'Gemstones' popularity has grown in the last few years among different cultures on a large scale. But do you know why? Well, it's mainly due to the unique characteristics and affordability which enthuses the interests of almost every jewelry lover. You can't forget about the rarity and undeniable healing which makes them the trending investment in the present and, of course, for future generations.

Who would want to spend on the hefty diamonds when they can settle for affordable and shimmery gemstones? And when it's about the semi-precious gems like moonstone, then nothing can beat its charm. But it's vital to ensure its authenticity before making the final purchase.

Conveying The Grading and Sheen of Moonstone

Almost every single Moonstone Ring is cut smoothly into domed cabochon shapes to exhibit the adularescence properly. Even the trend includes the usage of moonstone beads in the form of jewelry. And hippies are highly fascinated by the grace of carrying moonstones in their traveling diaries.  You'll be happy to know that it comes in vivid shapes to maintain the distinctiveness with every craft. Some of the well-known forms in rings are round, rectangular, oval tear-shaped, and square.

Grading of Moonstone Rings:

AAAA - This category signifies the top quality moonstones, and only 1% belongs to this variety. Nevertheless, the magnificent colorless blue sheen and zero visible inclusions are apparent, and that's the sole reason behind its AAAA grading.

AAA - Well, the top 10% of moonstones come under this grading. This is because they do showcase blue shimmer and don't exhibit inclusions within them. 

AA - This grading includes almost 33% of moonstones. Yes, they have some inclusions and have a grey to black appearance. 

A - This variety comprises the highest percentage of moonstones which ranges 75%. Their appearance varies from dark to black, thus display inclusions on its surface.

Important Buying Tip for Wholesalers

If you're opting for a cabochon in moonstone rings. Then it should definitely come in the same dimensions and look flat. As the flat pieces and cabochons account for less value. This cut is largely adopted for its adularescence maximization in the jewelry. And if you're opting for faceted moonstones. Then they are equally in demand due to their concealing power of inclusions, which doesn't affect the glow of stone. And Rananjay Exports provide the best quality moonstone rings to its retailers in cabochon and faceted settings to give them authenticity in every sense.

Where do we get "Moonstone"

Availability of Moonstone Jewelry increased to other parts of the globe. Some of them are Australia, America, Switzerland, and India. But the abundance of this gemstone still falls in the lap of Sri Lanka and Australia. Adding onto this, India produces the most colorful varieties like the rainbow in contrast to other countries which deal in the best white color gems. It's necessary to mention the rarity of black moonstone, which comes from Madagascar.

Ways to Determine The Originality of Moonstone Ring

  • Layers- The layers in the moonstone help you determine the authenticity, especially under the light. You simply can't observe the same or separate layers in imitated ones.

  • Luster - The natural variety of this creation will showcase a blue luster, mainly a luminous irisation. In fact, the light angles make a difference to your moonstone quality. As the light refraction in moonstone can't exceed above 15 degrees. And if you analyze the shinning from other angles, then it's possibly fake.

  • Water - The water remedy with moonmagic jewelry works really well. Basically, you need to put the stone in water for approx one hour. If you observe some changes in terms of its color, like the change from lighter to brighter. Then it's likely to be genuine; otherwise, the extreme shine results from counterfeit varieties.

  • Warm and cold - This point suggests authenticity through the coolness and warmness of your stone. Having said that, the natural gems take a longer time to heat and remain cool if held in hand. On the contrary, the imitated glass varieties of moonstones quickly react and turn warm. 

  • Structure - The structure of the stone signifies genuineness. As a matter of fact, the natural ones exhibit cracks and bubbles, which fake ones don't comprise. 

  • Price - Furthermore, the price lies in its perfection, thus suggesting that perfect pieces with the above qualities command a higher value than fake stones.

Choose The Power of Mother Nature in Raw Moonstone

Raw moonstones are the pure reminiscence of natural shimmering beauty. They might not throw the profound flicker in moonstone rings. But indeed, you'll love the texture and dents. The inclusions, cracks, and rich color of this gem are the result of its high-quality varieties. And is available in different hues such as grey, pink, peach, and others. When it's about the combination, then the untreated form of moonstone rings looks best in rose gold and silver material. Precisely, they are widely used in talismans and amulets.

Do you wear moonstone rings with relevance?

The moonstone jewelry is valued for its milky and mysterious outlook. And with growing knowledge among wearers, they are becoming mindful of carrying it with some significance. For instance, according to astrologers, moonstone rings are preferable during full moon night. Even the importance of Monday is considered lucky for first-time wearers. As moonstone constitutes plenty of powers to increase the potency of an individual to transform their lives thoughtfully. It meticulously caters to the problematic areas and efficiently suffices the need for a reliable friend. And that's why even youngsters are in awe of following the moonstone usage with relevance and astrological suggestions.

Moonstone beautifully encompasses psychic abilities and encloses the wearer with the cocoon of serenity and affection. The silvery shiny reflection is well versed in showcasing chatoyancy and colors in moonstone rings. Truly, it makes a piece of catchy dream jewelry for designers worldwide

Impress Your Partner with Moonstone Engagement Rings

Cheers to the versatility of moonstone rings, which delightfully suffices the need for engagement rings. Everything becomes the trend if you have the ability to pull it well, and that goes precisely well for moonstone accessories. Yes, diamonds make the best gift, but if you're unaware of the moonstone's powers. Then nothing can make your bond special and stronger than moonstone's engagement ring.

Moreover, the pocket-friendly approach acts as the icing on the top of the cake. Old were the days when diamonds and gold had prominence amongst couples. Because the increasing interest and trending quest is making them fall for moonstone as a perfect gift for their better half.

Yes, Moonstone Requires Cleaning

Moonstone is a semi-precious gemstone that is delicate and requires proper cleaning. Even though the toughness rank of moonstone rings lies 6-6.5 n the Mohs scale, one still needs to be sound and smart with its hygiene. If you are really looking forward to knowing the simple ways to clean it thoroughly, then look at these steps.

  • Use water and soap to clean it well.

  • Avoid any unnecessary usage of steam and ultrasonic cleaners.

  • Be aware of its storage and remove it on a timely basis, as the softness will cause scratches after coming in contact with other hard gems.

  • Store the moonstone rings in a different place to ensure longevity and luster. 

  • Cleaning your jewelry on a regular basis provides protection and satisfaction to assure the diffusion of optimum benefits.

Where to Buy Moonstone Rings?

Rananjay Exports is a Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry manufacturer that deals in the best quality moonstone jewelry. They provide authenticity in every piece to satisfy your jewelry quest in the most affordable range. 

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

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