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Peridot Pendants

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Wholesale Peridot Pendant

This stunning Peridot Pendant is a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection and will complement a delicate neckline perfectly. Wearing this pendant on special occasions will enhance the wearer's overall appearance and showcase their unique personality. It can make a striking statement when styled with elegance and flair, catching the eye of those around them. This pendant also makes an excellent gift for those who exude vibrancy. It's crafted with great care and affection, using 92.5 pure sterling silver to ensure its longevity.

Derived from the French word "peridot," meaning unclear, this gemstone is only available in a beautiful shade of green. Its hues may vary from olive green to brownish-green. Interestingly, it is the official birthstone for those born in August. In ancient times, peridot was often mistaken for emerald, but its beauty couldn't be kept hidden, and it quickly found its way into 925 sterling silver jewelry. It's also the national gemstone of Egypt, and it is believed to promote good health, peaceful sleep, and strong relationships. Wearing a peridot can bring joy and vitality to one's life.

Peridot, a lustrous gemstone, was originally sourced from the Egyptian Island of Zabargad in the Red Sea, deep within the Earth's mantle. Nowadays, the majority of peridot production comes from the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. The word "peridot" is believed to have Arabic roots, stemming from the word "format" which means "gem." Some scholars connect it to the Greek word "peridot," which means "providing plenty," giving the gemstone associations with prosperity and good fortune.

Peridot gemstones were believed to have originated from the volcanic island of Zebargad in the Red Sea of Egypt during ancient times. However, the identity of this island was lost when the Egyptian Empire declined in 1906. As a result, the deposits of Zebargad Peridot were completely depleted. Peridot roughs can also be found in trace amounts in the Hawaii region, where they symbolize the tears of Pele, the goddess of fire. Currently, the largest sources of Peridot gemstones are Myanmar, Pakistan, the Himalayas, and the United States of America.

Peridot Jewelry: The Evening Stone with Lush Green Shine

The gemstone Peridot has a stunning green hue and is highly sought after for its appearance. It looks beautiful in its natural, rough state but is even more impressive when polished and treated. As a result, it is a popular choice for wholesale peridot jewelry collections. Only authentic gemstones are used to create our peridot jewelry items at Rananjay Exports, ensuring the highest quality. Our peridot jewelry collections are also designed for comfort and style. Peridot has been appreciated for its natural beauty since ancient times, and its popularity has only grown over time, particularly with the rise of wholesale sterling silver peridot ring collections. Our peridot jewelry pairs beautifully with matching outfits.

We use a cut finish for our simple wholesale peridot necklace collections while preserving the gemstone's natural form when creating our natural peridot pendant collections. You can trust Rananjay Exports for genuine and high-quality jewels. Peridot is associated with August and is known for its compassionate properties. It can promote restful sleep, good health, and creativity in the wearer, among other healing properties.

Genuine Peridot Pendants And Other Jewelry

Peridot, also known as the 'gemstone of the sun' by the ancient Egyptians, has a variety of green shades ranging from light green to yellowish-green. Its unique shades make it a perfect choice for creating wholesale peridot earrings collections that are one-of-a-kind. Its hardness ranking of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale also makes it a preferred gemstone for creating jewelry and ornaments. Being a high-ranking gemstone, it is not easily breakable and is mostly resistant to scratches, making it ideal for creating wholesale sterling silver peridot ring collections for casual and regular wear. The best quality peridot can be found in China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Vietnam, Tanzania, and the United States of America.

We ensure that the gemstones used to create our entire wholesale peridot stone jewelry collection come from these locations to ensure authenticity. We have complete confidence in the quality of our jewelry because we handle everything under one roof, from sourcing the gemstones to creating the final product. Each jewelry item undergoes an extensive quality check process, and if it does not meet our standards, it is rejected. This ensures that you only receive the most perfect and beautiful pieces.

An Extensive Peridot Jewelry Collection at Rananjay Exports

Rananjay Exports is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of gemstone jewelry in Jaipur, India. They have been serving the jewelry industry with great success since 2013. You can gain access to their website and enjoy various benefits by becoming an authorized member. These benefits include reward points that can be redeemed for discounts on purchases, quantity discounts for bulk purchases, and free shipping for orders over $499. For orders below $499, a standard shipping fee of $39 will be charged. These benefits extend to all gemstone jewelry collections, including wholesale peridot stone jewelry, larimar, moonstone, and turquoise rings. Check out their entire range of wholesale peridot stone jewelry collection and become an authorized member today.

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