Carrying the hues of green with the hint of yellow, Peridot is the august birthstone. They are the green wonders that make beautiful jewelry pieces and are adorned for their splendid shine since ancient times. Peridot is one of the oldest gemstone found on the earth has a fantastic story and crazy facts that make them even more exciting gem to look at! For the august babies as well as the ones who own them.

In this blog, we will discuss Peridot, its history, its properties, and what makes them the perfect birthstone for august babies.

Unveiling Peridot

Finding the august birthstone meaning is the number one priority before going to the much deeper facts. To the one who does know much about the Peridot, it is the gem that has been formed under extreme weather conditions, unlike other gemstones present in the market (except diamonds). They are the variety of the olivine mineral formed on the molten rocks due to the volcanic pressures and withstanding the tremendous force of the earthquakes.

Peridot, the name was first derived from the Arabic word "faridat," meaning "gem." These beautiful green color stones are often mistaken as the topaz when they are nothing alike. As beautiful as their appearance, it has also been found on the meteorite from the space that contains the remnants of the birth of our solar system.

The striking beauty of the Peridot having olive-green hue is its idiochromatic nature; they have a chemical composition than the natural impureness and have a single color with different shades due to the iron content. This beautiful green gem is mined in Burma, Arizona, the red sea, Norway, and Hawaii, making the beautiful jewelry you know.

The Stories of The Past 

Since Peridot is an ancient gemstone, they are surrounded by exciting legends and folklore. According to one such legend, it was said that finding Peridot in the daylight was not an easy task. So people used to mine at night using the lamps, which made it easier for them to see. Because of this practice, the Romans called them the evening emerald and used to mine after sunset.

While the Egyptians honored the gemstone with the title of the "gem of the sun" because of its striking color when placed in the light. They also believed that Peridot was Cleopatra's favorite, and some emeralds were, in fact, Peridot from her collection.

When we discuss folklore and the stories surrounded by this gemstone, there is this very famous story about your august birthstone peridot that I would like to share with you. It is a story about Egyptian sailors. They were out on the search and discovered the deserted island while they were sailing. On that island, they saw some beautiful olive-colored stones scattered on the ground. Because of the stunning beauty of these gems, they couldn't resist and collected these gems and carried them back to Egypt, where they were cut and polished and were presented to the royal folks.

That is not all; Peridot was also used as amulets by the Greeks, Egyptians, and the Romans. They used to set these luxurious stones in gold and wear them in the form of necklaces which were eccentric but powerful at the same time. This August birthstone necklace is used to ward off evil spirits and nightmares and promote happiness, as stated by the other legends.

The Color Decoded

So, what is august birthstone color? I am not asking this question to you, but instead, this is the question that arises when you try to find the perfect august birthstone jewelry. To answer this, Peridot has a narrow color spectrum, meaning they don't have a unified shade. Instead, they have a color range from deep olive to a lighter green hue. The higher the iron content, the deeper shade peridot will have; in short, the value depends upon the color.

Larger Peridot is more valued as they show rich green and comes with slightly yellow without any tint. In contrast, the clear ones with the lighter shade are valued less and are understandably affordable. One of the important determining factors is that they show the same color during the day and night and don't even change under artificial lighting, so every Peridot is distinctive.

Clarity The Determining Factor

Clarity is definitely an essential factor for these gemstones; usually, high-quality Peridot is visible to the naked eye and is clean without any inclusion, but no peridot similar. However, some peridot does have inclusion, like the reflective disk called lily pads. In addition, some have chromite which determines the worth of these gems and determines whether they are the real ones or an imitation.

So if you are planning to get the august birthstone jewelry, look for 

    1. One where they have no or significantly less inclusion.

    1. Check for the cloudy or blur Peridot as they might be imitation or fake.

Facts check

With so much information let's have a look at the interesting facts that makes them even more wonderful gemstone to look at,

    1. Gift of nature - The ancient people believed that Mother Nature gifted Peridot to the world on creating the earth.

      1. A precious stone of the Priest - In medieval times, Priest loved so these gems so much that they used Peridot in almost every church.

    1. The mistaken emerald - Cologne cathedral in Germany called 200-carat Peridot as an emerald on a shrine.

    1. Hawaiian gem- Peridots were believed to be the green tears of the volcano goddess Pele in Hawaiian folklore. 

    1. Pharaohs love - According to one of the tales, it is said that The Egyptian pharaoh encrusted their goblets with the Peridot.

Styling August Birthstone Jewelry 

With so much information and crazy facts, the one thing that we can't miss is the jewelry. Peridot, due to its stunning color and shine, makes beautiful jewelry pieces like August Birthstone Earrings. This jewelry is eye-catching and is luxurious that shines in a different light. They make exquisite rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets that are one of a kind. So let's have a deeper insight at how you can style them.

The Peridot stone depicts wealth and good luck. An attractive green gemstone is the August birthstone. As per people's beliefs, the word 'peridot' got coined from the Arabic word “Faridat”, which means 'gem.'

The August birthstone Peridot looks damn pretty any time of the day due to its shiny green shade. One can style this appealing gemstone in several exciting ways. Being incredibly tantalizing-colored stones, Peridot will look amazing when displayed in the form of a necklace or ring. 

People can even choose exquisite pair of earrings to boast their August birthstone color. Peridot looks good with the pastel shades. One can style the August birthstone with some effortless tips and tricks.

In terms of clothes, you can pair the color of Peridot with dark and light neutrals, including pastels. One can pair them with dark neutral such as brown and match them with smooth shades like gray or white. Pastel pinks are also a wise choice to pair up with the August birthstone.

A statement Peridot necklace is a must-have if you look forward to improving your ornament collection. In addition, August-born can pair birthstone colors, as it is an excellent way to incorporate green into your ensemble. It's an excellent way to get the spotlight without too much effort.

Ring Thing

For the one who is not a big fan of chunky jewels, this one is for you. The August Birthstone Rings are the forever kind of accessory that you can wear whenever you like. You can wear them daily, or you can style them up with your most glamorous outfit. Because of their beautiful color, they complement most colors like black, blue, white, and others and aces up your most present-day look.

Pendants Joy

This one is for the lover of cute little things. Pendants are currently in trend and all times favorite of the ladies out there. Peridot, due to its color and shine, catches instant attention makes alluring August Birthstone Pendants one can easily style them with their most contemporary looks and team them up with the most subtle look. They are the pretty beauties that amplify the look and gives you extra style touch to make you ramp-ready.

Necklace Beauty

The big, bold jewelry is a high trend, is also called statement pieces. They make the style statement for the one who wears them and put the glinting light on the wearer. One such jewelry piece is Peridot, with the distinct green hues makes the most enticing August Birthstone Necklaces. These chunky pieces are a stunner, and after wearing them, you would not resist but to look at them. They give you the highlight that you need making you the center of attraction.

Bracelets Dress Up

The unmatched beauty of star-studded bracelets makes exquisite jewelry that one can flaunt wherever they go. They are the style element that dresses up the wrists in a specific fashion that compliments the regular party dressing. Peridots with luster and ineffable charm make the most sought-after August Birthstone Bracelet that is undeniably a star in the room.

Caring for your Jewelry

Formed and found among the lava and the meteorites, this is no ordinary gem. Therefore, caring is a must when buying peridot jewelry. It not only makes them last for a longer time but also helps those retain their shine. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind so that your jewelry remains spotless.

    1. Store your august birthstone jewelry separately from the other jewelry..

    1. Avoid doing rigorous household work like washing dishes or washing clothes.

    1. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place as excessive heat can damage the stone.

    1. Consider using a soft cloth for wrapping the jewelry while keeping it in a box to avoid Scratching.

    1. ADo not use an ultrasonic cleaner on your jewelry.

    1. Use mild soap and water to clean and a soft cloth to dry your peridot jewelry.

    1. Get it professionally cleaned once a year.

Being the august birthstone peridot is the perfect fit to ace your most contemporary look. They are the delicacy in the jewels and are there to add the style element.

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