You're a god's favorite child," wondering why? Because you're blessed enough to be born in the month of September. And being born with the blessings of lapis lazuli is a pure privilege. From Cleopatra to ancient artists, everyone admired the grace of this blue creation from the last 6000 years. And this glorious journey deserves to be known to the modern jewelry lovers out there. But, what's more boastful is the heavenly powers and deep connection of this gemstone with every sector of life. 

Already feeling overwhelmed in September birthstone jewelry, then wait for more exciting facts to unveil.

    1. Ancient civilizations treasured this oldest blue gem to bring good luck and charm to their lives.

    1. A true representation of royalty and beauty combined in the bright royal blue and shimmering flecks of lapis lazuli which made the world say, 'what an incredible blue.

    1. Lapis lazuli was fashioned into the most demanding jewelry and carving material. The September birthstone ring has been preferred in shapes such as inlays, beads, cabochons, and tablets.

    1. Interestingly in the USA, lapis is treated as the alternative for blue sapphire and a celebrated stone for the 7th and 9th wedding anniversaries.

    1. This most celebrated wisdom stone comes under a metamorphic rock and is composed of sodalite, pyrite, lazurite, and calcite.

Why the history of lapis is rich?

What enthused the people of Egpyt, Greece, Persia, Rome, and Mesopotamia for this gemstone. Is it the rich blue color or something else? Then, as a matter of fact, the versatility impressed the old civilization. The formation of some practical objects, including dagger handles, hair combs, game boards, and amulets, evoke their interest. Also, the finesse caught the attention of successors like Cleopatra, who used the ground lapis as eyeshadow. Talking about the middle ages, painters tried their hands to dig the lapis lazuli to create the dark blue paint known as ultramarine. Whereas in South America, the Diguita and Inca were involved in carving, warring, and trading of lapis.

Why emphasize on color?

You must be thinking about why much emphasis is put on the color of lapis lazuli. Then the answer is simple, call it the USP ( unique selling point) or quality of lapis that made it famous amongst jewelry admirers worldwide, which is evident from its rich history itself. The precious radiance of september birthstone color differs in the tones of royal, indigo, marine, or midnight blue. The gold-colored pyrite flecks, when peppered beautifully around the gem, highlight the value. But the excessive pyrite makes the lapis look dull and green. Therefore, the white calcite lapis is least valuable. Also, the surprising fact about color is that most people are able to define and check the quality and authenticity of lapis through its vibrant shades only. 

September Birthstone meaning

Lapis lazuli feels like a melodious song that means blue in Arabic. The golden flecks in the september birthstone necklace looks damn enchanting. This dominating color means the same in Spanish and Portuguese languages. Lapis is an age-old gemstone that produces intense vibrations that prompted royal families to stimulate intelligence but is highly relevant in modern times for its exemplary qualities.

How blues heal your life?

The shimmer of golden brown flecks, along with the cobalt blue, brings light to the wearer. The astrologer believes in the powers of lapis and recommends the time of Saturday night( Krishna pasha) crescent moon to wear any lapis jewelry. This is because it belongs to the planet of Saturn and Jupiter, which enhances wisdom and focus. Also, it attunes with the third eye chakra to balance the internal and external energies with calmness. A perfect way to maximize physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

blues heal your life blues heal your life

Discover the shapes of Lapis

The hardness of lapis ranks 5-6 on the hardness scale, allowing the smooth and variety of cuts in the jewelry making. Also, the vivid shapes suffice the quest of trend followers and jewelry designers. Here are some of the well-known shapes in lapis lazuli to provide you with ample choice for the next purchase. 

Discover the shapes of Lapis Discover the shapes of Lapis

Good combinations of lapis

Well lapis looks great with any jewelry, but sometimes the precise information on the pairing is much needed for fashionistas to look in the best way possible.

    1. The lapis comes out great when combined with turquoise jewelry which lets the two different blues illuminate your personality.

    1. The combination of emerald is another best instance of showcasing your jewelry.

Clean and Charge your lapis

    1. The cleansing of lapis lazuli is mandatory when it comes to taking care of it. But it's wise always to choose a cost-effective option. Of course, cleanliness doesn't always come with a cost, but the quality is. This statement gives a way to clean your lapis jewelry simply with a dry cloth and mild water to ensure it’s luster.

    1. You may even settle for some chemical polishing but avoid this process if you can. The easiest way is to soak the jewelry in warm water and let the dirt remove quickly. But remember to take it off at the right time to avoid overhydration.

    1. Yon't use chemicals or acids which may hamper the appearance.

    1. Don't keep it with any other stone, as lapis is a soft and porous gem that needs to be kept in a cool area. Don't expose it to sunlight or high temperatures. 

    1. Keep in mind to have a separate place for your loved jewelry to avoid any breakage or unwanted scratches.

Charge your lapis jewelry

Charging is a crucial step after cleansing, which implies the restoration of energy and power. Not only moonstone, but lapis also requires the energy of moonlight to become active again. Keep it for a day or two under the moonlight and experience the luster coming back. The ancient beliefs are also associated with heat charge, which refers to the heat rubbing on the palm to facilitate the restoration with warmth.

The distinctiveness of lapis lazuli makes it a valuable gem. The rudimentary skills and passion of artisans can be clearly seen in the designs and wide collection of Rananjay Exports. So, jewelry lovers can enhance their wholesale gemstone jewelry collection with authenticity and experience the quality in every style.

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