone

Earlier, the rule of wearing gemstones was that you wear March's birthstone for your life if you are born in March. However, even though the ruling planet remains the same throughout, the influential celestial bodies' position changes that affect the energies of the cosmos. Every month they have a particular position that doesn't remain constant. This is the argument given by some modern astrologers to not keep the birthstone constant for anyone.

It is believed that a person can either wear the gemstone of her birth month throughout her life or change the gems (respective month's birthstone) every month. Both are considered beneficial if you have your faith intact.

That's all about Aquamarine, the March birthstone.

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